Dec 28, 2022 DIY Home

5 Tips for Refreshing Your Home for the New Year from Omaha-Based NEAT Method

As we look forward to the beginning of a new year, thoughts often turn towards fresh starts — New Year’s resolutions, getting into a new exercise and healthy eating routine, and of course, getting our homes decluttered and organized. An organized home can add function, ease, and overall peace of mind to your life.

NEAT Method Omaha is a professional home organizing company that serves the Omaha and Lincoln area. They specialize in organizing, unpacking and downsizing homes and offices, making the space you have functional for the life you live. Neat Method is sharing some helpful tips on getting your home more organized, whether you are trying to create new habits in the new year or you are preparing to sell or purchase a home.


1. Categorize to Organize

Tips for Organizing Your Home

Rather than attempting to organize one cabinet or shelf at a time, remove everything from the space you are organizing and then divide it into types and categories. You will more than likely find that the same types of items were being stored in different areas, whether that’s discovering seven spatulas in the kitchen or 12 identical shirts in your closet. Once everything is categorized, you can then create zones and organize based off of those zones and the amount of things and size of each zone.


2. Measure the Space You Are Organizing

Tips for Organizing Your Home

Before you head to the store to purchase organizational products such as bins, baskets or canisters, measure the height, depth, and width of the space you are organizing, and what needs to be contained in that space. For organizing products to be most effective, they need to fit the space and the items they are holding.


3. Remember: You Can Have the Space or the Things — But Not Both

Tips for Organizing Your Home

Regularly take stock of what is in your kitchen, closets, storage areas, and kids areas. Edit what you’re not using anymore and decide what needs to be donated or tossed. Understand that items can serve a purpose but have a timeline — and that letting go of things doesn’t mean they didn’t once have value in your life. Keep what’s truly being used and/or what brings you joy — and what fits in the designated space.


4. Moving is a Great Time to Get Organized

Tips for Organizing Your Home

If you are preparing to sell your home, spaces like closets, pantries, and playrooms should be decluttered and organized, which tells a prospective buyer that there is plenty of room and potential for growth. An overstuffed closet or pantry will give the impression that storage is lacking.

Moving is a natural time to pare down your belongings, as you’re forced to hold each item in your hands and decide if it’s worth hauling to your new space. And as you’re preparing to move into your new home, it’s important to create smart and functional organizational systems from the start. Organize as you unpack, setting up the flow in each space to maximize its full potential.


5. Hire a Professional Organizing Service to Create Customized Solutions for Your Home

Neat Method Omaha

Each and every home presents different challenges that require different solutions. So sometimes it’s most helpful to hire a professional organizer, who can help you tackle your unique situation with ease.

NEAT Method Omaha specializes in all aspects of creating function and flow in a beautiful way for all spaces in the home. From organizing kitchens with product selected to fit perfectly in each cabinet and drawer, to designing and installing new closet systems, to tackling garages and storage areas to improve efficiency and add space, NEAT Method does it all! NEAT Method can also handle all aspects of the moving process, from pre-move editing, to packing and unpacking. Plus, if you’re building a home, their team can work with your designer and builder to ensure spaces have the right organizational structure and flow from the onset. To learn more or to schedule a consultation (and see some inspiring pictures of past projects!), visit their website or Facebook page — or call 402-305-2626.


New Year, New Home!

What tips do you have for organizing your home? Let us know in the comments below!

Dec 28, 2022 DIY Home
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