7 Coffee Subscriptions in the Omaha + Lincoln Area

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It’s the world’s favorite beverage. It’s what keeps all of us awake and moving. It’s coffee and we just couldn’t live without it. In the Omaha + Lincoln area, coffee culture has exploded over the past few years, with more and more coffee shops and roasters finding a home here, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Luckily for us (and for our caffeine cravings) many of these coffee destinations are now offering coffee subscription services, so we can support them without even having to leave our homes.

We compiled a list of some of the best, so you can bring local beans right to your own coffee maker. Enjoy!

Amateur Coffee | Omaha

Coffee Roasters Omaha

Photo courtesy of Amateur Coffee

For small-batch, meticulously crafted coffee at home, try Amateur—a local roasting company founded by husband and wife, Jasmyn and Jacob Wichert. Inspired by their love and passion for all things coffee, they began roasting in an effort to show off every subtle complexity of their favorite beverage. For fastidious drinkers, you can get a subscription so you’re never without caffeine! They’ll roast your coffee to order and send it on its way. If you’re looking for flavor recommendations, we suggest their “Tooty Fruity” blend as a springtime choice.


Archetype Coffee | Omaha

Archetype is on the forefront of Omaha coffee culture, making sure we all know how important each step in the production process is. They roast their coffee in house from beans grown by farmers they have personal relationships with. With a focus on the grower, they’re able to ensure their partners are successful, treated fairly and are producing top quality beans. As Archetype says, “Without them, there is no us.” Get super-fresh coffee delivered straight to your door with a coffee subscription. They cost $16 a month and have several different options for every type of coffee drinker—from the adventurous to the comfort-lover.


Bishopwoods Coffee | Omaha


Founded in 2016, Bishopwoods Coffee Roasters is a locally owned and operated coffee roaster in Midtown. Their passion is locating and roasting the best Coffea Arabica beans in the world—and they do it incredibly well! You can order individual bags of their freshly roasted coffee beans on their website. And if you’re already a huge fan, check out their monthly coffee subscription, which you can purchase three and six-month increments.


Cultiva Coffee | Lincoln

One of Lincoln’s favorite coffee destinations, Cultiva Coffee has several different locations around the area—from cafes serving up yummy brunch to coffee shops where we get our coffee fix every day. They offer two coffee subscription options, the Blends Subscription and the Single-Origin Subscription, that allows you to choose three, six or twelve shipments of their 12-ounce bags. Click here to get started on your order!


The Mill Coffee & Tea | Lincoln

Coffee Roasters Omaha

Photo courtesy of Madeline Cass via The Mill Coffee & Tea

Opened in 1975, The Mill Coffee & Tea is one of the oldest coffee shops in the Omaha and Lincoln area! Like all good stories, theirs started with a quest: to improve the coffee scene in Lincoln and to help build winter revenue for their small bicycle shop. Today, The Mill is one of the most popular coffee shops in town, providing a great spot to enjoy espresso drinks, delicious pastries and a cozy atmosphere. You can bring some of that signature comfort right to your home in the form of a coffee subscription! Just visit their website, pick out your favorite flavor (if you can choose just one), choose your grind, and then how frequently you want it.


Reboot Roasting | Omaha

In early 2015, Matt Boshart created Reboot Roasting with the goal of roasting fantastic specialty grade coffee, meeting plenty of awesome people and being the most approachable coffee roaster around. Five years later, we can officially say he’s accomplished all of those goals. Reboot Roaster may not have a brick and mortar shop, but their website has become a place for coffee lovers—not coffee snobs—to enjoy local, hometown coffee in a welcoming, approachable virtual location. Visit their website to learn more about their coffee, from fun facts about it to how it’s actually roasted, and to purchase some for yourself! They offer a special “auto-coffee” subscription service, allowing you to get their coffee delivered right to your door weekly, biweekly or monthly.


Tap Dancers Speciality Coffee | Omaha


Photo courtesy of Tap Dancer Specialty Coffee

Owned and operated by Omaha power couple, Tom and Maxine Dancer—Tap Dancers Speciality Coffee is a six-time Best of Omaha winning coffee roaster working to ignite local’s passion for the world’s finest specialty coffees. They do that by providing excellent coffee to the Omaha area as well as coffee education to anyone who’s interested. Not only do they have a special whole bean subscription, but they also offer a K-Cup subscription service so you can enjoy their coffee exactly the way you like it at home.


Just Brew It!

Where do you get your coffee? Let us know your favorite Omaha and Lincoln coffee destinations in the comments!

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