8 Omaha Area Homes with Serious Curb Appeal

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You know you’re about to enter a spectacular home when you’re already wowed from the outside looking in. Whether you’re looking for ideas to spice up your own exterior or you’re looking to own a home that’s the envy of the neighborhood, we’ve found some inspiring Omaha area homes with serious curb appeal. Enjoy!

1. A modern home with soaring ceilings

Omaha Homes with Curb Appeal

This modern home stands out for all of the small details that come together to create marvelous curb appeal. The asymmetrical garage door design, wood beam details, and stone framing of the front entrance create a pristine presentation. One of our favorite characteristics of this home is the dark metal railing of the front patio that is mimicked on the second floor balcony.


2. A home with charming bricks and pillars


This elegant home uses black and white contrast to its advantage, not only with its dark roof and light brick exterior, but in the very minute details of the bricks themselves. These colors further complement the bright greens and reds in the landscaping, creating one of the most interesting houses on the block.


3. A home with grand arch details

Omaha Home with Curb Appeal

Surrounded by greenery, this home is made spectacular by its natural look and the way it peeks out from behind its lush surroundings. We particularly love how the stone walkway and perfectly landscaped yard draw attention to the grand entrance with a wooden arch. The grand doorway is even arched, creating a cohesive and elegant look from the curb.


4. A home with a luxury cottage meets castle feel

Omaha Home with Curb Appeal

You’ll immediately be drawn to the “luxury cottage meets castle” feel of this beautiful home as the white stone and front balcony resemble something out of a fairytale. Mature trees provide a bit of privacy from the curb while still working with the well groomed landscape to create this luxurious appearance.


5. A home with perfect lodge-style accents

Omaha Homes with Curb Appeal

One of our favorite aspects of this lodge-style exterior are the wood accents incorporated into the garage doors, the front door and the archway that bring a mountainous feel to this home. The stone detail and subtle paint color add even more interest to this inviting home. And while the curb appeal is marvelous, wait until you experience the presentation from the backyard pool.


6. An Iowa home with strong California style

Omaha Homes with Curb Appeal

With interesting color, unique layout and distinctive landscaping, this home stands out on the curb – though it sits back from the street due to its long, intricate brick driveway. You’ll feels like you’re stepping back in time as you make your way down the winding, perfectly manicured walk to the california-style entryway.


7. A home with soft, modern details

Omaha Home with Curb Appeal

We love this home‘s dark stone details paired with the muted color pallet and black hardware. The contrasting white details and the clean lines make this home so appealing and modern, while the sage colored front door adds a pop of color to this classic look.


8. A home with superior landscaping and stonework

Omaha Home with Curb Appeal

Landscaping is one of the most important factors when it comes to curb appeal. This home uses similar colors from the surrounding scenery: the neutral shades found in the tall grasses are mimicked in the exterior paint color and river rock, while the darker tones found throughout the landscaping can also be seen in the stone. With so many different textures and elevations, this home creates an impressive view from the curb!


Which home stands out the most to you?

We would love to know your favorite!

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