Tips for Hosting a Backyard BBQ Based on Your Style Personality

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Personality quizzes are a popular way to find out more information about your tendencies, reaffirm the qualities you already know about, and reflect on your desirable — and not so desirable — traits.

We recently created a quiz that unveils what your preferred home style says about your personality. The home style you are drawn to has a direct correlation to some major personality traits you’re likely to possess!

Let’s take this party outside by examining what your results from that quiz mean about the backyard BBQ you are likely to host this summer! While personality quizzes, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, are important for helping you decide on a career path or potential life partner, we’re here to fill in the gap you’ve always wondered about — the perfect backyard BBQ setup tailored to you.

It’s quite simple.

  1. Take our quiz. Don’t worry — it takes about one minute to complete.
  2. Match your result with the backyard BBQ style below.
  3. Get the grill fired up and start pinning on Pinterest to prepare for your BBQ!

If you got Contemporary, host a…

Large Gathering With Attention to Detail

Contemporary BBQ Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Ikea, The Swoon Paper Co. on Etsy and Natasha’s Kitchen

Who You Are: You are a confident leader who doesn’t mind taking charge. You admire clean lines and geometrical design, which carries into your desire to keep things in order. You are highly organized, efficient, reliable and trustworthy!

Your Ideal BBQ: You value order and organization, so your backyard gathering will be simple in execution yet intricately planned behind the scenes. Since you have an impressive ability to plan and complete tasks, you will have a huge guest list, as you got the word out about your party well in advance with all the necessary details. Your attractive and confident personality also means your guests are excited to be at something you’re hosting!

The Invitations: Your love for simplicity means you’ll pick an invitation like this, which you can customize to include all the details for your gathering! Or you can even use it for inspiration for an invitation you’ll design yourself.

The Decor: You despise clutter, so the decor will be simple yet pleasing to the eye. You’ll incorporate a few summery colors, but keep things clean and fresh. Your sophisticated touch will make the area feel exciting yet relaxed. You’ll string up a few strands of string lights above to add a bit of dreamy interest to the backyard.

The Food: Fruit and veggies with dip, perfectly cut bite-size Chicken Avocado Bacon Sandwich squares, and white wine.

If you got Craftsman, host a…

Family Barbeque With Lots of Food

Rustic Backyard BBQ Inspiration

Photos courtesy of Seed Time, Meredith Peck Design on Etsy and Foodie Crush

Who You Are: Relationships are very important to you, and people are drawn to you as a result. You have a desire to make others feel at home, and love engaging in meaningful conversation. Your bright personality and encouraging smile are contagious!

Your Ideal BBQ: While you’ll certainly provide the BBQ necessities and the venue, the main thing you care about is having the people you care about there. You will make sure the date works for your closest family members and friends and that the gathering is something they’ll enjoy. The overall feeling will be extremely casual, with an emphasis on a wide variety of food to choose from.

The Invitations: The cheerful season and your BBQ’s family focus means you’ll choose to extend the invitation to family and friends with something like this. This rustic summer party invitation is perfect for you!

The Decor: The decorations will be purchased after a mere 15 minutes spent at the grocery store, as you will pick up the essentials like bright tablecloths and centerpieces. Liven up the tables with a few bouquets of flowers placed in Mason jars and call it good!

The Food: (Potluck Style!) Potato salad, watermelon, burgers, beer and lemonade.

If you got Colonial, host a…

Classic Pinterest-Worthy Party With an Outdoor Movie

Classic Backyard BBQ Inspiration

Photo courtesy of Camille Style, Unique Invites on Zazzle and Chickabug

Who You Are: You understand that results are achieved through hard work, and you’re motivated to get things done. You also value relaxation and don’t mind making time for meaningful hobbies. You are willing to take a risk, and your bold way of living is inspiring to others!

Your Ideal BBQ: This is something you’ve been looking forward to all year long, as you’re excited to show everyone your perfectly manicured garden and backyard renovations you slaved over in the spring. Like most things you do, you won’t settle for store-bought decorations or food items, and will work tirelessly to make sure each element is handcrafted with love and care. You’ll take things a step further by creating an outdoor theater using materials around the house, and will wow guests with this dreamy backyard experience.

The Invitations: You can hand-paint your own invitations for hours, or you can opt for this gorgeous customizable Colonial-inspired invitation!

The Decor: You’ll spend hours creating your own banner, bug-repelling candles, yard games like this oversized Connect Four game, etc.

The Food: Your favorite recipe from your travels overseas, a cocktail made with local spirits and herbs from your garden, and a dessert from your grandmother’s recipe box. Or you may try your hand at making a classic summer dessert like these individual strawberry shortcakes!

If you got Cabin, host a…

Casual Boho Gathering With Great Music

Boho Cabin BBQ Inspiration

Photos courtesy of xxx, Lou and Boo on Etsy and Feasting at Home

Who You Are: Much like a cozy cabin in the woods, you are both inviting and full of adventure. You maintain a healthy balance of taking it easy and a willingness to explore — whether it’s through traveling, hiking or adopting new passions. You make others feel comfortable and inspired to join your adventures!

Your Ideal BBQ: As you are planning your BBQ, you care most about making your guests feel comfortable and entertained during the evening. You will make sure to have the perfect playlist playing throughout the night, to help everyone have a good time and to feel at ease. It will feel like a whimsical getaway right in your backyard, with outdoorsy and rustic elements.

The Invitations: You’ll make sure everyone is invited with the cutest boho invitations you could find!

The Decor: The backyard will be transformed into a Bohemian oasis, with delicate lighting, mix-matched patterns, and whimsical details like this DIY dreamcatcher to match your invitations.

The Food: Kale, Moroccan Watermelon Salad with Pistachio, kabobs with steak and grilled vegetables, and your favorite local beer.


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