Guide for Winter Composting | Create the Perfect Cold-Weather Compost

November 16, 20151 commentPosted By

It’s not a new phenomenon that one of the best ways to bring nourishment and helpful bacteria to the soil in your garden is through composting. For the average composter, the colder months and the harsh elements that come with it might be a red light in the process. However, the dedicated few who want to reap the benefits of composting year-round are wise to consider winter composting.

It’s pretty simple: the compost produced in the winter nourishes your garden in the spring and spring composting assists your garden by providing nutrient-rich compost in the winter. So you’ll want to do the hard work in advance in order to have a healthy garden all year long. But “hard work” is relative because we’ve found a few tips and methods for winter composting that might make the process less painful than you think!


Winter Composting

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