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Halloween Cocktail Recipes from The Intoxicologist

You might see a dermatologist for your skin or learn from a paleontologist about rocks, so you should also trust The Intoxicologist with all of your cocktail needs. Cheri Loughlin, also known as The Intoxicologist, is one of the most well-known masterminds in the mixology field, a mad scientist behind the bar, a cocktail consultant and a photographer. Loughlin’s extensive cocktail knowledge and artistic eye for capturing her gorgeous and tasty creations have attracted a large following online that extend beyond her Omaha roots.

But she hasn’t stopped there. Loughlin has expanded her cyber blasts on her blog into two books that include cocktail recipes and intoxicology wisdom. One book we are particularly drawn to this time of year is “Halloween Party Shots & Shooters”. Released in 2014, this eBook is filled with 36 drink recipes accompanied by full color photos so as to prepare you for what you might expect while recreating these magical mixtures. Each drink in the book has been taste-tested and includes a short flavor description. We can’t wait to download this book and taste them ourselves!

Halloween Drink Recipes

“Halloween Party Shots & Shooters” is unique in that it doesn’t debut the typical full-sized Halloween cocktails, but instead highlights shots and shooters, which are not your everyday party concoction. Why did Loughlin go this route? Let her explain…

“Why shot recipes for parties instead of Halloween cocktails? Plain and simple; they’re fun! They also make terrific miniature tasters to pair with appetizers and small bites. Perfect for parties! Shots are no longer reserved for the younger set. Shot tasters are for the young at heart who enjoy sampling lots of flavors.”

We completely agree! These adorable mini cocktails are perfect for entertaining the masses. The quantities are of course much smaller, which means a wider variety of flavors for guests to enjoy without consuming too much alcohol.

In addition to the shots and shooters in Loughlin’s book, two of which she provides the recipes for as a teaser of sorts, we love the other Halloween cocktail recipes available on her website. Here are a handful of our favorites!

Vampire’s Delight

Sink your teeth into this tasty and sophisticated drink composed of Smirnoff Vodka, grenadine and a splash of lime juice, and topped with ginger ale and a drizzling of raspberry puree. Follow the full recipe to make your own delicious Vampire’s Delight, which is sure to make a statement with its blood-red appearance.

The Intoxicologist Halloween Cocktails

Walking Dead Halloween Drink

Even if you’re not a fan of “The Walking Dead,” there is bound to be a dedicated viewer walking amongst your next Halloween party. The Intoxicologist has repurposed the classic Halloween cocktail favorite, The Zombie, by adding apricot brandy and brown sugar syrup to the mix. She also suggests replacing the brown sugar with molasses for a deeper flavor or adding a bit of spice to the drink with bitters. It’s also a brilliant idea to make the zombie apocalypse last year-round by bringing out trays of this drink at a “Walking Dead” viewing party. Who says creepy crawlers should be reserved for the month of October?

The Intoxicologist Halloween Cocktails

National Chocolate Day Almond Joy Martini

Why leave all the chocolate-eating to the trick-or-treaters this Halloween? National Chocolate Day is October 28, which just a few days before the floodgates of chocolate pour out in our neighborhoods. To celebrate such an occasion, create an Almond Joy Martini that “tickles the lips with light, balanced sweetness.” Because of the name, you may have predicted its ingredients: Shellback Silver Rum, amaretto liqueur, chocolate liqueur, cream of coconut, half and half, chocolate syrup and shredded coconut.

The Intoxicologist Halloween Cocktails

Moscato Monster Mash

After describing the heavier Almond Joy Martini, this drink sounds a bit more light and refreshing. To get your mind right for this drink, The Intoxicologist wrote her own version of the “Monster Mash” song while creating the Moscato Monster Mash:

I was mixing behind the bar a few weeks ago

And popped the cork on a bottle of moscato

A kiwi, pineapple and lime joined in

With some sugary bits for a cocktail rim

I peeled, quartered, juiced and mashed

Poured the bubbly and made a splash

The mixture glowed an eerie green

With floating flecks of black kiwi seed

I sipped, swished and gave it a taste

A shot like this I could not waste

It’s crisp, light and tangy sweet

The perfect Halloween party treat

Follow her mind-blowing recipe for this drink and be sure to rim a decorative glass with fresh lime and dip it into sugar for a bittersweet and decorative touch.

The Intoxicologist Halloween Cocktails

White Witch

Set aside the blood and guts this Halloween and sip on this refreshing cocktail consisting of silver rum, orange liqueur, white crème de cacao, fresh lime juice and club soda. The gorgeous look of the White Witch garnished with orange and lime slices makes us want to test it out immediately. It also happens to provide a smooth transition into the winter months.

The Intoxicologist Halloween Cocktails

Skittle Shot

If you’re not quite into the sophisticated cocktail scene and consider yourself a candy-craving child at heart, we found the perfect Halloween drink for you. The Skittle Shot combines vodka, crème de banana, cranberry juice, sour mix and grenadine for a sweet Skittle-like flavor. Throw this shot back and experience the bold flavor, which can be personalized for your preference. For example, she suggests cutting back on the crème de banana if you’re not wanting that flavor to shine through too much. The best part about this drink is that if you like it enough, it can reemerge on any day of the year because of its versatility. Also, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it’s the perfect time to drink pink proudly!

The Intoxicologist Halloween Cocktails

Not seeing something that grabs your taste buds’ attention? The Intoxicologist has an extensive portfolio filled with Halloween cocktail recipes. Pick one, give it a taste and let us know what you think! In the meantime, be sure to follow The Intoxicologist to stay up-to-date on her latest mixology findings.

NOTE: While mixology can be a fun social activity, it’s important to remember to always plan for a designated driver and to drink in moderation.

PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Cheri Loughlin Photography

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