Why Summer is a Great Time to Sell Your Home in the Omaha Area

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There isn’t really a wrong time to sell your home in Omaha. Not only do we have the lowest average days on the market than any other metro area in the United States, but we also happen to be one of the best real estate markets in the country, according to WalletHub.

But, if you’re looking for the absolute best time to list your home, anyone will tell you to start the process during the warmer months — and we agree. The weather is great, more people are out and about, and buyers are coming out of their annual hibernation.

We know how tricky the real estate market can be, especially when our market moves so quickly. Navigating the ins and outs of the home selling process can be difficult, but luckily, you don’t have to do it alone!

Officially founded in 1855, NP Dodge Real Estate is the oldest real estate company in the country, so we know this market better than anyone. We rounded up some of the top reasons to sell your home in the summer to help you get started on your home selling journey. When you decide to take the first step, give us a call. Our team of local experts will be happy to assist you!


Buyers are more active

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The weather actually plays a huge role in the real estate market. Days are longer and the weather is warmer, making the prospect of spending hours perusing homes more enjoyable. While fall and winter are reserved for holiday and family obligations, the spring and summer season is when buying a home can actually become a reality for most. Because school is out, many families begin house hunting and buying during the summer so that they can move and settle into a new home while the kids are on summer break. The combination of the great weather and buyers with more time on their hands results in an easier (and faster) process for sellers.


Homes tend to sell for higher prices…

Over the past few years, there has been an influx of new Omaha residents due to the healthy economy, the low unemployment rate, and because it’s statistically one of the best places to live in the country! And in a strong housing market, as we have throughout the Greater Omaha Area, the competition between buyers is far greater than seller competition during the spring and summer. The increase of new Omahans and more competitive buyers result in homes in the area selling at their highest possible value during this season.


…And sell more quickly

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In February of 2019, the Omaha World-Herald reported that homes sell faster in Omaha than any other large metro area in the United States, which still holds true. Data shows that existing homes in the area are swept up by a buyer in 32 days on average, which is impressively lower than the national average of 49 — and homes tend to sell even faster during the months of May, June, July and August. Because buyers are more competitive during this season, sellers may spend a shorter time waiting for the perfect offer.


Curb appeal is better

One of the most obvious reasons homes tend to sell better during the summer is that they tend to look better. Blooming gardens, green grass, lush landscaping and sunny spaces are the perfect way to make a great first impression on potential buyers. Not only will it give buyers the opportunity to see your home at its best, but it also allows them to actually picture themselves using the space. Get your home warm-weather ready using our handy guide!


It’s a great time to show off the neighborhood

Summertime is when people start to get more active around the Omaha area due to the great weather and school breaks. During the spring and summer months, Omaha and other communities around the area celebrate with frequent events covering everything from serene events in the park like Tempo Twilight and Saturdays at Stinson to huge, annual festivals like Omaha Beer Fest, the MAHA Music Festival and Loessfest.


It’s also a great time to buy  

Because the summer market is so active, sellers can enjoy a faster turnaround from selling to buying and ultimately moving into a new home. Plus, the market is booming all around the country this season so whether you’re staying here in Omaha, relocating to a city nearby or making a trek across the United States — you won’t have a problem finding your dream home. If you’re also looking to buy a new home, use our advanced search or map search to find the best home for your needs.


Interested in selling your home?

Get Your Home Ready for Spring Spring Cleaning Omaha

NP Dodge is happy to help. Since we’ve been serving the Omaha area for over 160 years, we not only know where the best burger joints are, we also have tons of experience buying and selling homes here. Before you begin, get a free estimate of your home’s value and sign up for a Market Snapshot report. While this will give you an idea of what the fair market value is of your home, nothing beats working with a local agent who knows the nuances of the local market. When you’re ready, give us a call — we would be happy to assist you on your home selling journey! 

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