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Coffee tables are such a central item in the landscape of your living room decor. Great conversation often occurs gathered around the coffee table with cups of coffee and cozy socks. They can also be the subject of a conversation if the table is a bit out of the ordinary and doesn’t have that fresh-out-of-the-Ikea-box look to it.

To create your own coffee table, which is sure to add interest to your living room space, you might turn to the beloved Pinterest. Scrolling through Pinterest can often be a long and distracting task. You may have opened Pinterest to search for inspiration for a specific DIY project and pretty soon you’re deeply engrossed in a cooking blog and emailing links for crockpot recipes to your sister-in-law. But isn’t that how the entire Internet works? (Exhibit A: Buzzfeed articles on Facebook.)

The point is, there are a lot of wonderful tutorials out there for DIY coffee tables, but it’s just a matter of finding them. So we did some digging and found 15 DIY coffee table tutorials ranging in style, cost and difficulty levels. Scroll through these photos to find one that fits your personal style and read up on how some creative DIYers accomplished their coffee table looks!

Pallet Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

You can’t get too far in the DIY search process without stumbling upon a project using a pallet. They have become a popular building material due to their functionality, sturdy construction, distressed look, and the fact that you can usually ask for a free pallet from your local home improvement store. In Ikea fashion, this tutorial only uses photos to explain their process. But it looks fairly self-explanatory! We love that the pallet allows for extra book storage and the clean look of the hairpin legs contrasted with the more rustic top. Looking for hairpin legs? This Etsy shop has you covered.

DIY Coffee Table

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Liz from Love Grows Wild performed a makeover on her living room, and many readers requested a tutorial detailing how she made her farmhouse coffee table. Her tutorial takes us through the steps with wonderful pictures! We love the finished product and the dark stain she chose. This table is built to last, has the potential to be personalized with stain and paint, and is large enough to fit a wonderful centerpiece display in addition to all of your Chinese takeout boxes.

DIY Coffee Table

Wire Basket Coffee Table

We love the wire basket table trend that is making waves in the DIY table world. Gwen, The Makerista, was inspired by a clean white coffee table she saw online and aimed to make her own version of the retail piece for a fraction of the cost. She found the perfect wire basket and attached it to a circular wooden piece she painted white to match the basket. The process of this DIY is simple, and only costs about $50! The best part is that this coffee table is very kid-friendly, which is something that was very important to Gwen.

DIY Coffee Table

Coffee Table Planter

Houseplants and tiny succulents make a wonderful addition to any coffee table, shelf or counter. So why not create a built-in planter right into your coffee table? This tutorial will explain just how you might do that. We love the finished product, and how this feature adds so much life to an otherwise plain-looking table.

DIY Coffee Table

Salvaged Door Coffee Table

There is something so satisfying about restoring an old object and giving it a new life, especially when it has as much character as a salvaged door does. We love that this DIY salvaged door coffee table has such a unique and interesting look due to the scratches and chipped paint that accumulated over the years. This structure also provides plenty of storage for coffee table books, throw blankets, board games, etc.

DIY Coffee Table

Old Window Coffee Table

Along those same lines, this old window coffee table adds a lot of character to any space, and becomes somewhat of a built-in shadowbox in your living room. You can change out the display under the glass throughout the seasons, or display your favorite decor items all year long. Overall, we love the rustic look of this piece and the optional storage functionality it provides.

DIY Coffee Table

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Another object that can be transformed into a functional coffee table is a whiskey barrel. This whiskey barrel coffee table project is a bit of an undertaking, but the end result makes the work well worth it. It can even function as a cooler to keep drinks ice cold while watching the game or entertaining guests!

DIY Coffee Table

Crate Coffee Table

The construction of this crate coffee table is fairly simple and inexpensive, especially if you have some craft store coupons lying around like this blogger did! And, once again, the crates make wonderful storage or display areas, and the center of the structure is the perfect place to rest a houseplant.

DIY Coffee Table

Storage Coffee Table

We adore the chic and minimalistic look of this storage coffee table from Idle Hands Awake. Don’t let the realization that this requires some wood joinery intimidate you from replicating this look! The blogger assures you that this DIY is easy but just requires a lot of small steps — and some familiarity with power tools.

DIY Coffee Table

White Pallet Coffee Table

Ah, another pallet table. (And we haven’t even exhausted our pallet coffee table list!) We like this one because it is rare and refreshing to see a pallet painted white, and we love the addition of large, visible wheels to give this somewhat of an industrial feel. The glass on top also protects your fingers from splinters and the wood from watermarks!

DIY Coffee Table

Copper Coffee Table

For a more upscale (and slightly more expensive) look, consider replicating this copper coffee table DIY tutorial. Kate of For Me, For You conjured up this look after having less-than-great coffee tables in their living room space. Her innovative spirit led to this gorgeous yet simple coffee table!

DIY Coffee Table

Industrial Side Table

Lowe’s put together a tutorial for a DIY industrial side table that we’re very fond of. You could create two or three of these to lay side-by-side in front of your couch, or you could use them separately as side tables! Whatever you do, this industrial table creates a modern look in your space at an affordable price.

DIY Coffee Table

Industrial Coffee Table

This industrial coffee table is along those same lines yet produces a very different look. We love the harsh lines and sharp corners of this table and the Restoration Hardware vibes we get while looking at it! Grab some materials from a plumbing store and set aside just about an hour or two to put this gorgeous table together.

DIY Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

This next pallet coffee table isn’t your average pallet project! Rather than just taking a pre-existing pallet then cutting it or adding a few elements, this blogger tore it apart and used the reclaimed wood to create a table with a whole lot of interest, personality and function. Once again, we love the option to display a few coffee table books in the nook within the table.

DIY Coffee Table

Metal Base Coffee Table

We love the effortless look of this metal base coffee table made from this raw steel metal base and an inexpensive scrap of plywood. You can stain your version of this project any tone you want, keeping in mind that this blogger regrets making her table so orange. But we happen to love the look of it — orange and all!

DIY Coffee Table


What do you think about all of this DIY coffee table business?

We would love to know which table is your favorite or any projects you try out!


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