12 Things You’ll Only Get if You’re a True Cornhuskers Fan

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We Cornhuskers fans love our traditions. From game day rituals, like the release of the red balloons and our many sellout streaks, to more historic knowledge like where our beloved team got their name — there are a ton of things that only true fans will understand.

So, test your #Huskers knowledge using the list below. Let us know in the comments how many you already knew! And of course, GO BIG RED!

The Sellout Streak

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One of our biggest claims to fame is the Cornhusker’s Sellout Streak. Since 1962, there have been 368 consecutive sold out games at Memorial Stadium. But, our football team isn’t the only thing that can bring in crowds — Nebraska Volleyball is also incredibly popular. Since 2001, the volleyball program has sold out every regular-season match, putting the current streak at over 250 consecutive sold-out games.


Unity Walk

If you haven’t experienced the amount of Huskers spirit that radiates from the horseshoe before a football game — you need to. About two hours and 45 minutes before the game, head on down to the Vine Street entrance of Memorial Stadium and watch the players and coaches step off the buses. The marching band, Herby Husker, Lil’ Red and the cheerleaders will join you in welcoming the team.


The Sea of Red

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When you take your seat at any sporting event, no matter whether it’s home or away, you can rest assured that there will be a sea of red surrounding you. Huskers fans will travel far and wide to support our team. Because of our passion, it’s no surprise that on game day Memorial Stadium becomes the third largest city in Nebraska.



“Go Big Red!” If you haven’t screamed our battle cry until you’ve gone hoarse at a game — are you even a Huskers fan?


The Tunnel Walk

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The Tunnel Walk is one of our most famous traditions. Even if you aren’t a die-hard Huskers fan, you’ll still get goosebumps when you watch the football team walk down the tunnel to “Sirius” by Alan Parsons (or “Jungle” by X Ambassadors and Jamie N Commons) displayed on the big screen.


Corn Head

A corn head hat is the greatest gift a Cornhuskers fan could ever get (besides tickets to a game of course). This bright yellow, usually foam-rubber, massive corn cob is our version of the Green Bay Packers’ “Cheese Head.” You don’t have to wear one, but it definitely makes selfies more fun!


The Release of the Red Balloons

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During a home football game, one of the most exciting moments is when the team scores for the first time. That’s when you get to release your bright red balloon and watch thousands of others fill the sky. Not only is this a football tradition, but we even love doing it during memorials, homecomings and other special events! While this tradition has been going strong since the 1960’s, today the balloons are made with 100% biodegradable materials and tied with cotton strings — in an effort to keep the planet a bit cleaner.


The Bugeaters

Before we were the Cornhuskers we were The Bugeaters, named after an abundant bird species in the area. The change came in 1900, when a sports correspondent began calling the football team “The Cornhuskers.” By 1907, the name was widely accepted and the rest is history.


The “Blackshirts”

If you aren’t a true Huskers Football fan, you probably won’t know that “Blackshirts” refers to Nebraska’s first-string defensive players or about their black jerseys. These special jerseys are only awarded to defense key players that have proved themselves worthy.


The Skull & Crossbones, the Bone Yard and “Throw the Bones”

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In 1985, Tim Riley, a local screen printer, threw a banner over the railing at Memorial Stadium. This banner displayed the first printing of the famous Blackshirts symbol: an unmistakable skull and crossbones wearing a Huskers helmet. Today, that symbol represents the tough nature of our Blackshirts and has inspired other Cornhuskers traditions such as the “Bone Yard” (the student section of Memorial Stadium where all die-hard fans sit) and “Throw the Bones” (throwing up your arms in an x shape when the honorable Blackshirts step onto the field).


Runzas and Val’s

On a cold November day, there’s nothing better than a hot, cheesy runza. On game day, the stands will sell around 13,000 runzas, 23,000 pieces of Valentino’s hamburger pizza and thousands of gallons of soda. Let’s not forget about the delicious, bright red hot dogs or the Nebraska shaped hamburgers which are just some of the amazing food sold at all the Huskers games.


We’re This Crazy About All of Our Sports

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It’s not hard to love all that Cornhuskers do because we’re pretty darn good at everything. From football and volleyball to golf, basketball and marching band — we’re always proud to be a Huskers fan!


Are You a True Huskers Fan?

Share your incredible Cornhuskers memories with us in the comments or on Instagram using #TheDodgeVoice!


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