13 Unique Culinary Experiences in Omaha, Nebraska

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Omaha is one of the best “food cities” in the United States, offering top-notch steaks, cold craft brews and so much more. But while we are home to fantastic traditional restaurants, Omaha is also full of unconventional ways to enjoy a meal.

We put together a list of our favorite, eccentric culinary experiences in the area—from monastery-inspired steakhouses to horror-themed pubs and drive-in movie theaters. Have fun exploring Omaha’s unique side!

Durham Museum’s Soda Fountain and Candy Shop

801 South 10th Street

Photo courtesy of the Durham Museum

This unique museum is located in Omaha’s former Union Station and is chock full of interesting historical exhibits. After you’re done exploring the museum, step back in time at their in-house soda fountain. Enjoy an old fashioned phosphate made with your favorite flavoring and soda water, an ice cream soda, a milkshake, or a sundae. They also offer a full lunch menu, boasting delicious sandwiches, mac n’ cheese, hotdogs and more.


The Old Spaghetti Works

502 South 11th Street | 8416 Park Drive, Ralston

Old Spaghetti Works has been serving authentic Italian fare in the Omaha area for over 40 years. This classic Italian restaurant is known for its huge bowls of pasta, which you can get refilled for free as many times as you’d like, and the vintage truck-turned-salad-bar. And if pasta isn’t your go-to dish, they also offer a wide range of sandwiches and pizzas.


Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse & Winery

1350 South 119 Street

Inspired by the Spanish monasteries sprinkled throughout California, Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse is a far cry from a “traditional” steakhouse. This unique restaurant is complete with cozy booths, stained glass windows, a crackling fireplace and friendly servers dressed as monks. They offer choice cuts of authentic, raised-in-Nebraska beef, which have been consistently named “The Best Steaks in Omaha” over and over again since they opened in 1977.


Dario’s Brasserie

4920 Underwood Avenue

Theme Restaurants Omaha

Photo courtesy of Dario’s Brasserie

Dario’s Brasserie was born out of a love for European flair, French food and Belgian beer. Serving up casual European cuisine in the Dundee neighborhood since 2006, their menu is enticing to both the adventurous and traditional diners alike, with everything from Smoked Salmon Belly Crepes to Dario’s Cheeseburger. Whether you choose to sit in their sophisticated dining room, classy bar or cozy patio—you’ll be treated to an evening-long European vacation.


The Alpine Inn

10405 Calhoun Road

Not only is this historic inn home to some of the best fried chicken in the country, but they also play host to some of the cutest guests around. Over 50 raccoons come around every day for food scraps. Don’t be afraid of them—these creatures are adorable and friendly. If you can’t stop by for a visit, follow them on Facebook for charming videos of these furry creatures.


The Monster Club

1217 Howard Street

This theme restaurant is brand new on the Omaha dining scene. Located in the Old Market, The Monster Club is a horror-themed eatery serving elevated pub fare during the day and a full menu geared towards adults after 9 p.m. Lovers of everything horror will adore the props and posters that decorate the restaurant as well as the frighteningly delicious cocktail selection.


Eat Bob’s Donuts

3824 Farnam Street, Suite 120

Photo courtesy of Eat Bob’s Donuts

Who would have guessed that artisanal donuts, fried chicken and coffee would make such an incredible combination? Eat Bob’s Donuts has made waves in the Omaha community with its innovative flavors, modern atmosphere and friendly service since opening its doors in 2017. If you aren’t already one of the dedicated Omaha locals obsessed with this sweet and savory eatery, you should be—ordering the Bob’s Breakfast Box (a chicken sandwich + cake donut + cup of coffee) is quickly becoming an Omahan rite of passage.


Blackstone District Food Walking Tour

Various Locations in the Blackstone District

It’s no secret that we consider the Blackstone District to be a foodie’s paradise. The area is named after the still-standing Blackstone Hotel (where the Reuben sandwich was invented!) and is full of incredible restaurants. While you could spend weeks attempting to try all of the delicious culinary concoctions in the district, we recommend taking the Blackstone District Food Walking Tour. The tour, run by Omaha Culinary Tours, allows you to grab a few bites throughout the area alongside other food-obsessed locals.


Modern Love

3157 Farnam Street, Suite 7113 | 1319 South 50th Street

Modern Love describes their menu as “swanky vegan comfort food” and we could not agree more. As a vegan-focused restaurant, they add an extra level of attention and creativity to their dishes. You can get a classic pot pie in vegan style or try the Mac & Shews made with cashew cheese. Whichever you choose, don’t leave without trying one of their boozy vegan milkshakes or a warm blackberry cinnamon roll!


Spielbound Board Game Café

3229 Harney Street

Theme Restaurants Omaha

If you’re looking for a more laid-back culinary experience, head over to Spielbound where you can grab a cup of coffee and spend the day playing one of their 2,400 board games! At this eclectic café, you can play anything from Monopoly to the new classic, Ticket to Ride. You can get a membership to their game library or pay $5 for a one-day pass. Proceeds help the café acquire unique games from all around the world.


Falconwood Park

905 Allied Road, Bellevue

Falconwood Park is one of our favorite spots in Omaha. Not only does the park offer some of the best camping and concerts in the area, but you can also catch a drive-in movie in the warmer months! Grab a seat (or a parking spot) outdoors and watch your favorite movie outside while you enjoy delicious concessions and dishes from popular food trucks.


Mr. Toad

1002 Howard Street

The patio at Mr. Toad is nothing short of legendary. Located on the bustling corner of 10th and Howard Streets in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market, the patio features wooden booths, comfortable chairs and tables sprawling across the outdoor space. It’s the best spot in the area for people-watching, Sunday jazz and catching up with friends.


Railcar Modern American Kitchen

1814 North 144 Street

Theme Restaurants Omaha

Photo courtesy of Railcar Modern American Kitchen

As you might be able to imagine from the name, Railcar Modern American Kitchen is inspired by the railroad industry and the traditional dining car experience! Here, you can expect savory meat dishes, flavorful seafood and perfectly seasoned veggies that really pack a punch while surrounded by train-themed decor.


Have Fun!

We hope you have a blast exploring Omaha’s unique culinary scene! Did we miss your favorite eccentric eatery in the area? Let us know in the comments!

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