10 Creative Home DIY Projects (From Local Omaha Bloggers!)

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As you may know, we love a good DIY home project. It is one of the most fun and cost-effective ways to create a piece of furniture, update an existing piece, or incorporate your own unique style into your home.

We also love supporting local businesses, promoting community events, and interacting with the people who live and work in Omaha and its surrounding areas.

That’s why we decided to combine these two things into a list of some amazing DIY home projects from local bloggers! There are so many talented bloggers in the area covering a variety of subjects, and several of them touch on home improvement or DIY projects.

Take a look at some of our favorite DIY home projects! Maybe you’ll be inspired to tackle one of these this upcoming weekend, or you’d like to pin it for a rainy day. Either way, admire these local DIYers who are making some awesome additions to their home.


DIY Marble Coffee Table

Marble and hairpin legs are extremely popular right now, and this DIY Marble Coffee Table from Jen of The Striped House combines the two in this easy-to-follow tutorial. While Jen learned that marble weighs a lot (and consequently didn’t have to be glued to the plywood base), we learned that she has an eye for design and a knack for DIY. Excuse us while we search for an abandoned piece of marble…

DIY Marble Table


Big and Bold DIY Fabric Art

The Striped House has another project we’re quite fond of. This Big and Bold DIY Fabric Art is extremely easy to put together, as it simply requires creating a wood frame and attaching your favorite print to it. Because large prints can be extremely expensive, this is a more budget-friendly alternative that allows you to incorporate the exact print you wish to display in your space!

DIY Art Print


DIY Gold Stick Art

Here’s another easy wall art project that adds personality and interest to a wall, shelf or dresser.  Create your own DIY Gold Stick Art following the tutorial from Sarah of Life on Virginia Street. Sarah spruced up her mudroom with a common item found in nature: branches. After spray painting branch fragments gold, she arranged them in a shadowbox, attaching them with glue. The end result looks extremely natural and simple!

DIY Gold Stick Art Frame


DIY Fresh Pineapple Vase

With summer quickly approaching, you may be looking forward to the sweet taste of pineapple at a barbeque, and the sweet smell of flowers blooming in your yard. Did you know you could combine the two? Sarah of Life on Virginia Street proves that this is possible with her DIY Fresh Pineapple Vase. The best part? You get to eat the insides of the pineapple once you carve it out!

DIY Fresh Pineapple Vase


DIY Burlap Memo Board

Jillian of The Anastasia Co. created a DIY Burlap Memo Board to display precious memories and inspirational photos using a few simple materials. Learn how you can recreate her project so you too can savor memories in picture form with this natural and rustic memo board!

DIY Burlap Memo Board


Copper-Dipped Planter

Jillian of The Anastasia Co. is a sucker for succulents, and so are we! In fact, we think they’re one of the best plants to grow during the winter. You may have all the houseplants in the world, but they won’t last long without a proper container! Jillian added a pop of bright copper paint to these otherwise ordinary pots in her Copper-Dipped Planter DIY tutorial, and they look downright adorable.

DIY Copper Dipped Planters


DIY Gold Shoe Rack

Brigette of The Gossamer Girl proves that all things look better dipped in gold with her DIY Gold Shoe Rack. She loves the industrial look, and decided to spruce up some plumbing rods with a coat of gold spray paint. This provides double the storage space for shoes in her entry nook, and is much easier to look at than an average shoe rack!

DIY Gold Shoe Rack


DIY Carrera Marble Countertops

The Gossamer Girl carried the DIY craze into her kitchen with some DIY Carrera Marble Countertops that we adore. She purchased a countertop paint kit and was able to successfully transform her chipped, discolored and scratched countertops into something quite spectacular. And we’re all about those alternative countertop surfaces. (Side Note: How adorable is her kitchen?!)

DIY Carrera Marble Countertops


DIY Macraméniac

If you share our love for house plants, you may be have a foliage overpopulation issue in your home. Thankfully, you can hang plants from the ceiling using this DIY Macraméniac, a refreshing flashback to the ‘70s. This macramé plant hanger from Omaha Magazine is extremely easy to make, and the end result is natural and whimsical.

DIY Macraméniac


Wood and Pipe Table

We love this DIY Wood and Pipe Table from Omaha Magazine. A couple made use of abandoned wood and re-imagined them into two spectacular industrial tables perfect for entertaining. Add in some galvanized piping legs, spray paint, and hours of hard work, and this project is complete!

DIY Wood Pipe Table


It’s time to get creative!

We hope this list inspired you to follow one of these tutorials, subscribe to these blogs so you don’t miss out on future projects, or start a Pinterest board for inspiration down the road!

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