Why Landscaping is Important + Local Landscaping Companies in Omaha

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While the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” usually rings true, it’s hard to say the same when it comes to judging a home by its landscaping. Any real estate professional will tell you that what is outside is just as important as what’s inside—but it’s not entirely for the reason you think!  

While lush green grass, blooming flowers and fragrant shrubs can add plenty of curb appeal and value to your home, a welllandscaped home can do so much more for your health and the environment. If you’re interested in learning more about why you should landscape your home, we rounded up a few of the reasons below!  

If you’re interested in tackling some landscape design yourself, check out our list of the top garden centers in Omaha! If you’d rather hire a professional, read on for a list of our favorite expert landscapers in the area.    

1.) Curb Appeal 

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Your yard is usually the first thing guests, family and any potential home buyers see when they pull into your driveway—so why not make a great first impression? Curb appeal is incredibly important when it comes to making your home look put together. We’re not just talking about a few flower beds. Trees, shrubbery and other greenery can help set the tone for your home’s entire aesthetic. And who knows? You might even inspire your neighbors to tackle their yards too! 


2.) Added Value 

Sure, landscaping looks good, but it can do a lot more than just make your home stand out in your neighborhood. Landscaping can add a ton of value to your home—increasing your property’s potential selling price by up to 20 percent! Homes with beautiful landscaping means less work for new buyers who don’t have the extra cash or skills to make their home beautiful. That means homes with great landscaping can potentially see more traffic, achieve higher bids, and sell faster. 


3.) Energy Efficiency 


We’re always looking for new ways to save energy and money in our homes. While landscaping may seem like a surfacelevel upgrade at first, it can actually save you up to 25% of your home’s heating and cooling costs! In the summer, trees and shrubs help shade your home, reducing energy usage and cost. In the colder months, when we start feeling the Midwest’s signature icy blasts, specific plants can help lift wind up and over your home—keeping you nice and toasty all winter long without having to touch the thermostat. 


4.) Prevented Erosion 

Landscaping is much more than flowers, shrubs and trees. The right landscapers can also help you map out the best ways to keep your land secure from the elements, including erosion. If you live on a steep hill, building a retaining wall can help you avoid soil erosion and stop rocks from falling. This helps keep your property secure, prevents floodingand keeps our local waterways free of increased pollution and sedimentation.  


5.) Outdoor Recreation 


The better your outdoor spaces look, the more you and your family will want to be out there! Landscaping makes outdoor recreation easy and accessible, no matter what type of outdoor activities your family likes to participate in. Pools, patios, playgrounds—anything is possible in your yard with the right landscape planning. Plus, spending more time outside gives kids the chance to get offline and learn about the environment, wildlife and conservation in the comfort of their own backyard!  


6.) Mental & Physical Health 

Did you know that landscaping is scientifically proven to greatly improve your health? Our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing are directly linked to our natural environment, meaning that we thrive in areas with more greenery. Being surrounded by plants can also help you recover faster from illness, stress and injuries. A professionally landscaped yard will provide you with a comfortable, beautiful place to sit, relax and reflect—and what is a better reason than that?  


Our Favorite Landscaping Companies Serving the Omaha Area 

Now that we’ve convinced you to give your home’s outdoor spaces a little TLC, give one of our favorite local landscaping companies a call!  

Started as a small lawn mowing and maintenance company by AJ Kendall in 2011, Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions is now one of the largest landscaping companies in the Omaha area, serving hundreds of customers in the area each year. Along with their signature lawn maintenance offerings, they also offer hardscaping, softscaping and landscaping maintenance services.  
AJ’s Landscaping has been serving the greater Omaha area for more than 19 years. Their specialty is creativity and originality, carefully creating outdoor spaces to be functional and beautiful. While they do offer spectacular landscaping and design services, they are well known for their gorgeous decks, outdoor kitchens, patios and more.  
Opened in 1990 by Nebraska native Dan Setlak, Heartland Lawns is a lawn care maintenance business based on a lifelong enthusiasm for the outdoors. Backed by a team of knowledgeable technicians, this family-owned, franchise-free, small lawn maintenance company uses the industry’s finest fertilizers, seed, aeration techniques, and pest control to create gorgeous and functional spaces that will also keep your family safe. In addition to landscaping design services and irrigation, they also offer aeration and overseeding, Christmas light installation and more. 
Founded in 2003, this full-service lawn and ground maintenance company offers services in Elkhorn and the surrounding areas (even servicing commercial partners, including Elkhorn Public Schools!). In addition to regular lawn care, they also provide landscape design, tree trimming, landscape cleanup, holiday lighting, and snow removal services.  

The creation of two industry veterans, Paul Fraynd and Hugh Morton, Sun Valley Landscaping has been offering world-class landscaping services to the entire Omaha area since 2012. Currently, they offer a variety of services, including design and build services, year-round maintenance, landscape enhancements and more. They also have a supply yard where you can get all the supplies you need to tackle some landscaping projects yourself.  


Offering a dedicated staff, friendly customer service, and a variety of exciting services, Lovely Landscaping is ready to enhance the look of your landscaping. Their team is well versed in outdoor kitchen designs, water features, retaining walls, patio pavers, mulch beds and much more. Get a sneak peek of their work by perusing their online gallery 

Magnolia Mow Co.

If you’re looking for someone to take over your lawn maintenance for the season, the week or whenever you may need it, Magnolia Mow Co. is here to help! Visit them on Facebook for a sneak peek of their many services and to contact them directly. 

For more than 30 years, Jay Moore Landscaping has been creating custom outdoor spaces that combine beauty and best practices, color and texture. They craft seasonal greenscapes and feature-rich hardscapes, putting an emphasis on aesthetics, livability and appeal. In addition to their incredible landscape design services, they also offer landscape maintenance, renovations, water and fire feature design services, and more.  

Dee-sign Landscaping & Garden shop is a woman-owned store and landscaping business in Omaha, serving residential and commercial customers. They have been helping customers in the Benson, Dundee and Country Club neighborhoods beautify their homes and businesses since 1999! Currently, they offer a variety of services including hardscapes, plantscapesenviroscaping and landscape maintenance. If you’d rather do a little landscaping and gardening yourself, head to their garden shop on Blondo Street 


Established in 2008 by Chad Burnham, Urban Landscapes Inc. has provided Omaha-area customers with innovative designs and quality workmanship in landscape construction and maintenance for more than 13 years! They offer a wide range of landscaping services from landscape design and retaining walls to paver patios, water features, outdoor lighting, flower beds and much more.  


After spending most of his life outside—and getting a degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia—Trent Reimer decided to start Colorburst Landscape & Design, a landscaping company that services the majority of the greater Omaha area. He does all of this with the help of Amy Guenther, the lead designer at Colorburst. Together (along with a spectacular team)they create gorgeous landscapes all across Omaha, including pavers, retaining walls, fire pits and more.  


Talk about curb appeal! 

Now that you know all about landscaping and are more familiar with the best experts in town, are you planning on sprucing up your home’s greenery? Let us know in the comments below! 




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