NP Dodge Company Celebrates 150 Years

02/03/05 by NP Dodge Real Estate

The NP Dodge Company, as well as the NP Dodge family, has deep roots in this community. Shortly after Grenville Dodge made the first land purchase by the Dodge family in 1855, brothers Nathan and Grenville opened The Dodge Land Office in Council Bluffs. Grenville went on to serve as a general during the Civil War and then as chief construction engineer for the building of Union Pacific Railroad. N.P. stayed in the land business and built the foundation for one of America's oldest real estate companies, NP Dodge.

Since then, the NP Dodge Company has never gone without a Nathan Phillips Dodge at the helm, making it the nation's only real estate company to be led by the same family since its inception.

Five generations have guided the NP Dodge Company to what it is today. No longer just one of the largest full-service real estate companies in Nebraska and Iowa, NP Dodge is a family of companies in real estate, land development, property management, global relocation, title and escrow and insurance. The company's seven operating entities are made up of 500 employees and 450 sales associates.

Sandy Dodge, president/chairman of the board, said the company's success lies in its commitment to the same solid principles it had in 1855 - integrity, success and innovation. "I firmly believe that honest effort, perseverance, a willingness to innovate and an unyielding confidence in the future is all anyone needs to succeed in the business world. This is a formula that has worked for us for 150 years."

Jodee Drake-Soto, marketing director for NP Dodge Company, said the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit of the original NP Dodge has been embedded in four generations of his namesake. "It is rare to find a family-owned company that not only survives five generations but flourishes with each and every one. NP Dodge is a unique success story in any industry," she said.

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