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People put a lot of effort into decorating for Halloween and often dig right into their boxes of Christmas decorations towards the end of November. We think that’s a sad pattern for poor Thanksgiving sandwiched between these attention-hogging holidays. Don’t get us wrong — we love spider webs and sparkling Christmas lights! But we also think Thanksgiving is worth acknowledging in the home decor department. There’s something so soothing about the fall color palette, and on a deeper level, it’s important to promote a spirit of gratefulness in the home.

If you’re on board with our mission to bring Thanksgiving into the limelight, we decided to make your righteous endeavor a bit easier. We gathered a variety of projects you can complete to decorate your home in preparation for Thanksgiving or the fall season in general. Because this upcoming holiday season can be expensive and busy, we chose projects that don’t require a huge investment and are fairly simple to make!

Cozy Autumn Candle Holders

There’s nothing like the cozy feeling of a warm candlelight glow in the fall. Plus, these adorable decorations can be reused year after year because of their limitless shelf lives. Imagine what these will look like with the lights turned off!

You can tie a few fake leaves to a candle with burlap for a quick and easy festive candle fix.

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

Or take that project a step further and attach fake leaves to a mason jar with Mod Podge! We love the dreamy glow emitted from this translucent surface.

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

To save a few bucks, fill a jar with unpopped popcorn and a candle topped with whatever kind of ribbon or raffia you like. This project only costs $6 to make!

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

Another look we love is this birch candle holder. This look is natural and effortless, and you could essentially use them throughout the winter season as well!

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

Take this wooden concept a step further and dip logs in gold paint to create gorgeous autumn candle holders.

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving


Harvest Wreaths

One of the most prominent places to display seasonal decorations is on your front door. Who says wreaths should only be reserved for December? Welcome guests with these cheerful Thanksgiving wreaths, constructed of a variety of festive materials. Harvest the supplies needed to make your harvest wreath!


The beauty of corn is that it naturally hosts the best colors of fall in its landscape. Take advantage of that by creating a corn wreath for your front door. We love the natural tan outer layer formed by the corn husks!

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

Pick up a bag-full of pumpkins from the grocery store while they’re still for sale and create a circular pumpkin wreath!

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving


Festive Mantels

Another important place to rotate decorations season to season is on your mantel. It’s a built-in display area that doesn’t have much function besides looking pretty. So make it look extra pretty this season and get creative with these Thanksgiving decoration options!


Send a message of gratitude with this leaf garland. The bright orange and yellow leaves are beautiful and provide a stunning pop of color!

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

Be resourceful with your materials and make these reversible blocks to display on your mantel or elsewhere. Talk about killing two birds with one stone — or block!

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

We also love this rustic mantel look that involves a little less color but looks just as festive. Grab some vintage frames, window panes and other knick-knacks to wow your guests and make them feel at home.

Decorating Your Home for Thanksgiving

There are countless Thanksgiving projects floating around online. If none of these inspired you, feel free to search for your own project! Maybe include keywords in your search synonymous with your personal style.

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