20 of the Best Coffee and Tea Shops in the Omaha Area

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It’s the world’s favorite beverage. It’s what keeps all of us awake and moving. It’s coffee — and tea for those of us who need something a little less caffeinated. In the Omaha area, caffeine culture has exploded over the past few years and we couldn’t be happier about it. Each coffee shop, tea shop and roaster adds its own character and flavor to the scene. You can find a place to unwind, a place to work or catch up with friends, and even places to bike and read comic books!

We compiled a comprehensive list of the must-try coffee shops, tea shops and roasters in the area. Because trust me, when you Google “Coffee in Omaha” you will be overwhelmed.

Next time you’re looking for a pick-me-up, try one of our favorites. Use our interactive map below to find the one closest to you!


Amateur Coffee

For small batch, meticulously crafted coffee at home, try Amateur — local roasters founded by husband and wife, Jasmyn and Jacob Wichert. Inspired by their love and passion for all things coffee, they began roasting in an effort to show off every subtle complexity of their favorite beverage. At Amateur, they understand every step in the coffee making process counts: growing and cultivating, picking and processing, storing and shipping.

Their end product is packaged and decorated with pencil sketch art done by Jasmyn and it can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. For fastidious drinkers, you can get a subscription so you’re never without caffeine! They’ll roast your coffee to order and send it on its way. If their flavor options leave you overwhelmed, we suggest trying Perfumed Chai Spice. And according to Daily Coffee News, there may be an Amateur Café in our future!


Archetype Coffee

Archetype is on the forefront of Omaha coffee culture, making sure we all know how important each step in the production process is. They roast their coffee in house from beans grown by farmers they have personal relationships with. With a focus on the grower, they’re able to ensure their partners are successful, treated fairly and are producing top quality beans. As Archetype says, “Without them, there is no us.” Stop by for a cup, learn about their farmers, and you’ll definitely be back for more!


Aromas Coffeehouse

Aromas is a co-working space, a living room, and a neighborhood party all rolled into one. Striving to be a community destination, they serve specialty coffee and delectable pastries alongside a warm and comforting atmosphere — which is exactly what owners Autumn and Luke wanted.

Omaha natives, they’ve always been in love with our city. Since opening in 2010, they’ve been able to steadily grow Aromas Coffee and Bliss Bakery into a neighborhood destination. In 2013, Autumn and Luke opened a second location in Benson. Most recently, they’ve launched their own coffee roasting company, Hardy Coffee Co. which provides rich coffees for area coffee shops, churches and individuals. They’ll even deliver right to your door in Omaha!

Aromas Coffee in Omaha

Photos courtesy of Aromas Coffeehouse

Beansmith Coffee Roasters

Since 2010, Beansmith has been serving some of the tastiest and the most sustainable coffee in Omaha. They source their beans based on seasonality, and roast in house to maximize sweetness and vibrancy. Because of this, their coffee sourcing and flavors may change throughout the year — but it’s always delicious!


Caffeine Dreams

Located in Midtown Omaha, Caffeine Dreams is a small batch roaster serving up their very own delicious drinks since Y2K. They’re also open late every night so you can study, work and spend time friends until 11 p.m. — and midnight on Friday and Saturday! While you’re there, grab a plate of their delicious café fare alongside your caffeinated beverage.


Crane Coffee

Crane Coffee has six locations around Omaha and two more inside area hospitals. Chances are, you’ve driven by a few on your travels through town and if you’ve been in Omaha long, you’ve definitely tried a cup. They’ve been evolving the coffee culture in the area for years. And now, they’re making paying and ordering your coffee easier with an app for your phone!


Culprit Cafe & Bakery

Alongside their handmade breads, pastries and other foods, Culprit serves coffee from certified organic Broadway Roasting Co. in Kansas City, Missouri. You can get it brewed in five different ways: French Press, Chemex, Clever, Kyoto and Espresso. Or, if you’re looking for something less strong, Culprit serves hot tea from The Tea Smith.

Culprit Cafe and Bakery in Omaha

Photos courtesy of Culprit Cafe & Bakery


You can’t jump across the river into Council Bluffs without stopping by drips. The space started as a studio and gallery for owner Tres Johnson and evolved into a place for everyone to work and gather as a community. For a suggested donation between $3 and $5, you can get a steaming mug of pour over coffee from Dark Matter Coffee in Chicago. Or, grab a craft soda or hot tea while you work and peruse the record store selection! Check their Facebook page for updates on guest roasters, operating hours and events.


Fox Hollow Coffee Omaha

Fox Hollow Coffee serves espresso coffees in a bright and welcoming atmosphere. It’s one of our favorite spots to sit back with a cup o’joe and read a book. Be sure to pair your coffee with fresh pastries from The Omaha Bakery!


Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

Formerly Diamond Bar, Howlin’ Hounds has space for just about everyone with drink options to fit each taste. Sidle on up to the bar and order your Caramel Sunday Latte or passion fruit Italian Soda. And you may even get to meet Lady and Buddy — the loveable dogs who live upstairs and inspired the coffee house name!

