Feb 25, 2016 Home Inspiration

12 Modern Wallpapers That Make a Dramatic Statement

You may hear the word “wallpaper” and automatically picture the outdated, sunbleached and downright hideous paper your grandmother coated each and every square inch of her home with.

You know the look…

We admit that wallpaper can induce a pretty negative assumption, usually revolving around ‘90s floral, misused pastels, distracting wallpaper borders, and a distasteful country farmhouse style. We aren’t fans of the cluttered look either, and wallpaper seems to have a permanency that makes you feel stuck with a specific pattern for the long haul. Therefore, you might have vowed to never consider wallpaper in your home because of your tainted relationship with the decorating material.

That’s why we’re here to put those wallpaper misconceptions to rest. We want to introduce you to a few modern wallpaper design looks that we adore — and we think you will, too!

The beauty of wallpaper is its ability to add much more to a wall than a coat of paint can accomplish on its own. You are able to add a whole other dimension to your space that can only be provided by wallpaper — unless you want to spend an arm and a leg on more expensive pattern-making materials like stones, tiles, or expensive fabrics.

It’s time to be inspired by these up-to-date wallpaper looks! Maybe Grandma was onto something…

1) We first want to highlight one of our fellow Omahans who used wallpaper in an extravagant and tasteful way during the redesign of her home office. We featured Courtney Otte, interior designer and owner of The Modern Hive, on this #TransformationTuesday post. The purple accent wall in her home office added an intriguing yet not overwhelming pop of color, all made possible by the exciting wallpaper design she chose. This space ended up being her favorite room within her home, and we can understand why!

Modern Wallpaper

2) This bold and abstract wallpaper pattern proves the power of geometric design. This particular wallpaper from Cole & Son is called “Circus”, which seems very appropriate.

3) We love the jungle-like feel of this design called “Chiavi Segrete”, also from Cole & Son. The bright green tone accented with copper pieces creates a fresh, outdoorsy look within the room.

4) Check out this clean and simple wallpaper design merging a deep blue with bright, thin gold lines. We love how large this pattern is, and its ability to make a bold statement with very few components.

5) The bathroom is the perfect place to experiment with bold wallpaper designs. That’s why we’re all over this “All Over Coral” design from York Wallcoverings. The homeowner pieced this pattern with the other elements in the room in a tactful and tasteful manner.

6) We’re also quite fond of this gallery wall covered in miscellaneous and colorful pictures, backed by an interesting wallpaper pattern. This might help some of us who are frightened by patterns and lots of color to see that it really can work.

7) This mudroom wallpaper is so clean and cheerful! The clean, repeating lines say a lot with so little. If you’re after a minimalistic look, this is the wallpaper style you should aim for.

8) This mesmerizing pattern proves once again the amazing look you can achieve with a wallpapered bathroom. We love the black-and-white color scheme because it allows you to accessorize the rest of the room with just about any color or material.

9) If you’re willing to take a walk on the wild side with your color scheme, you might slap something like this Tress Wallpaper pattern on your wall. It would be an adorable backdrop in a nursery, kid’s room or even the living room if you’re up for it!

10) We all know that everything Anthropologie touches turns to gold, and that rings true in the wallpaper department as well. And you thought floral wallpaper was a thing of the past. Think again! We love this elegant and whimsical Watercolor Flora Print from Anthropologie.

11) It’s no secret that Rifle Paper Co. is the master of all things paper-related — particularly the hand-painted floral look that we love — and that applies to the paper you put on your wall as well. Their wallpaper selection is predictably to die for. We love the fresh, summery look of this yellow peony print that is sure to brighten up even the darkest of rooms.

12) You might be under the impression that homeowners are the only ones who can be a part of the wallpaper craze. That’s not entirely true! We mentioned a little thing called Tempaper when suggesting some renter-friendly decorating ideas awhile back. Tempaper’s self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is perfect for renters and homeowners who have a difficult time committing. We love their metallic gold/white pattern that really brightens up this dining area.

We’d love to hear your wallpaper thoughts.

Which of these modern wallpaper designs do you love? What did your ‘90s wallpaper look like growing up? Would you ever consider wallpapering a room in your home?

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Feb 25, 2016 Home Inspiration
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