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The Top Rated Garden Centers and Nurseries in the Omaha Area

This blog post was updated on February 17th, 2021 with the most up-to-date information.

Here in Nebraska, we’re kind of known for our agricultural roots. In fact, farms and ranches take up 92 percent of Nebraska’s total land area, providing a great deal of meat production, corn, soybeans, hay and more to the whole United States. And it’s all because of our amazing soil.

So if you’re interested in using our great soil to grow your own garden or just spruce up your home’s curb appeal — now’s the time! Summer is the perfect time to start planting, but where should you begin?

Well, you can start by paying a visit to some gardening experts, and we rounded up some of the best in the area, some of which have been growing in the Omaha since the early 1900s! On this list, you’ll find the best gardening centers and nurseries in the area where you can get the perfect plants for your garden and home. Happy planting!

All of these garden centers and nurseries are currently open with social distancing measures and mask mandates in place, but we recommend visiting each of their respective websites for any updates on hours and protocol changes before visiting. 

Canoyer Garden Center

11240 South 66th Street, Papillion

Omaha Garden Centers

Photo courtesy of Michelle Patten via Canoyer Garden Center

This family-owned garden center sells everything from annuals and perennials to succulents and herbs. No matter what type of garden you’re looking to build — inside or out — Canoyer Garden Center can help! Just head over to their large nursery, which looks like a greenhouse itself, and pick up some of your favorite plants! Or, try their Canoyer at Home program where you can get gorgeous live plants delivered right to your home.


Cirian’s Farmers’ Market

4911 Leavenworth Street

This isn’t your traditional farmers’ market! While they do offer a great selection of fresh produce, freshly baked goods and homemade artisan products, they also sell live plants for your garden! Throughout the year, you can find annuals, perennials and fruit and vegetable plants, along with pumpkins and Christmas trees in the later months. Their hours of operation change with the seasons, so make sure to check out their Facebook page and see if they’re open before you go!


Earl May Seed & Nursery

9229 West Center Road

Founded in 1919 in Shenandoah, Iowa, Earl May Seed and Nursery was once just a tiny mail-order business. Today, they have over 30 locations in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri, but they haven’t lost their “small-town” vibe. Each of their garden centers is staffed by local, experienced professionals who are experts on all aspects of lawns and gardens. Plus, they only sell plants that are Midwest hardy and appropriately rated for our climate so you can make sure that your garden looks good long-term!


Grass Pad — Loveland Lawns

9900 F Street

Omaha Garden Centers

Grass Pad opened first as a sod farm on 700 acres in Farley, Missouri. People drove from all over to a farm with no telephone and no running water — just two lightbulbs and an old dairy barn — just to learn the secret that Grass Pod’s founder “Uncle” had discovered. His “idiot-proof” program was simple: plant the finest seed, feed it and prevent crabgrass and weeds. Today, Grass Pad sells the finest seed along with annual flowers, perennials, flowering shrubs, evergreens and so much more at their large and welcoming nursery centers throughout Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.


Indian Creek Nursery

303 North Saddle Creek Road

One of the Omaha area’s most popular garden centers, Indian Creek Nursery is a spacious garden center with a huge inventory of Nebraska native plants. Available at different times throughout the year, they offer annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, herbs and vegetable starters along with a great selection of Christmas trees in the winter. Stop by to shop or just explore their greenhouse — which is heated, so you can spend even the coldest of days perusing beautiful plants!


Lanoha Nurseries

19111 West Center Road

Lanoha Nurseries was established in 1974 and has become one of the largest landscaping companies in the Midwest. They have over 1,000 acres of locally grown trees and 10,000 square feet of plant material production. You’re welcome to visit their massive, full-service nursery and plan out your dream yard yourself, or you can get a little professional help with their complete landscape design and construction services.



3615 North 120th Street

Omaha Garden Centers

Photo courtesy of Mulhall’s

One of Omaha’s favorite garden centers and #InstagramWorthy spots is Mulhall’s. This gorgeous nursery is filled to the brim with thriving greenery and live plants waiting for you take them home. And, because they’ve been around for over three generations, you can trust that Mulhall’s is dedicated to providing great service and beautiful plants to the Omaha area.


Omaha Landscaping by Dee-sign

8530 Blondo Street

Omaha Landscaping by Dee-sign is a locally owned garden shop in Omaha, offering both the convenience of a landscape company and the supplies for do-it-yourself gardeners. They only staff the most knowledgeable and dedicated professionals that are happy to assist you in everything you need. In their nursery, they offer a wide range of trees, shrubs, annuals, tropicals and perennials — that are all from local and northern growers, making them well-suited for the area. When you visit, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Garden Shop where you can peruse everything from fountains and pottery to gazebos and unique apparel!


Paradigm Gardens

8949 J Street

Between their two locations, one in Madison, Wisconsin and one here in Omaha, Paradigm Gardens is home to almost 30,000 square feet of gardening supplies! While they don’t currently sell a lot of live plants themselves year round, they can sell you everything you need to make a beautiful garden, from hydroponics equipment to growing media and soils, plus all of the right nutrients to keep your plants healthy. However, in the spring and summer, you can stop in and shop a limited supply of live plants, bare root vegetables, berries and potatoes. Just make sure to give them a call first to verify availability.


Robert’s Nursery

6056 North 156th Street | 9951 North 45th Court

Omaha Garden Centers

Photo courtesy of Robert’s Nursery

Named one of Omaha Magazine’s “Best of Omaha” for several years in a row, Robert’s Nursery provides the finest products and the highest quality service possible to the Omaha area. Here, you can find a large selection of trees, shrubs and perennials, along with other unique plants well-suited to our climate. Think you don’t have a green thumb? Check out their blog, where you can learn everything from how to put down mulch to how to choose the perfect garden bench.


Trees, Shrubs & More

3803 Cornhusker Road, Bellevue 

Trees, Shrubs & More is the garden center you should visit when you’re looking for those small-town values and next-level friendly service. They were founded in 1985 with humble beginnings but have grown into one of the most popular garden centers in the area, offering a full-service garden and landscape design center, a growing orchard and an installation center. They’re open all year long, so no matter whether you’re looking for Christmas trees in the winter or some new flowers for your spring garden — you can find it at Trees, Shrubs & More!


Benson Plant Rescue

7224 Maple Street

Benson Plant Rescue is kind of like a thrift store for gardening goods! Here you can buy and donate plants, pots, gardening tools, soil and pretty much anything else that has to do with landscaping or gardening. They take damaged, overstock and end-of-season nursery goods from local retailers as well as surplus plants from gardeners to do good in the community. All proceeds to go support The Omaha Public Library via donations of children’s books, iMacs and iPads. Click here for more information on their mission and to donate to their cause financially!


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Jun 19, 2019 Communities
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