16 Omaha Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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While podcasts have been around for a while, over the past few years they’ve gained more popularity, with news outlets, journalists and small business owners delving into the audio-blogging world. Podcasts make it easier to get your news on the go, and since you can download them straight to your phone, you can listen whenever you have time.

Because of the DIY nature of podcasts, they can actually flourish in places other than media hubs like Los Angeles and New York — and Omaha is no exception! Our amazing city has seen an abundance of local podcasts popping up as of late, which is why we decided to round up some of our favorites. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a podcast for you on this list. Happy listening!


NET Radio | News & Features Podcast

Omaha Podcasts

NET is Nebraska’s PBS and NPR stations, whose mission is to enrich the lives of local Nebraskans of all ages. They offer several podcasts that you can listen to on any of the major podcast applications, but it’s the News & Features Podcast that Omahans will love. This podcast outlines the most important news and features from Omaha and the surrounding area every day.


North Omaha History

Omaha is an amazing city full of history, so why not learn more about it? On North Omaha History, historian Adam Fletcher Sasse will take you on a journey into Omaha history. Each week, learn about the people, places and events that shaped our great city into what it is today.


Inside Omaha

Inside Omaha follows Victor Cassone, a software developer from Omaha, as he sits down with local Omaha pioneers. Listen and learn as they discuss everything from data security and public transit to independent publishing and local media.


Omaha Talks

Omaha Podcasts

Photo courtesy of Missy Magnuson via Omaha Talks

Omaha Talks features conversations with amazing Omahans. From small business owners like Missy Magnuson of Bone Mami and Nicholas Huff and Brandon Beed of Hutch to local artists like Brett Kruse of Dark Crop and Tom Knoblauch of Aksarben Creative — you’ll get to hear from the people that make Omaha great.


“Bar Talk”

If you’re interested in the field of law, you’ll definitely love “Bar Talk”, a podcast from the Omaha Bar Association. This podcast presents you with everything you need to know about the law, via discussions, interviews and news updates. Each episode features local Omaha attorneys, judges or law students discussing the state of the law and why they love it so much.


The Weekly Geekly

Wanting to see the newest comic book movie adaptation, but aren’t sure if it’s worth your time? Check the Weekly Geekly — a podcast that reviews movies, comic books, games and pretty much anything else that falls into the “Geekdom”. From time to time they’ll also interview local Omaha geeks and business owners along with some national guests such as Ming Chen from AMC’s Comic Book Men and Mat Fraser of AHS Freak Show.

Drink Talk

Drink Talk tries to solve the world’s problems one drink at a time. This show follows brothers Brian and Britt as they settle in with a local drink and discuss a different topic each episode. So, sit back and relax and learn about everything from GMOs to Girl Scout cookies.


Faturday Omaha

Omaha Podcasts

Photo courtesy of Dave at Faturday Omaha

What started as three friends implementing a weekly “Saturday Lunch”, where they could catch up and enjoy good food, quickly turned into a popular podcast that will always make you hungry. Hosts Sam, Dave and TJ know how serious food is and want to make sure whatever Omaha meal you decide to partake in, it will be worth it. Join them as they eat at and review a local Omaha restaurant, and decide whether it is worthy of being a “Faturday Lunch” destination.


Punchboard Paradise

Punchboard Paradise is a podcast that discusses everything having to do with board games. Enjoy listening to hosts Chad, Clef and Richie as they talk about games they play, how they rank them and other exciting topics relating to their hobby.


Omaha World-Herald Podcasts

Because the Omaha World-Herald is an award-winning media outlet, it’s no surprise that they produce some fantastic audio-shows all about Omaha. They offer a live internet radio talk show, The Bottom Line, which talks about Omaha news, sports and entertainment every day from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. along with seven incredible podcasts that you should definitely be listening to.

Pick Six Podcast — This podcast follows celebrated Omaha World-herald staff writers as they tackle the biggest Husker sports topics from football to basketball and beyond.

Where I Come From — Listen to Dirk Chatelain dive into conversations with Nebraska’s most prominent and interesting sports figures, giving you an inside look into their lives and history.

Carriker Chronicles — Follow former Husker and NFL veteran Adam Carriker, as he breaks down the latest Nebraska athletic news and offers insight into Husker Nation twice a week.

Nebraska Prep Zone Report — Don’t miss this bi-weekly conversation between NebHSRecruitingcom prep recruiting analyst Mike Sautter and The World-Herald’s Jake Anderson all about the latest high school sports news.

Half-Court Press — This podcast follows two of the Omaha World-Herald’s biggest hoops junkies, Chris Heady and Jon Nyatawa, as they share their college basketball insight and analysis.

Guest List — Join music critic Kevin Coffey, as he interviews major musicians and provides his take on brand new music and music news.

Omaha Dines — Listen to Sarah Baker Hansen and Matthew Hansen talk about the Omaha dining scene and share their favorite meals from local restaurants and interview plenty of guests from the hospitality world.


What do you listen to?

Did we miss your favorite local Omaha podcast? Let us know in the comments!


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