What is Cottagecore and How to Add This Internet Aesthetic to Your Home

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Every decade, it feels like a new décor style is on-trend. From the Art Deco style of the 1920s to the groovy ’70s homes and the beige 90s look, home décor aesthetics are constantly going in and out of style. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an uptick in minimalist-driven styles, like hygge, eco-chic or tiny homes—emphasizing clean lines, decluttered rooms and distancing from technology. While sifting through 2021 design trends, one caught our attentioncottagecore, a movement that the subreddit, r/cottagecore explains as “your grandma, but like, hip.” But what is “cottagecore” and why exactly is it so popular right now?

What cottagecore is and where it came from

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Also known as farmcore or countrycorecottagecore is like what grunge was in the 90s or the hippie style of the 60s and 70s—it’s a style of dress, design and décor that helps people express themselves in new and interesting ways. Cottagecore is centered around what you would imagine living in a cottage in the countryside would be like. Gardening, greenery, farmhouse tables, antique China and floral dresses. It’s a whimsical aesthetic all about living natural and appreciating the natural world. 

Recently, this trend has taken the Internet by storm through the social media app, Tik Tok, specifically as a way to “escape” from everyday life, offering a comforting respite from the rest of the world. This is particularly relevant during the COVID-19 crisis. Instead of spending time in an unorthodox future, many are instead reflecting back to a simpler time. 

Cottagecore enthusiasts do this by incorporating comforting clothing and décor into their lives in the form of vintage textures and nostalgic items. 


How to incorporate cottagecore into your home

If you’re falling more and more in love with this aesthetic the longer we talk about it, it may be time to incorporate it into your home! Below we’ve listed some of our favorite tips and tricks on how to transform your home into a dream #cottagecore oasis. 


Add some nostalgia and vintage pieces

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Cottagecore is all about exploring a different era through clothing and décor. That means you’ll need to start incorporating some antiques into the mix! Rustic tables, chairs, wall art, lamps, mirrors—if you could find it in an 1890s painting of an English farmhouse, then it’s perfect for this aesthetic! You can find a wide variety of these types of antiques and vintage items at one of our favorite antique shops in the Omaha area! Click here to peruse the list. 


Reduce technology

Because of the emphasis on simpler times and minimalism in the cottagecore world, reducing technology in your home is one of the best ways to add this aesthetic into your lifestyle. Reducing the number of screens and technological devices in your home can help you to slow down and take on more cottagecore-friendly activities like baking, reading, journaling, knitting and gardening.


Bring in plenty of natural elements

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Gardening, farming and agriculture are all a huge part of the cottagecore vibe. That means any good cottagecore-ified home will have plenty of potted plants, vases of flowers, hanging dried herbs, climbing vines, rustic twigs and more. You can go even farther into the aesthetic by incorporating paintings or prints of natural things in your home too, like birds, farm animals, flowers and other greenery. 


Use muted, calming colors

Even though we’ve been talking about the importance of colorful nature and flowers in a cottagecore home, the majority of cottagecore lovers actually use muted, calming colors when choosing paint and furniture. Just like with the hygge décor trend, neutral colors help create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere. The combination of these simple hues and the pops of color from potted plants, floral bouquets and vintage knick knacks is exactly what we’re going for! 


Invest in some nice China

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Vintage China is all the rage these days and an absolute must when it comes to adding some cottagecore vibes to your home. It is especially on trend to incorporate these pieces of dishware into your actual décor, as well as using them while cooking, steeping tea and serving dinner. You can find a variety of vintage China at local thrift shops or antique stores. After you’ve gotten your hands on a few pieces you like—dishes with floral patterns are very popular right now—display them proudly in a vintage hutch, shelves or as vases to hold your many flower bouquets. 


Incorporate vintage-style fabrics

The cottagecore rule of thumb is: if you could find it in your grandmother’s house, it’s probably cottagecore! That means vintage style fabrics like pastel stripes, bright plaid and prints depicting farming or nature scenes are essential. You can never have too many patterns and colors of fabrics—the more ruffles and trims the better! Use these vintage fabrics to cover your beds, your table, as curtains and even as a throw blanket on your couch. 


Go all out with porcelain plumbing

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Because cottagecore is a next-door neighbor of the farmhouse style of décor, cottagecore enthusiasts love incorporating porcelain plumbing into the mix. Clawfoot tubs, porcelain farmhouse sinks, faucet handles, etc. are immensely popular right now. And if you can find vintage porcelain plumbing and fixtures, that’s even better! 


Include some nature-scented candles

Living in a metro area doesn’t always bode well for the cottagecore aesthetic, especially since it can be hard to locate the space for your very own garden. If you haven’t been able to incorporate as many natural elements as you’d like—fake it with some nature-scented candles like pine, lavender, evergreen, springtime and more. 


Create a calming outdoor space

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One of the most important aspects of the cottagecore lifestyle is spending time within nature. Setting up an outdoor space where you can properly appreciate the natural world surrounding your home will help you get more in touch with this aesthetic. If you can, take some time to plant a garden this spring! Whether you’re looking to craft a tiny herb garden, a vegetable garden or want to go all-out with flowers this year, cottagecore encourages you to really become one with nature by cultivating and enjoying it as much as possible. (Click here for some of our favorite Omaha nurseries to help you get started!) 

While you’re at it, don’t forget to set up a calming outdoor space to enjoy your new garden in. Make your front porch more inviting; revamp your back patio; invest in a hammock or a fire pit; or build a coop where you can raise backyard chickens! 



What do you think? 

Are you planning to add some cottagecore style to your home? Let us know in the comments below! 

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