13 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

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Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year for couples, as they have an excuse once a year — aside from birthdays or anniversaries — to shower each other with love and gifts. There are so many places to buy a gift for your special someone, and we know that is certainly an option as you prepare for Valentine’s Day. But we wanted to give you another option.

Do you remember the gift you received from someone well into your past that was purchased at a store? If so, we’re impressed. On the other hand, it’s nearly impossible to forget those gifts someone made by hand for you. The time and energy invested in creating this meaningful masterpiece meant the world to you. Its quality or perfection didn’t matter as much either, as you were simply touched that they created something by hand just for you.

We wanted to help you make the same impact during the gift exchange with your loved one this year. So we compiled some of our favorite Valentine’s Day DIY gift ideas, to prompt and inspire your creative side! Get out the glue gun, glitter, tape and construction paper. Because no one said you’re too old to make a handmade valentine for your crush.

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For Him:

Laptop Sleeve

This laptop sleeve is the perfect gift for the techy and practical, yet stylish man. The process isn’t too difficult and the hand-sewn look makes the end result extra special. You can swap the mustard yellow yarn and felt for your man’s favorite color, and you might just like this enough to make one for yourself! DIY Laptop Sleeve

Sports Jersey Koozies

For a fun and quirky gift he won’t expect, make a batch of sports jersey koozies personalized to represent his favorite team! Men can be difficult to figure out in the gifting department, but you’re sure to succeed if you incorporate sports into his gift. Plus you’ll both get a good laugh out of the absurdity of it all. DIY Sports Team Koozies

Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

Most men like a good shave, and nothing is more luxurious than a handmade shaving cream. And rosemary mint? You’ll enjoy the smell just as much as he will! DIY Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream

52 Things I Love About You

Maybe your spouse or boyfriend appreciates loving words, and things of sentiment. This would be the perfect way to express your love. Simply write down 52 reasons you love him on a deck of cards, ranging from silly to serious. “Always putting the toilet seat down” is not out of the question. DIY 52 Things I Love About You Deck of Cards

At-Home Date Night Gift Basket

Your man might be the one who picks up the check on date night, so it’s your turn to spoil him with a fun at-home date night gift basket, including some fun treats and possibly a movie you’ve been wanting to watch together. This particular idea was put together for new parents, but it can be used for homebodies of all kinds. Plus, isn’t food the way to the heart after all? DIY Date Night In Basket

Valentine’s Day Photo Box

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and we certainly agree. Display photos of you and your loved one within this adorable keepsake photo box. You can personalize the box by painting it his favorite color and inscribing your initials on the lid. He is sure to cherish this gift forever!

DIY Valentine Photo Box


For Her:

K-Cup Bouquet

This K-Cup bouquet doesn’t require much assembly at all, hence the absence of a tutorial. If she loves coffee, this is the best replacement of — or addition to — a floral bouquet. Keurig K-Cups are a constant need, and this is a creative way to replenish her supply. Simply tape wooden skewers (like the ones used for shish kabobs) to a pack or two of her favorite K-Cup blend, and place the arrangement in a Mason jar or vase. You can also decorate the container with Hershey’s Kisses or another candy. The possibilities for this are endless!

K-Cup Coffee Bouquet Valentine's Day

Spa in a Box

Encourage relaxation with this adorable “spa in a box” recipe list. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can hand-make the face mask, bath salts and body scrub! The process isn’t completely unreasonable, and the end result will mean so much to her. You can also glean from this overall concept and gather some spa items at a bath and body store, and display them in a homemade fashion as a package deal. Whichever direction you take this, she will so appreciate the much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

DIY Spa in a Box


What I Love About You From A to Z

Some people are hard to buy — or make — for, because they always tell you, “I don’t need anything!” So maybe a more sentimental gift is perfect for them. We recommend writing down all the reasons you love your wife, girlfriend or fiancé, from A to Z. This process is made all the easier with this printable you can download for just 99 cents! This tutorial even helps you conquer the stubborn letters “X” and “Q”, and provides various helpful tips.

What I Love About You From A to Z Book


Date Night in a Jar

Some of the best gifts incorporate experiences rather than a physical item. There are so many ways to spend a date night in the Omaha area, but why settle for just one date? Make a date night jar to spread out the fun throughout the year. So whenever you’re in need of some reconnection, time away from the kids, or an urban escape, grab one of these pre-planned date nights from the jar to keep things interesting. Download the free printable, input your list of date nights, assemble the jar, and surprise her with this meaningful and thoughtful gift this Valentine’s Day!

DIY Date Night in a Jar


Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer

Show off your handyman abilities by constructing an industrial pipe jewelry organizer for your sweetheart! She will love both the look of this structure and its usefulness. A woman can never have enough pieces of jewelry, and it will be fun for her to display them in this unique way!

DIY Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer


Nutella French Toast with Strawberries in Bed

As mentioned, food is the way to the heart. So why not start off Valentine’s Day with a bang by serving breakfast in bed to your valentine? There are so many ways to make the presentation as adorable as possible, from bacon curled into hearts to heart-shaped (whole wheat banana!) pancakes to an egg nestled inside a heart-shaped cut-out on bread.

The grand finale of breakfast-in-bed options is this Nutella French Toast with Strawberries. You really can’t go wrong in this category and your sleeping beauty will appreciate your thoughtfulness in the form of carbs, syrup and bacon.

Nutella French Toast with Strawberries


Heart Map Artwork

Each person has a unique list of geographical places that mean a lot to them, whether it be their hometown, where they went to college, or where they studied abroad for a semester in college. And as a couple, you are likely to already have a list of mutual special places. Put those places on display as an everyday reminder of your adventures together with this heart map artwork!

DIY Heart Map Artwork


How are you going to surprise your valentine this year?

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