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The Top 13 Food Trucks in Omaha

Food trucks have rolled up on the scene (quite literally) and aren’t going anywhere any time soon. (Well, you know what we mean…) The point is: the food truck community in Omaha is thriving! In fact, more than 50 food trucks now hold Douglas County permits, which is three times the number in 2010.

These mobile eateries provide a fresh and casual approach to cuisine, encourage creativity in the restaurant scene, and take local and small business to new levels.

However, because of the obvious mobile nature of food trucks, it’s sometimes difficult to pinpoint or track down what food trucks exist in the area. So we decided to chase after the best local food trucks in the Omaha area and park them in a list you can refer to the next time you’re craving a delicious homemade meal on the go.



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402 BBQ Omaha Food Truck

Photo courtesy of 402BBQ

Track down the 402BBQ truck for all of your barbecue needs, including pulled pork, beef brisket, pulled chicken, and smoked sausage. You may also order ribs by calling, emailing or texting one day in advance. Cover your selection in one of their four homemade sauces and accompany your meal with a delectable side item, such as smoked mac and cheese or bison chili. 402BBQ is a food truck with a knack for BBQ, and you must taste it to believe it!


Anthony Piccolo’s Mobile Venue

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Anthony Piccolo’s Mobile Venue

Photo courtesy of Anthony Piccolo’s Mobile Venue

Piccolo Pete’s was a well-loved Italian restaurant in Omaha — especially by Warren Buffett — since it opened in 1934. This long-standing Omaha dining staple closed its doors at the start of 2016, but its legacy lives on in food truck form. Anthony Piccolo’s Mobile Venue is run by the youngest grandson of Tony Piccolo, and the menu shares some recipes with the original brick-and-mortar menu, and features Piccolo’s pasta, sauce, meatballs and steak. Additionally, this mobile restaurant serves Italian steak sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, and a grilled beef and cheese sandwich.


A Taste of New Orleans

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Taste of New Orleans Omaha Food Truck

Photos courtesy of A Taste of New Orleans

If authentic Cajun and Creole food is your jam, keep an eye out for this Omaha food truck. From fried catfish and beignets to shrimp po boys and Cajun fries — we can’t get enough! Stop by for a taste and you’ll feel the same way.


Big Green Q

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Big Green Q Omaha Food Truck

Photo courtesy of Big Green Q

The team at Big Green Q call their food “contemporary BBQ”, but that descriptor does not do this food justice! Alongside pulled pork and brisket, they serve up drunken black beans, homemade white cheddar mac, seasoned honey potatoes, old-fashioned German potato salad and homemade sauces. Inside the eco-friendly truck, the team uses Wagyu beef, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken, pork, and locally sourced fresh produce whenever they can.


Gyro Shack

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Gyro Shack Food Truck Omaha

Photos courtesy of Gyro Shack 

Eat delicious Mediterranean food from the Gyro Shack on wheels. Their ingredients are always local, so you’re truly supporting local establishments on a whole new level when you eat their delicious cuisine. This is the perfect guilt-free casual restaurant option!


Johnny Ricco’s Brooklyn Pizza

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Johnny Riccos Pizza

Pizza is a classic on-the-go food choice, and Johnny Ricco’s Brooklyn Pizza is here to make sure you get quality Brooklyn-style pizza during your next craving. The menu features appetizers, wraps, subs, basic pizzas and several delicious specialty pizzas. You can’t go wrong with the Brooklyn Blue pizza, topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, red onions, mushrooms, peppers, olives and lots of cheese!


La Casa Pizzaria

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LaCasa Pizzaria Food Truck

La Casa Pizzaria is another pizza place on wheels serving pizza-by-the-slice, meatball sandwiches, onion rings, toasted ravioli and more! Check out their menu, making sure you don’t miss the Pizza Salad Combo offered during lunch, which includes two slices of your choice, a side salad, and a drink for just $8! If you don’t take our word for it, trust director Alexander Payne’s judgement; he recently refueled at La Casa’s Leavenworth Street location while shooting “Downsizing” in Omaha.


Hawk’s Pizza

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Owner Branden Ciciulla has been making pizzas for nearly 20 years and worked in the restaurant industry for over ten before starting up his own food truck in 2014. Every recipe from Hawk’s is an original creation from Branden himself. And to top it all off, every fresh pie is made with a spent beer grain crust with spent grains from Infusion Brewing Co.


Maria Bonita

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MARIA Bonita Mexican Cuisine

Photos courtesy of Maria Bonita

Maria Bonita is bringing authentic Mexican food to the people of Omaha in a fresh, new way. The menu includes the basics — tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tortas, nachos and an enchilada platter — all for very reasonable prices. Experience the bold flavors at Maria Bonita — wherever they might be!


Mosaic Pickle

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Mosaic Pickle Omaha Food Truck

Photos courtesy of Mosaic Pickle

A duo of passionate cooks works together to provide some of the tastiest food in the area inside the Mosaic Pickle food truck. Their cuisine is inspired by plates found all around the world, providing some of the best and biggest flavors. Choose from the five-item menu that rotates daily, where you’ll find items ranging from a burger to a curry chicken wrap.


Scotty’s Go-Go Grill

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Scott's Go-Go Grill

Scotty’s Go-Go Grill is a family owned and operated food truck serving some of the tastiest and flavor-filled creations in the area. This state-of-the-art mobile kitchen creates American classics and Danish specialties, such as a bacon dog with sweet pepper relish or an aebleskiver, a traditional Danish dessert.


Sweet Lime Thai

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Sweet Lime Food Truck Omaha

Photo courtesy of Sweet Lime Thai

Sweet Lime is serving the Omaha area with incredible Thai food from their vibrant lime green food truck. In fact, this is the first Thai food truck in operation in the area! Taste for yourself why people are tracking this truck down.


The Dire Lion

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The Dire Lion Omaha Food Truck

Photos courtesy of The Dire Lion

If you thought you wouldn’t be able to find authentic English cuisine in Omaha, you were wrong. fish and chips, bangers and mash, sarnie, butty and homemade seasoned chips — they have it all. It’s a pub on-the-go and we are on board!


What’s your favorite food truck in Omaha?

Because the food truck lineup is rapidly growing in Omaha, we’re bound to have missed one of your favorites or a newbie to the scene. Let us know in the comments, and we just might add it to our list!

Apr 26, 2016 Communities
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