Mike Story

Managing Broker, 35Dodge and 86 Dodge – NP Dodge Real Estate

Mike attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha and focused on aviation administration.  This educational path took him to Midwest Airlines where he was a Regional Manager in the Cargo Division.  Mike's 12 year experience at the airline proved instrumental in developing managerial skills that led him to the position he has today.

Mike received his real estate license in 2008 and immediately began his career at the NP Dodge South Omaha office.  In 2017, he accepted a leadership position with the 35Dodge sales office and in 2018 became the Managing Broker of the office.

Beginning his real estate career during the financial crisis was a challenge, but it taught Mike the skills needed to sell real estate which he shares with agents today.  Mike's sales experience, along with keeping current with market trends, allows him to mentor sales associates with the best strategies to their sales goals.  Mike enjoys managing a diverse group of individuals at 35Dodge where there are several languages spoken including Spanish, Burmese, Kachin, Nepali, Thai, and French!

Mike is Ninja Selling Certified and a graduate of Buffinin's "100 Days to Greatness".  These real estate training programs are an integral part of his real estate training and provide the foundation for his leadership style and guidance.  For each of the three years Mike has been managing the office, there have been two 35Dodge agents in the top 10 for sales production at NP Dodge.

Contact:  402.706.0076        mstory@npdodge.com        Licensed in Nebraska


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