Howlin' Hounds Coffee in Omaha

Photo courtesy of Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

Karma Koffee LLC

One of Omaha’s newest coffee shops, Karma Koffee was founded on the ideals of karma and methods owner Jeff Wilke learned practicing Primordial Sound Meditation. Promoting good vibrations (from your crown chakra to your root chakra) Karma offers artful coffees, local treats, homemade soups and teas from The Tea Smith. Stop by for a breath of fresh air and a sip of great coffee.  


Legend Comics and Coffee

A laid-back comic store and an exciting coffee shop rolled into one, Legend is a place for collectors and newbies, connoisseurs and beginners. Their cozy space is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about comic culture while sipping coffee. Check their calendar for writing, reading and gaming events, and join them Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights for Dungeons & Dragons or Magic!


No More Empty Cups

No More Empty Cups is a not-for-profit coffee shop and café. They strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive community engagement space and serve as an incubator for emerging small-scale food entrepreneurs to sell locally produced products. Long-term, the shop will function as an apprenticeship and internship program to further provide workforce development training for youth and young adults.

All this while serving sustainable coffee from Archetype alongside locally produced goods!

No More Empty Cups in Omaha

Photo courtesy of No More Empty Cups / Nancy Williams 

Omaha Bicycle Company

Nestled inside a specialty bike shop, there’s a caffeine jackpot awaiting coffee and bike lovers alike. For four years Omaha Bicycle Co. has been promoting and building coffee culture in town by providing a space to learn and experience how bikes can make our lives better. Every Saturday morning, Tuesday and Thursday night, and every full moon, you can join coffee makers and bicycle lovers for community rides. Check their website for special events filled with food, coffee, fun and (of course) bikes!

With coffee from local roaster Archetype and Sweet Bloom out of Lakewood, Colorado, they produce some of the tastiest classics in town. So next time you need a bike, a repair, or just a place to ride to, stop by Omaha Bicycle Company for good people and good coffee!


Urban Abbey 

Urban Abbey combines a church with high-quality coffee and a strong community work environment. Fairly sourced and locally roasted, they believe coffee is a sacred art. So much so, that even their milk comes from Nebraska cows and is delivered fresh straight from the dairy. They invite everyone to come in, sit, sip, enjoy, work and relax.

And when you do, you’ll also be helping the Omaha community, because ten percent of all Urban Abbey profits are donated to local non-profit organizations — like Nebraska Appleseed, Nebraska AIDS Project and over 20 others.


Village Grinder

Walking into Village Grinder is like stepping into the warmth and comfort of grandma’s house. You’ll instantly be surrounded by friends, local foods, treats and, of course, the sweet smell of brewing coffee. While you’re sipping and catching up with friends, you can peruse their boutique-style goods and maybe even do some holiday shopping!


Well Grounded Coffee House

Well Grounded donates 10% of its profits to charity: water, a nonprofit working to end the global water crisis. Every time you stop by for a drink, you help provide wells, rain barrels, sanitation and education to areas in need.

To further global sustainability, Well Grounded works with Intelligentsia Coffee out of Chicago. Using direct trade methods, they know exactly what their coffee farmers are paid and even visit the farms once a year. If you’re looking for a coffee guaranteed to help the global community, Well Grounded is the place for you! They also offer treats and pastries from local makers around Omaha — like the donut pictured below from Scratch Baking Co.

Well Grounded Coffee Shop

Photos courtesy of Well Grounded Coffee House / Bridget Hanson 

13th Street Coffee and Tea

With an old school coffee house look and feel we love, 13th Street is nestled in the heart of Old Market. Check their Facebook page for updates on live music events and stop by anytime to see local work from Omaha artists!


The Tea Smith

The Tea Smith opened in 2004 after an inspiring trip to Japan and various quality tea hot spots across the U.S. Motivated by tea’s power to bring people together, the owners wanted to provide high quality, properly brewed tea to Omaha as a way to foster a sense of community. Over the years — and after adding an Old Market location — that’s just what they’ve done.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll be surrounded by teas in nearly every variation and flavor. But don’t feel overwhelmed! Their tea experts will help you find the exact blend to match your taste buds and you can even get some packaged to take home.

The Tea Smith in Omaha

Photo courtesy of The Tea Smith

Thirst-Tea Café

Thirst-Tea serves traditional tea along with flavor infused options — we suggest trying the passionfruit Jasmine blend! You can also get any tea topped with Boba, which are tapioca pearls sweetened to perfection. And that’s not all! While you sip your tea, we suggest you try one of their Asian-inspired snacks. They have Onigiri rice balls, Egg Rolls, Edamame and so much more!


Where do you sip?

Do you get your crafted coffees delivered to your door, or do you sip espresso at a local spot? Let us know if we missed your favorite! As lovers of caffeine, we can always use more excuses to try something new.

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