NP Dodge Hosts Their Third Annual MARTECH Conference

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Because home buying is such an important decision, it helps to have real estate agents who are educated about the complexity of the real estate world and are up-to-date on current trends, technologies and resources. Just as you would feel comfortable sending your child to learn from a teacher who has stayed up-to-date on information that is constantly evolving, it also makes sense to have a real estate company that values that same pursuit of education.

We are pleased to announce that NP Dodge Real Estate is hosting its third annual MARTECH conference on October 20, which provides a setting for such education. This marketing and technology conference will provide 28 broker-approved training sessions and is exclusive to our agents. In fact, NP Dodge is the only local broker to provide an internal conference of this magnitude. This extensive training allows agents to stay informed about technologies and hear from nine influential industry speakers on a variety of relevant real estate subjects.

NP Dodge MARTECH15 Conference

MARTECH15 Sessions:

High Touch, Low Tech Real Estate: Get practical tips and tricks on using technology, branding and the web in the consumer real estate journey. Includes information on how to protect clients, listings, and reputation, online.

What Buyers and Sellers Want: Get an update on consumer real estate trends, learn what their real estate wants and needs are and learn how to deliver it to them in a consumer-centric way.

How to Be a Goal Scorer: Provide you step-by-step methods to achieve your most stubborn goal.

Using Luxury Portfolio to Grow Your Business: Learn to utilize the tools and benefits of the Luxury Portfolio® program to grow your luxury business.

Differentiating Yourself as a Trusted Real Estate Advisor: This session will empower you with tools to differentiate yourself as a trusted real estate advisor vs. a transactional agent.

Building Your Business Through Community Service: Get a better understanding about how community service and creating a successful business go hand in hand. Being involved in charitable causes and giving back opens up an entirely new funnel for networking which will ultimately connect you with potential clients for years to come.

Taking Your Presentation to a Whole New Level of Professionalism: Focus on the key skill sets and activities for you to increase your sales activity by presenting correctly and increasing your listing presentation skills.

CRM Reboot: Your Digital Assistant Anytime, Anywhere: Enhancements to the powerful NP Dodge CRM platform – empowering you to do more w/ less time.

Building a Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy: Discussing the benefits and long-term value behind building an effective content marketing machine through blogging and social media.

MARTECH15 Advanced Sessions:

Getting the Edge with RPR’s Investor Tools: Learn how you can leverage RPR for a buyer purchasing a residential investment “flipper” property that they can improve and resell. Learn how to help a client looking for a property they can rent as a revenue stream. Because residential practitioners sometimes have clients who need a commercial property, you will learn how to help a small business owner locate the perfect vacant lot or existing business.

RPR Mobile for Apple/Android Phones — Smart Phones for Smart Agents: A lab based class where students will be able to follow along with instructor on their Apple or Android smart phone to see how to take the information and power of RPR out into the field to provide information to help customers and clients make smart choices.

RPR Mobile for iPads and Android Tablets: A lab based class where students will be able to follow along with the instructor on their Apple or Android tablet to see how to take the information and power of RPR out into the field to provide information to help customers and clients make smart choices.

Who are the People in the Neighborhood? Blow Your Competition Away with “Sesame Street” Reports for Your Clients!: Learn how to easily access the wealth of neighborhood and schools information in RPR to educate buyer clients, give insight into the market, school ranking scores, walk scores, education levels and occupations of those who live there, what the folks in the neighborhood do for fun, even what kind of cars they drive.

NP Dodge agents will have the opportunity to hear from nine notable speakers who are well-versed in the industry. They include Nobu Hata, Joe Niego, Anne Colvin, John D’Ambrogio, Karen France, Andrea ‘Andee’ Hoig, Lou Izzo, Katelyn Shields and Tyler Olmsted.

NP Dodge MARTECH15 Conference

The conference is taking place at University of Nebraska Omaha’s Mammel Hall and is free for all agents and even includes breakfast, lunch and an after party! For more information about MARTECH15, visit their event page.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: University of Nebraska Omaha

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