The 15 Best Meals Under $10 in Omaha

March 3, 2017Add a CommentPosted By

From burgers to steaks and even all-vegan restaurants, Omaha has a lot of tantalizing options when it comes down to dinner time. However, your wallet may not always agree. It’s tough to narrow down the most delicious options when you’re on a budget. Lucky for us, you don’t have to splurge every time you hit the town. In fact, you can get many of our Omaha favorites for under $10!

We rounded up all the best locales serving up inexpensive meals and even chose our favorite menu item so your next outing is as easy as pie (or as easy as a $6 falafel). Take a tour of Omaha’s best and let us know which one you love the most! Your wallet and your stomach will thank you.


Food Under $10 in Omaha

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