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The 9 Best Places to Eat in Omaha’s Old Market, Mapped

Lined with stunning historic buildings along cobblestone streets, Omaha’s Old Market is the city’s most historic and beloved neighborhood. This 17-acre enclave is home to countless restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, coffee shops, cocktail bars, theaters, and other local businesses, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all!

To help you narrow down all the options, we’re sharing some of the best places to eat in the Old Market, from casual sandwich shops to some upscale date night restaurants. No matter the cravings or the occasion, there’s something to satisfy in the Old Market! Plus, we included an interactive map so you can more easily plan your outing.



Gather Omaha, Nebraska
Photo Courtesy of Gather

A relatively new addition to the city, Gather serves modern-eclectic American cuisine and craft cocktails in their chic, inviting space in the Old Market. But what’s most unique about this place is their on-site urban vertical farm, where they grow many of the ingredients that end up on your plate. Talk about farm-to-table! Enjoy your meal in their cozy interior or out on one of the two spacious patios. Take a virtual tour of the space so you know what to expect before you go — and be sure to go downstairs to take a peek at their indoor garden!


La Buvette Wine & Grocery

La Buvette is more than just a wine bar and grocery —  they also serve a full food menu. As the name suggests, the eatery is focused on French cuisine, with a selection of options available every day as well as daily specials that are always changing. This is the perfect spot to order a selection of small plates to share, like a charcuterie plate, hummus, or feta. And there’s no better place to enjoy them than their gorgeous patio surrounded by ivy and ferns! But before you sit down, browse the onsite grocery and wine selection — you might just find a good bottle to enjoy at the table.


Le Bouillon

Le Bouillon Omaha, Nebraska
Photo Courtesy of Le Bouillon

Le Bouillon offers soul-warming French food in a bright and airy dining room. The space was formerly occupied by another French cafe before Le Bouillon moved in. And with it, came a more modern menu and a fresh vision for the space. Chef Paul Kulik sources the best ingredients from local farmers and producers, and changes his menu to fit the season, but you’ll always be able to find French mainstays like escargot, duck frites, and fresh oysters on the half shell. And during the colder months, their hearty French onion soup is an absolute must. Le Bouillon is Chef Kulik’s take on the comfort foods of rural France, enhanced by each dish’s thoughtful presentation on floral China and the restaurant’s inviting, comfortable feel.


M’s Pub

For 50 years, M’s Pub has been a staple in the Omaha community, serving as a place for visitors and locals alike to gather over delicious food and drinks. We were all heartbroken when the building suffered an unforeseen fire in January of 2016, but the space was restored to exactly what it looked like before this tragedy, thanks to help from the original designers. M’s Pub serves a variety of classic, yet upscale, pub food, including their famous Lahvosh, which is a thin, crisp flatbread native to Armenia. You’ll also find a variety of shareable starters, soups, salads, sandwiches and other entrees — one of our favorite things on their menu is the crab cakes!


V. Mertz

Photo Courtesy of V. Mertz

There’s no better place to celebrate a special occasion or enjoy a romantic night in the city than V. Mertz. This quaint locally owned restaurant serves contemporary American dishes in an ambient, dimly lit dining room with exposed brick walls and a dreamy outdoor patio in the passageway. Head Chef Amanda Sheeler joined the V. Mertz team in 2020, creating a noticeable shift for the restaurant, with an expanded focus on tasting menus, wine pairings, craft cocktails, and more. A night at V. Mertz is adventurous while remaining comfortable, as you explore unique creative dishes presented with top-tier service.


The Boiler Room

The Boiler Room resides in the former — you guessed it — boiler room of the 120-year-old Bemis Bag Building. Industrial accents have been left behind for a rustic feel, but the overall vibe here is contemporary and approachable! As for the food, the menu showcases ingredients from local growers in the European-inspired dishes and Chef Tim Nicholson’s expertise shines through in everything he creates. The menu is a reflection of the belief that all great food begins in the field and changes daily — so you can always try something new and inventive at The Boiler Room.


Block 16

Block 16 Omaha, Nebraska
Photo Courtesy of Block 16

Block 16 has long been one of Omaha’s most iconic and well-loved restaurants. But don’t take our word for it — Block 16 has gained accolades like “Best Restaurant in Nebraska,” “The Best Burger in Nebraska” and even lays claim to Food Network’s Alton Brown’s favorite burger in the entire country. Because they rely heavily on local and seasonal ingredients, the menu at Block 16 changes quite often. They’ll take a traditional burger and throw on creative ingredients such as goat cheese and beets or maybe even Doritos to make it more delicious. And, because their family hails from Canada, they offer an array of Northern-inspired meals such as poutine, which is fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. Block 16’s interior is inviting and relaxed — and they recently opened a new patio perfect for those sunny days!



You may think of Mercury as simply a cool cocktail bar — but it’s so much more. This mid-century gem is a fun place to hang out to grab a quick bite to eat while you’re in the Old Market, maybe before or after seeing a show at the Orpheum, which is located directly across the street. Their simple menu includes a variety of shareable snacks, like charcuterie, beer cheese fondue, deviled eggs, Brussels sprouts, and more, plus a selection of sandwiches and pasta. Mercury is known for their beverage program, so be sure to pair your meal with one of their creative cocktails, a beer, or a glass of wine.


Plank Seafood Provisions

Plank Seafood Provisions is bringing fresh seafood to some land-locked locations, including Austin, Texas and of course, Omaha’s Old Market. The nautical ambiance is both laid-back and sophisticated with the addition of warm lighting and modern features like the upscale oyster bar. This coastally inspired locale has all the seafood you would find near the ocean, including fresh fish, oysters, shrimp, and more. Plank’s outdoor patio offers a great view of downtown — perfect for people watching.


Bon Appétit!

What restaurants in Omaha’s Old Market are your favorites? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Aug 17, 2022 Communities
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