Mar 9, 2022 DIY Home

14 Ways to Get Your Home + Yard Ready for Spring

Ahh, spring — arguably the most hopeful, life-giving season of the year. Right in front of our eyes, we watch as bare twigs transform into leafy branches, providing a resting place for chirping birds. The sun shines a little earlier in the morning and sticks around a little longer in the evening. And warmer temperatures give way to walks in the park and evenings on the patio.

We’re certainly ready for spring, that’s for sure. But are our homes ready? After the harsh weather during the fall and winter, our yards might be looking a little less than inviting for those patio hangs in our future. Not to mention, there are some maintenance tasks to check off the list to make sure our home is in tip-top shape for many springs to come.

Check these tasks off your checklist for your home and yard before the start of spring! Don’t worry — we have several upcoming weekends to get it all done.

Inspect Your Roof

Similarly, there may be damage done to your roof that you can’t see — or that only a professional can see. Hire an inspector to assess your roof to make sure there are no cracked or missing tiles, holes, or any concerning wear and tear.

Clean Out Gutters + Downspouts

Ways to Prepare Your Home + Yard for Spring

After all those winter storms, your gutters and downspouts may be clogged with leaves, twigs and other debris, which can cause issues — especially as we anticipate heavy spring showers. When your gutters are clogged, water can build up and overflow, pouring around the perimeter of your house, which has the potential to cause flooding. That’s why it’s important to safely remove all debris from your gutters before the start of spring!

Seal Woodwork

Take advantage of a sunny weekend to seal any woodwork that needs a refresh — or has never been sealed before. This might be wooden furniture, a wood deck, or other structures made of wood. This will help the wood last longer and better withstand the elements, including both rain and sun.

Clean Your Grill

Ways to Prepare Your Home + Yard for Spring

Grilling season is almost here! And this time of year, our grills are looking a bit…neglected. Take some time to deep clean your grill, using this comprehensive guide, which includes a list of helpful tools and the proper cleaning methods.

Wipe Down Outdoor Furniture

Get your outdoor living room prepared for warmer weather! Wipe down any surfaces that may have collected dirt over the fall and winter — or whip out the power washer if you need a bit more power. And now’s the time to remove the cushions and accessories from storage, and throw them in the washing machine, if needed.

Start Preparing Your Garden

Ways to Prepare Your Home + Yard for Spring

Pretty soon, our local nurseries and garden centers will be bustling with activity on the weekends, as gardeners are eager to fill their yards with all sorts of flora and fauna. Pave the way for this exciting time by planning out what you will plant this year, including both flowers and any vegetables or fruit you might want to grow. For low-maintenance gardening, look no further than these flowers native to the Omaha area and these vegetables that grow well in Nebraska.

Schedule an AC Inspection Appointment

You don’t want to be in the middle of summer when an air conditioning issue arises. Stay ahead of any potential issues by scheduling regular maintenance appointments to inspect your HVAC unit. Getting your heating and cooling system looked at twice a year can help lengthen the life of your unit — and prevent any mid-season emergencies!

Power Wash Your Deck + Patio Surfaces

Ways to Prepare Your Home + Yard for Spring

Speaking of power washing, this is a good time to give any ground surfaces a good, intensive cleaning. Power wash your deck or patio to get it refreshed before the start of spring! This process is so satisfying — and makes your outdoor spaces shine.

Clean Up Debris

You may notice some twigs, dead leaves and other natural debris lying around your yard as the season changes. Take the time to remove as many of these objects as possible, in order to give your garden the best possible chance this spring. These items can prohibit sun, water and air from reaching your grass and plants, thus stunting their growth or choking them out altogether.

Make Sure Your Lawn Mower is Working

Ways to Prepare Your Home + Yard for Spring

It’s almost time to get back to your regular mowing routine. And you don’t want to start day one with a broken or malfunctioning lawn mower! Service your lawn mower by draining and replacing the oil, sharpening the blades, removing any grass and mud, and lubricating the moving parts.

Lay Down Mulch

There’s nothing like the look of a fresh layer of mulch on your garden beds. The stark contrast between dark mulch and colorful flowers makes your landscaping look neat, clean and well-hydrated. Consider buying a few bags of mulch to lay down in smaller areas or ordering a bulk supply of mulch to cover larger garden beds.

Clean Windows

Ways to Prepare Your Home + Yard for Spring

Why do all this work in the backyard if you can’t enjoy it from inside your home? Get a crystal clear view of your yard this spring by making sure your windows are properly cleaned, both inside and out. Wait for an overcast day to wipe down your windows with a 1:1 solution of warm water and white vinegar. This is a natural, streak-free solution that will leave your windows looking brand new!

Check Vents

Take a good look at any vents on the exterior of your home, either along the foundation or up top leading to your attic, to make sure there are no leaks, damaged screens, or any sign of rodent or insect invasion.

Groom Trees + Shrubs

Ways to Prepare Your Home + Yard for Spring

While you can easily see the skeleton of trees and shrubs before they begin to bloom with flowers and leaves, this is a good time to give your trees and shrubs a good haircut. But don’t go too crazy! Late winter or early spring (March or early April) is the best time for what’s called “rejuvenation pruning,” which is a light trimming that restores the health of shrubs and trees.

Happy Spring

All that’s left is enjoying the season! Get these tasks out of the way so you can spend less time cleaning and repairing and more time relaxing and basking in the glory of the spring and summer.

Mar 9, 2022 DIY Home
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