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Our goal is to provide service to you in a helpful, courteous manner that is responsive and timely. In order to see whether we have accomplished this goal, we would like your feedback. Please know that your opinions and ideas are important to us and will be monitored by my team and me.

Over the years some of our best ideas have come from our residents. You are important to me and I will give your responses my personal attention. Thank you for your time to assist us.

Charlotte J. Neitzel, CPM®, HCCP

Strongly Agree Agree Unsure Disgree Strongly Disgree
1. The on-site staff is friendly, courteous and helpful.
2. The grounds, halls and laundry facilities are always clean.
3. Maintenance calls are handled promptly and effectively.
4. My service expectations have always been met.
5. I plan on renewing my lease at the end of its term.
6. I would refer a friend to live at this community.

What features or services could we improve at your community to enhance your life-style?


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