NP Dodge Hosts Their Third Annual MARTECH Conference

October 15, 2015Add a CommentPosted By

Because home buying is such an important decision, it helps to have real estate agents who are educated about the complexity of the real estate world and are up-to-date on current trends, technologies and resources. Just as you would feel comfortable sending your child to learn from a teacher who has stayed up-to-date on information that is constantly evolving, it also makes sense to have a real estate company that values that same pursuit of education.

We are pleased to announce that NP Dodge Real Estate is hosting its third annual MARTECH conference on October 20, which provides a setting for such education. This marketing and technology conference will provide 28 broker-approved training sessions and is exclusive to our agents. In fact, NP Dodge is the only local broker to provide an internal conference of this magnitude. This extensive training allows agents to stay informed about technologies and…

NP Dodge MARTECH15 Conference

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