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We work with owners of large apartment communities who want to enhance the value of their property and increase cash flow.

10 Advantages of Doing Business with NP Dodge Management Company

  1. Lower operating costs and increased cash flow from central purchasing and product standardization.
  2. Increased property value by reducing physical risk as a result of implementation of a complete preventive maintenance program.
  3. Increased property value by reducing credit risk as a result of target marketing and effective tenant screening.
  4. Higher conversion ratios from "Call Tracy", a centralized call center marketing program.
  5. Higher tenant satisfaction by implementing a preferred vendor selection program.
  6. Improved cash flow from reduced apartment prep costs that result from lower resident turnover.
  7. Lower site-employee turnover rates as a result of internal staff training.
  8. Improved property condition as a result of our Service Teams' emphasis on curb appeal, resident selection and tenant satisfaction.
  9. Professional accounting and reporting (supervised by in-house CPA) translates budgets into daily realities by careful surveillance from the property manager resulting in achieving owner expectations.
  10. Development of a comprehensive management plan articulates ownership objectives and focuses the property team on the critical issues at the property.
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