Experience Star Wars, The Revenant, and Others Like Never Before at The Alamo Drafthouse

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We’re sure you’ve seen the new Star Wars movie by now. (If not, don’t worry — there are no spoilers ahead.) If you are sad to see this cult classic leave theaters while you must await its release on DVD to add to your Star Wars (VHS) collection — have no fear! You can essentially walk onto the set of the movie right here in Omaha with a visit to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in La Vista.

The theater is unique in many ways and differs from your typical movie-going experience, which you will understand as soon as you see its Star Wars-themed lobby. As you enter, the ticket station sets the scene with its space station design. And if you look up, you’ll see the Death Star hanging over your head, complete with a green laserbeam. The overall decor of the interior is reminiscent of a spaceship, with shiny silver metal and bright lights. And perhaps the most exciting point of interest for Star Wars fans is the Emperor’s throne with the ability to control the Death Star with a few button pushes.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lobby

And you thought the best part of going to a theater was the actual movie? But wait, it gets better, because Alamo has that part mastered as well.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was designed specifically for the avid moviegoer with its strict, all-business atmosphere. That may sound like a buzzkill but their boundaries are set in place to ensure a positive experience for the entire audience. Alamo prohibits all talking, texting or using cellphones during a movie, and no one is allowed entrance into a film once it has started. So it’s clear that this is not the place for goofing off with friends, showing up late or checking emails. Nope, that’s what happens in middle school classrooms. It is, however, the place to completely enjoy a movie to its full capacity without having to worry about bright screens or shushing rowdy neighbors.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

In fact, Alamo’s careful attention to detail and focus on refining the moviegoing experience has paid off in the theater world. Entertainment Weekly named it the #1 Theater in America, Wired.com called it “The Coolest Movie Theater in the World” and Fandango named it “One of the Best Theaters in the Country.” These aren’t loose claims, folks.

This Austin-based theater franchise has grown and expanded to 21 locations across the country, each unique to the community it serves. The newest location in Omaha maintains the core business model, its obvious “cool factor” and its emphasis on excellence and quality.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

That same quality carries over to Alamo’s food and drink offerings, which truly complete the moviegoing experience. You can order casual dining options from their menu, like the “Royale with Cheese” Burger, Omnivore Pizza, or warm chocolate chip cookies. Now there’s no need to stuff your face with food before heading to the movies, because Alamo is serving up dinner this time. And don’t forget to pair your selection with a local craft beer or fine wine. You might even find a specialty cocktail themed around the movies showing that day!

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

And what movies can you expect to see? The theater plays your typical lineup of films showing at every theater but plays classic or somewhat odd films every once in awhile to spice things up. They also hold special events, like a “Quote-Along” event, where talking — or more like yelling — is actually encouraged for once.

All in all, you can unplug (quite literally) and escape into the imaginative world of film with a visit to Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in La Vista. Plus, you can dig into some Spaghetti Squash Pomodoro and sip a Moonstruck Meadery Cherry Melomel. Does it get any better than that?

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: WOWT, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Omaha Facebook Page and Entertainment Weekly

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