14 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Omaha

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So, you think you’d like to move to Omaha. To that we say, “good choice!” Omaha is climbing the charts as one of the best places to live, one of the best places to raise a family, and one of the best cities for millennials. Though the accolades make us proud, there are so many other reasons we consider ourselves lucky to live here — including our top-notch culinary scene, the live music every weekend, the sports (go Huskers!), and the exceptionally friendly people.

Have we convinced you? Great! Here are some things to keep in mind before making the big move. We hope to see you soon!

Once you get here, make sure to check out the newcomer’s guide to Omaha for insider tips on the best places to eat, the best coffee shops, the best gyms and more.

Omaha is a very affordable city.

Moving to Omaha

Even with our growing population and cultural attractions, Omaha is still one of the most affordable places in the country to buy a home. In fact, the cost of living here is 8% lower than the national average! According to Realtor.com, Omaha’s average home price is just $170,000, and in 2016, Yahoo! Finance named Omaha as one of the best, most affordable places to live in the US, showing that residents get to keep more than 71% of their income. That means more money for that steak dinner on Friday night — yum.

There are also plenty of affordable ways to entertain yourself, like these 15 free things to do in Omaha or these 19 date night ideas under $20.


It’s also an incredible place to find a new job!

Omaha boasts an unemployment rate of just 2.9%, a rate well below the national average. And that’s something we are very proud of! Big companies are drawn to Omaha because it’s centrally located, allowing easy shipping and communication from coast to coast, but also because it allows them a bit more room to spread out without sacrificing that big city feel. Plus, commercial real estate is quite a bit more affordable here than in, say, New York City. Need more proof? Omaha was listed in WalletHub’s 2018 list of the best places to look for a job.


Omaha is centrally located, which means there are plenty of opportunities for travel.

We don’t know why you’d ever want to leave this amazing city, but if you do, the opportunities for travel are abundant. You can easily catch a direct flight to hundreds of destinations from the Omaha Eppley Airfield, or drive to some of America’s best cities in seven hours or less. Of course, there are also plenty of incredible travel destinations right here in Nebraska!


It’s easy to get around town.

Old Market Omaha

Photo courtesy of Omaha’s Old Market

We might have an impressive skyline, but you can still reach either end of Omaha by car within 20 minutes. The small-town feel and easy commute is one of the things we love most about living here! If traveling by four wheels isn’t your style, check out these neighborhoods in Omaha with high walk scores, or explore our city’s best biking trails.


Football is not just fun — it’s a way of life.

Be Sweet Omaha

Photo courtesy of Be Sweet Bakery

You might see a few giant corn hats if you visit during the fall, and that’s perfectly normal — thank you very much. The University of Nebraska is home to the mighty Cornhuskers (or Huskers, as we like to call them) and even an hour away in Omaha, we never miss the chance to tailgate during football season. And if you’re attending, you’d best make sure to wear your red, black and white!


We love all sports, actually.

TD Ameritrade Park

Photo courtesy of  TD Ameritrade Park

Omaha hosts the College World Series every year at TD Ameritrade Park, and it’s an event that we look forward to year round! But honestly, we don’t discriminate. Basketball, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, golfcurling — we love it all. We are home to excellent stadiums such as the Baxter Arena  as well as two fantastic universities (Creighton and University of Nebraska Omaha). You can expect to see the big game onscreen at all of Omaha’s best sports bars.


You’ll never be bored.

Whether you’re exploring one of Omaha’s beloved landmarks or showing off random bits of knowledge at one of the 19 trivia nights around town, you’ll always be able to find some way to stay entertained around town! The Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is one of the best in the nation, our craft brewery scene is on the rise, and there is an abundance of local musicians worth seeking out on Spotify or on tour. Have fun out there!


Omaha residents are known as Omahans.

It’s our name, and we’re proud of it! You are welcome to claim the honorable title once you move here.


We take our steak seriously.

Nebraska Steak

Nebraska’s picturesque, gently rolling terrain is dotted with a number of family-owned farms and ranches — each dedicated to producing the best-tasting beef around. And for that reason, Nebraska has made a name for itself in the steak industry. You can experience this delicacy by picking up some fresh cuts from a local farm (or having them shipped), or by making a reservation at one of our city’s top steakhouses.


Omaha is known as the “Gateway to the West.”

Downtown Omaha

The city of Omaha was founded in 1854 by speculators from neighboring Council Bluffs. And as pioneers had to cross the Missouri River to reach it, it quickly became known as the Gateway to the West. It further established this title when it hosted the World’s Fair in 1898, dubbed the Trans-Mississippi Exposition.


Our most famous landmark is named “Bob.”

Well, technically, it’s called the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge, but we fondly refer to it as “Bob the Bridge” in conversation. This iconic bridge spans more than 3,000 feet across the Missouri River to connect Council Bluffs and Omaha. From the bridge, pedestrians can enjoy incredible views of the Omaha skyline, which makes it an awesome date night location! The bridge is also connected to more than 150 miles of trails, making it an ideal starting spot for exploring by foot or bike.


Our culinary scene is thriving.

Dante Omaha

Photo courtesy of Dante Pizzeria

Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, you can find a delicious restaurant (or five) within reach. We experienced a ton of new restaurant openings in 2017, and it seems like the list just continues to grow! Renowned chefs from larger cities are moving here to test their concepts, bringing flavors from all over the world to our neighborhoods. Our town is home to fresh, farm-to-table finds, indulging spots worth cheating on your diet for, and romantic options perfect for date night.


We are very fashionable.

Omaha Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of Kathy Rae Photography via Omaha Fashion Week

Of course, we won’t judge anyone for wearing a simple Huskers tee shirt with jeans (in fact, we consider that a fashion staple), but we definitely know how to throw a good outfit together. Omaha Fashion Week occurs annually in February, and has grown over the years to become the fifth largest fashion event in the country. If you need to fill your closet with the latest trends, you can do so at these amazing boutiques in Omaha and Lincoln!


It’s a wonderful city to call home!

Omaha Home for Sale

This home is for sale at 6614 Underwood Avenue, Omaha | Listed by The Rensch Group

Whether you’re a millennial, a retiree or are just starting your family, there is no denying that Omaha is an exceptional place to call home. There is never any shortage of fun things to do, the job market is thriving, and the homes here are both beautiful and affordable. If you need more convincing, here are 12 reasons to consider moving to Omaha.

Once you are ready to make your move, we can help you find the perfect home. Our agents live and breathe this wonderful city, and dedicate themselves to making your transition as seamless as possible. Not only can they provide insight into the real estate industry, but they can likely provide tips and tricks for becoming a true Omahan!


Welcome home!

Can we answer any other questions about Omaha or the surrounding areas? Ask us in the comments.

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