The 10 Best Books for Winter Reading 2015

November 19, 20151 commentPosted By

Close your eyes and imagine the dreamy scene we’re about to set. Well, open them so you can read this.

Snow is slowly falling gently on the other side of the foggy living room window. Spontaneous crackling sounds are emitted from the warm fire just a few feet away. You can feel the warmth of the flames made all the better with the cozy blanket you are wrapped up in. You take a sip of steaming hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks floating to the top. You then inhale the sweet fresh scent of the pine garland hanging on the fireplace mantle, while capturing this wintery scene with all of your senses. But alas, something’s missing!

There is one thing that would make this picture complete. You simply must add a book in your hands to get lost in amidst this fairytale setting, because there’s nothing quite like…

Winter Reading

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