Halloween Cocktail Recipes from The Intoxicologist

October 16, 2015Add a CommentPosted By

You might see a dermatologist for your skin or learn from a paleontologist about rocks, so you should also trust The Intoxicologist with all of your cocktail needs. Cheri Loughlin, also known as The Intoxicologist, is one of the most well-known masterminds in the mixology field, a mad scientist behind the bar, a cocktail consultant and a photographer. Loughlin’s extensive cocktail knowledge and artistic eye for capturing her gorgeous and tasty creations have attracted a large following online that extend beyond her Omaha roots.

But she hasn’t stopped there. Loughlin has expanded her cyber blasts on her blog into two books that include cocktail recipes and intoxicology wisdom. One book we are particularly drawn to this time of year is “Halloween Party Shots & Shooters”. Released in 2014, this eBook is filled with 36 drink recipes…

The Intoxicologist Halloween Cocktails

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