The Best Sledding Hills in the Omaha Area, Mapped

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The lighter side to a winter storm is the fun activities that come with it — snowshoeing, snowball fights, skiing, oh my! But while we love throwing a snowball as much as anyone, our favorite activity by far is sledding. In the Omaha area, we are graced with a large number of hills that, when coated with just the right amount of snow, are perfect for slipping, sliding and racing.

We gathered up our favorite sledding hills in Omaha and the surrounding areas, so next time you see a storm in the forecast, you’ll be prepared for a long day of fun. On your mark, get set, sled!


The Best Sledding Hills near Omaha Include:

Memorial Park | Walnut Hill Park | Hitchcock Nature Center | Spring Lake Park | Clemmons Sled Hill | Pioneers Park Nature Center | Chalco Hills | Rocket Park | Mt. Crescent Ski Area



Memorial Park

6005 Underwood Avenue, Omaha

Sledding in Omaha

Conveniently located in the heart of Omaha, Memorial Park is one of the most popular sledding destinations in the region. The large hill attracts sledders both young and old to join in the fun, and you’ll likely see everything from tubes and saucers to old-fashioned wooden rigs. It truly is a winter paradise.


Walnut Hill Park

1100 N 38th Street, Omaha

Walnut Hill Park is located just north of Midtown. The hill is not as big as some of the others, but it means that it’s much easier to trek back to the top after a successful run! It’s the perfect destination for younger kids, or just to squeeze in a few quick sled runs.


Hitchcock Nature Center

27792 Ski Hill Loop, Honey Creek, IA

For fast-paced sledding and fewer crowds, head to Chute Trail in the Hitchcock Nature Center. Located just 20 minutes north of Council Bluffs, the hill is great for inner tubes, sleds and saucers alike.

Spring Lake Park

4020 Hoctor Boulevard, Omaha

Sledding in Omaha

Situated around a picturesque lake, Spring Lake Park is an ideal destination for lazy summer walks and picnics, but during the winter, it transforms into a fun-filled wonderland! When snow falls, children and adults of all ages flock here to race down the hill.


Clemmons Sled Hill

1899 N Luther Road, Fremont

If you’ve ever been sledding in the Omaha area, you’ve likely been to the Clemmons Sled Hill. Nestled in Clemmons Park, the Fremont destination is wildly popular for winter adventurers, and there’s no mystery as to why. The large hill is ideal for fast and furious sledding, and when the conditions are right, the Fremont Parks and Recreation Department creates man-made snow to amp up the fun. The park is even lit at night to allow for after-dark sled riding!


Pioneers Park Nature Center

3140 N Street, Lincoln

If you’re within easy reach of the Lincoln area, you can’t pass up the Pioneers Park Nature Center. This spacious park is an outdoor paradise year-round, boasting 668 acres of tall-grass prairie. When the snow falls here, the center becomes a destination for sled riders, fort builders, snowball fighters and more. Don’t miss out on the fun!


Chalco Hills

8901 S 154th Street, OmahaSledding in Omaha

The Chalco Hills Recreation Area is located just 12 miles west of downtown Omaha, and is well worth the trek. With 1,186 acres of scenic parkland and plenty of hills to choose from, this is an adventure-seeker’s paradise after a fresh snowfall.


The Hill at Rockbrook “Rocket” Park

3525 S 94th Street, Omaha

The students at Paddock Elementary don’t know how good they have it (or maybe they do, and they just don’t want to share the secret). The school sits across from one of the best sledding hills in the region. Grab the family and get ready for a winter adventure you’ll never forget!


Mt. Crescent Ski Area

17026 Snowhill Lane, Honey Creek, IA

The Mount Crescent Ski Area is the number one destination for skiing near Omaha, but when you’re taking a break from shredding the gnar, make sure to check out the onsite sledding hill. The hill is more than three football fields long and features a chairlift for easy transportation to the top. The whole family can join in the fun, and you can snap a picture to remember the day from the hill’s summit, which features spectacular views of the surrounding scenery.


Have fun out there!

Where are your favorite places to sled in the Omaha area? Let us know in the comments!

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