How to Add Warmth to Your Home This Fall: Trends, Tips and Tricks from 4 Local Interior Designers

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Fall is in the air, which means it’s time to make your home look the part. We love this season because it gives us the opportunity to really make our homes feel cozy with throws, fun wreaths, autumn-scented candles and hand-picked pumpkins. In our opinion, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

We interviewed several of Omaha’s top interior designers to get the inside scoop on fall home trends. If anyone knows how to make your space look picture-perfect this autumn, it’s them.

Read on for tips and tricks to add warmth to any space (and a few candle scent recommendations)!


Photo courtesy of Fluff Interior Design 


Eric James from Interiors by Eric James

EJ: My company has been around since 2006. I went to school for business and realized I had a good eye for design. I started out by just doing my friend’s homes and my family’s homes, but it quickly evolved into a business! We have been featured in several magazines, and I’m just having a lot of fun with it right now.


Courtney Otte from the Modern Hive

CO: The Modern Hive was started five years ago. One of our first major projects was a log home, which is where I came up with the elk in my logo. The Modern Hive is not only a high-end interior design firm, but also offers a curated furniture and decor line as well.


Wendy Shaw from Absolute Design Interiors

WS: Absolute Design Interiors is a full service interior design firm. We do everything from small residential to large commercial projects. We have been in business for close to 20 years! We have a large showroom that is always filled with the newest trends in furniture, art and accessories. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work that we provide to our customers.


Lorrie Williams of Fluff Interior Design

LW: Joy Johnson and I started Fluff in 2003. We currently have five designers, an office manager, a FluffMarket manager (FluffMarket is our quarterly pop-up shop), and several part-time assistants. Our studio is in Bel Air Plaza. We focus on “decorating for real life.” We love to come alongside of our clients and help them achieve their dreams for their home.

Photo courtesy of The Modern Hive 

NP Dodge: What are some home decor trends you expect to see this fall?

EJ: I love that eclecticism is catching on. Things don’t always have to be matchy matchy. And when it comes to colors? Blacks and matte blacks and greys are all big, and also taupes. In the fall you get to use a lot of the dark jewel tones like emerald green, navy and deep purple. Another trend is metal finishes — chrome is big right now, and brushed gold is a style that a lot of people have liked.


WS: Texture, texture, texture! Faux fur, mohair and other luxuriously soft materials are going to be very big. Wallpaper is also getting more popular, and we like to use textured wallpaper to stand the test of time. And as far as color goes: the color green! (like granny smith apple).


CO: This fall we are seeing more color in tile patterns, accent furniture and textiles. Jewel-colored accents are essential to add flair to the grey rooms that have been trending over the last couple years. We are also seeing a comeback of warmer colors, such as mustard yellows, burgundy reds, forest greens and browns, mixed in with light atmospheres and backdrops instead of traditionally dark backdrops.


LW: ​Buffalo plaid is staying strong and is a great look for both fall and Christmas. Texture is also big! Think: distressed woods and metals, nubby pillows mixed with washed velvets, burlap runners, etc. Finally, fall colors are still a popular choice, but you can also decorate for fall using neutrals — seed pods, cotton stems, creamy sweater pillows, wood and iron lanterns with white candles, and more.

Photo courtesy of Interiors by Eric James 

What is one trend you are really excited about?

EJ: I love texture in designs! I love that mixture of clean modern with a bit of a rustic feel. You can soften those clean lines by incorporating different textures — woods, metals, fabric and even works of art.


WS: The color green — it’s nature!  And what’s better to mix with the popular warm gray colors and textures than Mother Nature’s own color?


CO: I am actually really excited to try out using some of the warmer color palettes and textures with my clients, especially because they are being mixed in with those lighter backdrops I tend to love. Traditionally in the past, I have focused much of my design on lighter, cooler modern trends. This fall I will have the opportunity to work with clients who want that warmer feeling in their space.


LW: Honestly, I don’t like to design around trends! Overall your home should be a reflection of things you and your family love.

Photo courtesy of Absolute Design Interiors

What is your favorite textile to work with?

EJ: I really love the heavier velvets! They’re so cozy and warm. And I love mixing that heavier fabric with something light with a bit of sheen, or even a bit of bling. I’m always drawn to things that sparkle.


WS: Fur! We always add fur throws and pillows to our studio in the fall and winter months. Not only does fur add warmth to any space, but the texture is incredible.


CO: I am loving all the performance velvets we are seeing, in a variety of colors, too! Velvet adds such a luxury feeling to a space and also gives it a touch of warmth. I can’t resist a good velvet covered chair in a solid color, layered with a pop of a patterned pillow for effect.


LW: Hmmmm…I don’t really have a favorite, it depends on the space! That said, I just “fluffed” my own house over for fall and I’m loving a plaid wool throw that I have tossed over a chair at the moment.​

Photo courtesy of Fluff Interior Design 

If you could do just one thing to add warmth to your home for the season, what would you do?

EJ: I would probably add some throws and pillows in warmer colors.


WS: A luxurious fur throw.


CO: Colored scented candles, only because I can’t always have the scent of a pumpkin pie baking in the oven.


LW: Change out the pillows. We designers love our pillows! They can make such a difference in a space.

Photo courtesy of The Modern Hive 

What are some other easy ways to make your home feel cozy?

EJ: On the outside of the home, I love incorporating those rich fall colors with berries and mums and such. In the fall, you really start to “nest.” During summer, it’s more about minimalism, but you can really make things cozy when the weather starts to cool down.


WS: Turn the fireplace on, add some warm hued pillows and a throw, keep an accent lamp turned on, and add some fresh greenery for texture.


CO: Layering is key! Adding plush blankets and pillows to your furniture or baskets in your living areas, incorporating a smaller fuzzy rug on top of a larger rug, or changing up your fireplace mantle vignette layers to fall colors are all simple ways to add that cozy feeling to a space.


LW: The first thing to check is the furniture arrangement. Furniture that isn’t placed correctly can make a room feel cold and sterile, and no amount of pillows or throws is going to fix that. ​Once you have the correct furniture arrangement, textiles and texture go a long way to adding coziness and warmth.


Finally, what is your favorite fall candle smell?

EJ: I’m a sucker for patchouli. I just love it! I think it’s just a nice classic, warm and masculine scent.


WS: Spiced pumpkin.


CO: Pumpkin pie, of course!


LW: Without a doubt, White Pumpkin by Gold Canyon. I have it burning all the time right now!


Inspired yet?

These designers are all willing and ready to help you achieve that perfect autumn look! Which fall design trick are you most looking forward to trying? Let us know in the comments!


NP Dodge

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