Where to get the Best Local Produce, Meat and Eggs in Omaha and the Surrounding Areas

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Supporting local farms doesn’t just help to revitalize and strengthen the Omaha community. It also tastes better (and is better for you) than consuming products from across the country. Local meat, dairy and produce is scientifically proven to be more nutritionally dense and have significantly fewer harmful chemicals.

Discovering new farmers at the local market is one of our favorite things to do during the summer months, but many producers make their harvest available year-round. You just have to know where to look! We rounded up some of the best nearby farms, dairy producers and cattle ranches, so you can have access to delicious, nutritious and locally produced food whenever you need it.



Wenninghoff’s Farm

6707 Wenninghoff Road, Omaha


Photo courtesy of Wenninghoff’s Farm 

Wenninghoff’s Farm is a third-generation, family-owned farm dedicated to growing and harvesting the best tasting fruits and vegetables in Nebraska. Since 1956, locals have come to peruse the mouthwatering selection of produce, plants, honey, jam, meat, eggs and other local eats. Beyond being a dream grocery destination, the farm is also a community gathering place. Bring the whole family and let the kids play with the bunnies and the chickens, or stop by during the fall months to visit the pumpkin patch.


Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch

11001 South 48th Street, Papillion

Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch is a pick-your-own farm and a must-visit destination for locals and visitors alike. During the summer and fall months, the farm offers hayrides through 20 acres of woods, and opportunities to pick your own strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, sugar snap peas and asparagus (plus pumpkins for Halloween!). Stop by the farm stand to find a more well-rounded assortment of seasonal veggies for purchase.



O’tillie Pork & Pantry

8511 N 30th Street, Omaha

O'Tillie Pork and Pantry

Photo courtesy of O’Tillie Pork & Pantry

This local meat shop focuses entirely on making local food accessible to Omaha residents. The staff educates customers on local food production and its importance in revitalizing the community, and sells high quality and expertly butchered pork products. You can access the best cuts of locally produced bacon, pork belly and sausage by placing a custom order or by tracking down their booth at the Saturday Omaha Farmers’ Market.


Got Grassfed

Plainview, Nebraska, Place an order online!

Got Grassfed knows that good health starts with what you eat. That’s why the farm works hard to raise the best quality cattle around, providing gorgeous marbled steaks, ground beef and specialty items that are as nutritious as they are delicious. The farm is actually located in Plainview, Nebraska, but you can easily get the products delivered straight to your door by placing an order online.


Range West Beef

2204 North R Road, Marquette

Range West

Photo courtesy of Range West Beef

If you’re looking for fresh, farm-raised beef delivered to your door, you will love Range West Beef. The owners take pride in raising high-quality cattle and allowing them to roam freely on their farm in Marquette, Nebraska. The animals are healthy and happy, which results in the best tasting (and most nutritious) food for you and your family. Order online to have steaks, chuck and even specialty products delivered to your door, or find a store near you that carries Range West products.



Local Hens

Kennard, Nebraska

You might have seen the farm-fresh eggs and honey from Local Hens at the Village Pointe Farmers’ Market. And if you haven’t yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Everyone knows that happy and healthy chickens produce better tasting and more nutritious eggs, so Local Hens raises Rhode Island Reds in a humane environment. You won’t find pesticides, GMOs, harsh chemicals or anything else unnatural on the farm, just 30 happy chickens and an army of honey bees. Stop by the farm to see it for yourself or pick up a fresh dozen at the next market. You won’t regret it!


Branched Oak Creamery

17015 NW 70th Street, Raymond

Fresh, organic dairy products and farmstead cheeses are the name of the game at Branched Oak Creamery. The cattle here happily graze on the local grasses of the farm, which results in flavorful, high quality milk. The farm then transforms it into a wide selection of delectable cave-aged cheeses that are produced on site from start to finish! You can find products from Branched Oak Farm in restaurants and specialty stores, but guests are always welcome to visit the farm and see the process firsthand!


Bryant Dairy Farm

13003 Highway 36, Omaha

For high-quality fresh milk in the Omaha area, you can’t do better than Bryant Dairy Farm! Owners Russ and Lori are passionate about raising their Holstein cows the right way, committing themselves to chemical-free, ethical farming. The result is pure and delicious milk and dairy products worth savoring. In fact, their milk has been ranked as the highest quality in the state for years! Visit in person to sample some milk, and make sure to bring your own container if you want to bring some home.



Lone Tree Foods

15255 Southwest 114th Street, Crete


Lone Tree Foods dedicates itself to connecting the local community to the best Nebraska farms. Obviously it can be difficult to travel to nearby farms yourself, so Lone Tree Foods delivers the best harvest to a convenient local pickup stop in eastern Nebraska or western Iowa. All you have to do is sign up for a subscription to the Nebraska Box and they will select a bounty of seasonal produce for you! You can also order a la carte every Sunday.



Multiple locations

At first glance, a local supermarket chain might not seem like the best place to look for local beef or farm-fresh eggs. But Hy-Vee does its best to support local farmers by carrying produce, eggs, and meat grown right here in Nebraska. And better yet, Hy-Vee dedicates itself to giving back to the community by serving incredible local causes!


Happy shopping!

To experience farm-fresh food prepared by some of Omaha’s most renowned chefs, check out our list of the 12 best farm-to-table restaurants in town.

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