8 Omaha Brewery Patios To Check Out — And What You Should Drink While You’re There

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Due to the coronavirus, outdoor dining is even more popular than usual, with many choosing to opt outside as much as possible.

Luckily, there are plenty of local restaurants and breweries with outdoor patios for you to enjoy—and to give you a few ideas of where to go, we rounded up some of our favorites! If you’re looking for a place to sip on a nice cold beer outside and 6 feet away from other people, we’ve got you covered. Read on for eight brewery patios in Omaha to check out this season, accompanied by a seasonal beer recommendation at each spot.

Please note, due to the pandemic, things are constantly changing. We recommend calling these breweries or checking out their social media accounts before visiting to see what their current hours and policies regarding the virus are. 

Benson Brewery

6059 Maple Street, Omaha

Omaha Brewery Patios

Photo courtesy of Benson Brewery

The Benson Brewery is the perfect culmination of all things Benson—warm atmosphere, trendy decor, crafted food, friendly company and artful brews. Inspired by old and new American traditions, everything you try in their brewpub is guaranteed to be delicious, whether it’s a Brewer’s Duet Coffee Cream Stout or a Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich. Stop by to get a feel for the neighborhood and relax on the beer garden patio, a cozy, hidden oasis packed full of picnic tables and Benson ambiance.

What you should drink: What’s Up, Bock?

When you think of summer beers, you’re probably imagining light, hoppy IPAs and fruity sours. But our favorite from Benson Brewery is their What’s Up, Bock? traditional bock brew. Pleasant chocolate notes round this medium-dark lager out. And it pairs perfectly with their incredible poutine—especially when enjoyed during a nice day on the patio.


Brickway Brewery & Distillery

1116 Jackson Street, Omaha

Brickway was the first brewery and distillery in Omaha and has been open since before Prohibition in the United States. It’s also the first combination brewery/distillery in the city, offering both hand-crafted brews and distilled whiskey, vodka, gin and brandy. Brewmaster Zac Triemert is a local pioneer in the brewing and distilling industry and has been instrumental in bringing not only beer, but also distilled spirits back to Old Market. Their cozy patio overlooks the entire neighborhood, making it the ideal spot for people-watching.

What you should drink: Raspberry Hef

This fruit and field style beer is the perfect accompaniment to a hot summer day. Enjoy lovely fruity and wheat notes with a sharp and clean mouthfeel. Not able to stop by the brewery to try this refreshing brew? You can find it in cans at beer distributors all over Omaha.


Jukes Ale Works

20560 Elkhorn Drive, Elkhorn

Omaha Brewery Patios

Photo courtesy of Dreyah Bohlen via Jukes Ale Works

Kyle and Brad Jukes had been homebrewing for almost a decade before they and their parents decided to take it commercially with Jukes Ale Works. Opened just last year, Jukes Ale Works is a brewery and kitchen that has a full menu along with 19 beers on tap. While enjoying your cold beer inside is always a treat at Jukes, we recommend taking it out to the picturesque patio—complete with roomy, covered picnic tables and fairy lights—this summer.

What you should drink: Have a Day Pale Ale

This light and refreshing brew—inspired by Kyle Jukes’ son, Bowen, who would tell him “Have a day!” each day before he went to work—is a great summer sipper. It’s piney, floral, tropical and perfect for any day you’re having—good, bad and everything in between.


Kros Strain Brewing

10411 Portal Road, La Vista

You may have heard this story before: two guys with a passion for beer leaving their day jobs to brew beer professionally. It’s a tale as old as time, but no one did it better than Bobby Kros and Scott Strain, who connected over their passion for brewing innovative beer and developed Kros Strain Brewing in 2017. Their patio is just as beautiful and classic as their origin story—boasting an impressive sprawl of outdoor tables and a fire pit.

What you should drink: Friday Night Book Club

This wine yeast fermented lager is one of the most unique beers on this list. After fermentation, they add over 400 pounds of cabernet grape must for an intense, wine-like flavor and aroma you’ll love. So if you can’t choose between wine and beer—don’t! Friday Night Book Club is perfect for ladies night, date night and summer relaxation.


Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill

2425 South 192nd Avenue, Omaha

In 1991, Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill opened in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District, bringing the state of Nebraska its first brewpub. Since then, Lazlo’s has grown to include another Lincoln location and an Omaha brewpub. Though you can’t tour the facilities in Omaha, you can stop by for crafted food and a flight of beer on their cozy patio.

What you should drink: Super Nova Summer Fest

Order a pint of Super Nova, an easy-to-drink beer offering hints of sweet corn, bread and caramel. The whole beverage finishes with a blast of citrus hop and just enough crisp to balance the sweet. When you’re not sipping it on the patio, we recommend enjoying it on the beach, at a backyard barbeque, or on any other pleasant summer night.


Scriptown Brewing Company

3922 Farnam Street, Omaha

Scriptown is a session-driven microbrewery inspired by Nebraska history. The brewery was named after the first subdivision in Omaha that was founded when the state was still a territory. Stop by to learn about its history while sampling various different recipes on their quaint, private patio!

What you should drink: Petal Pusher Hibiscus Ale

Scriptown’s spring and summer seasonal brew is bursting with cranberry and tart cherry notes thanks to the addition of hibiscus flower petals in the brite tank. Beautifully pink, Petal Pusher is a spectacular fruity beer for easy summer drinking.


Thunderhead Brewing

13304 West Center Road, Omaha

Omaha Beer Week

Thunderhead Brewing Company is a Kearney original, but you can find all of their beers inside the cozy Omaha Taproom! Their outdoor bar is “the” place to hang out in the summer, featuring a plethora of picnic tables, rustic ambiance, fairy lights (great for evening drinking) and more.

What you should drink: Prairie Peach Wheat

Pie, cobbler, beer—peach is a fruit we would consume in any form. Luckily, Thunderhead Brewing has mastered the art of putting fruit in beer, crafting their popular Prairie Peach Wheat out of hundreds of Oregon peaches. With a 5% ABV and a slew of fantastic reviews on UnTapped, this concoction will surely be your new favorite summer beverage.


Upstream Brewing Company

514 South 11th Street, Omaha

Since 1996, Upstream Brewing Company has been providing Omahans with high-quality, craft brews and an unbeatable atmosphere. In fact, it was the first brewpub to open within the city limits! Grab a flight and an appetizer to share outside. The space sits in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market and is the perfect perch for people-watching.

What you should drink: Afterglow White Stout

A white chocolate beer? Yes, please! Upstream’s Afterglow White Stout is a blonde, smooth and full body brew poured through a nitro faucet. It’s brewed with Lactose, Hardy Coffee Company’s Benchmark Blend, roasted Dominican cocoa nibs from Cultiva, and plenty of vanilla.



We hope you have a great (and safe) summer! Where are you planning to drink this season? Let us know in the comments!

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