The 10 Best Bakeries in Omaha to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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From pies to croissants, the flaky, buttery world of baked goods is tough to resist (and honestly, why would you try?). But when it comes to pastries, you can’t beat a warm, freshly baked treat from a local shop.

Luckily, Omaha is filled with a number of cute, cozy bakeries serving up mouthwatering breads, cakes and the like. We rounded up our top 10 favorites in the area, so peruse this list next time you have a craving. You’re sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The best bakeries in Omaha include: 

Hardy Coffee Co.| Culprit Cafe & Bakery | Be Sweet Bakery | Nothing Bundt Cakes | The Omaha Bakery | Le Petit Paris Bakery Omaha | Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop | Olsen Bake Shop | Bagel Bin | The Lithuanian Bakery


Hardy Coffee Co.

Known for: Giant Cinnamon Rolls, Custom Cakes, Scones and Soul-Warming Coffee

Hardy Coffee Co

Photo courtesy of Hope Jewell via Hardy Coffee Co. 

We didn’t know that coffee and cinnamon rolls were the perfect pairing until we tried the combination at Hardy Coffee Co., and now, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Step into the shop for your preference of espresso bevvie, which are all brewed with beans roasted in house. And before you leave, take a turn past the pastry case, which features gorgeous and colorful cakes, savory baked goods, and of course, the infamous cinnamon rolls. We’re sure you’ll find something in there that piques your interest!


Culprit Cafe & Bakery

Known for: Freshly Baked Bread, Warm and Fluffy Donuts

Culprit Cafe

Photo courtesy of Culprit Cafe 

The breads and baked goods are hand kneaded, rolled, and baked in-house daily, and the freshness certainly comes through in the taste. We suggest stopping by for a delicious breakfast or lunch, and leaving with your choice of loaf (or a dozen fresh glazed donuts) tucked under your arm.


Be Sweet Bakery

Known for: Fabulous Cookie Designs in Bulk

Be Sweet Omaha

Photo courtesy of Be Sweet Omaha

Be Sweet is the best place to go for custom-designed cookies for any event (or just a bulk order for yourself — we’re not judging). The cookies are made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients available, and come in a variety of designs to fit any occasion, including Huskers cookies! Although the shop is located in Omaha, the bakery can send cookies nationwide, so send some love in a box and make someone’s day!


Nothing Bundt Cakes

Known for: Bundt Cakes (Surprise!)

Photo courtesy of Nothing Bundt Cakes

Bundt Cakes aren’t just for parties anymore — Nothing Bundt Cakes whips up adorable, bite-sized Bundtinis (sold by the dozen) along with miniature Bundtlets that are the perfect midday pick-me-up. Of course, you can also get a larger one if you wish, available in 8” or 10”. Choose between 10 delicious flavors, including a “Featured Flavor” that rotates throughout the year. And, to top it all off, you can choose from a wide selection of handcrafted decorations.


The Omaha Bakery

Known for: Peanut Butter Cinnamon Rolls, Lemon Bars and More!

Omaha Bakery

Photo courtesy of the Omaha Bakery 

Formerly Alotta Brownies, the Omaha Bakery is a one-stop shop for mouthwatering baked goods, wedding cakes, artisanal breads and more! Owner Michelle Kaiser will greet you with a smile, and is happy to provide recommendations if you need one. Try the peanut butter cinnamon rolls and specialty lemon bars (which are made with four times the lemon filling found in normal bars!).


Le Petit Paris Bakery Omaha

Known for: French Pastries

Petit Paris Omaha

Photo courtesy of Le Petit Paris Bakery 

If it’s a little taste of France you’re after, look no further than Le Petit Paris Bakery. The cozy shop churns out fresh croissants, macarons, quiche and pain au chocolat on a daily basis, and the treats are almost too pretty to eat! Read: Almost


Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop

Known for: Brown Sugar Cardamom Cake

Sweet Magnolias

Photo courtesy of Sweet Magnolias

Nestled in Omaha’s historic Joslyn Castle neighborhood, Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop hits the spot with its melt-in-your-mouth confections. The husband-and-wife-owned shop strikes a perfect balance between classic and innovative, sweet and flavorful, buttery and light. Everything is made fresh with the best ingredients available, and designed to delight! Try the house-made pop tarts, a warm and buttery cinnamon roll, or the signature brown sugar cardamom cake — you really can’t go wrong.


Olsen Bake Shop

Known for: Incredible Donuts, Custum Cakes

Olsen Bake Shop

Photo courtesy of the Olsen Bake Shop

The Olsen Bake Shop has been serving hungry Omahans since 1942, and offers freshly baked donuts in a variety of interesting flavors. The prices are also a sweet deal — with a donut and cup of hot coffee going for $3, and a dozen donuts for $8.


Bagel Bin

Known For: New York-Style Bagels

Bagel Bin

Photo courtesy of Bagel Bin

Credited for the best New York-Style Bagels in the city, the Bagel Bin is the perfect place to stop for a flavorful morning treat. The bakery is also kosher (one of the only of its kind), and every thing is baked fresh in house daily.


The Lithuanian Bakery

Known for: Lithuanian Tortes

Lithuanian Bakery

Photo courtesy of the Lithuanian Bakery

For something a little more special than your average slice of pie, head on down to the Lithuanian Bakery and Cafe. The Omaha gem might not look like much from the outside, but inside, the owners whip up impressively beautiful tortes — each composed of eight layers of vanilla, lemon, chocolate, raspberry, buttercream and more


Hungry yet?

We don’t blame you! Where are your favorite bake shops in the Omaha area? Let us know in the comments!

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