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5 New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Life in the New Year

Resolutions are all the rage this year. Well, they are popular during the month of December every year! So often we set lofty goals for the new year to work out seven days a week, single-handedly end world hunger, and put 75% of our monthly income into a savings account. We then laugh at ourselves come February at the absurdity of our expectations.

If you’re the goal-setting type who loves creating New Years resolutions, we wanted to share a few ideas with you of what you might add to your ever-growing list. You might deem some resolutions irrelevant to your lifestyle or personal goals, but some might inspire you to make a change or two this year!

The beauty of flipping the calendar to January every year means there is a “blank slate” that you can take advantage of. No matter what happened last year — from bad eating habits to forgotten birthdays — you have the opportunity to start fresh!


1. Call or text someone you care about at least once a week.

It’s rare that 100% of the people you love and care for live within driving distance. So it’s easy to lose touch with those people as the seasons pass, and as life seems to get busier and busier. Unfortunately, technology — particularly in the form of Facebook — makes it easy to stay informed about loved one’s major life events without having to actually communicate with them personally.

Thankfully, technology can also assist you with forming a habit of reaching out to those who live far away. Simply set a reminder on your smartphone or virtual calendar to reach out to a loved one every Saturday — or whatever fits your weekly schedule best. You can then use technology once again to call, text or FaceTime that person that week. Don’t let one week pass in the new year without initiating a conversation with your daughter, cousin, mom, college roommate or son-in-law. It will also prove to be beneficial for your soul, as staying connected and fostering relationships are therapeutic and life-giving practices.

Are you an Android user? If so, you’re in luck, because there’s an Android app called “Call Mom Glamorous Reminder” that does exactly what the title suggests — it reminds you to call your mother. You can set a specific time and input your mom’s phone number and the app will prompt you with a pop-up notification at that time! We can assure you that moms everywhere will approve of this PSA.

New Years Resolutions


2. Set a specific health-related goal. (And stick to it!) 

Everybody — and every body — is different, so we can’t necessarily set a universal goal for us all to aim for in terms of our health. But whatever your lifestyle, there’s always something you can do to improve your health in the new year. This can look like a vow to an exercise plan or a change in eating habits, but whatever it is, stick to it!

There’s a reason for the incline in gym memberships in January and the decline in gym attendance in February. So many of us set lofty goals and soon get swept up in our daily routines, telling ourselves we’ll get back on track next January. There are so many convenient exercise options in the area. You could of course join a gym — like Todd Smith Fitness or CrossFit Omaha. You can also score some major deals on local fitness classes using these Groupons. You could even achieve similar results by exercising at home! There are several online workout options, like following along with free online yoga videos, investing in the Insanity fitness program, or finding your favorite free YouTube workout video.

Likewise, there are several resources for healthy eating habits available online. One of our favorites is Live Well Omaha, which leads a forum of organizations seeking to improve the health of individuals and families across the community. We love Live Well Omaha because they are of course a local resource, but they also promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

New Years Resolutions


3. Give back to the community.

We’ve mentioned several ways you can volunteer your time, money and resources during the holidays in the Omaha area. That philanthropic mindset shouldn’t get packed away with the holiday decorations! We think it’s important to consider the needs of the community year-round. Skim our list of volunteer ideas for some inspiration, or consider helping out within the Omaha area in a new way.

You might get involved with the efforts of a local community garden organization, like City Sprouts. They combat the food desert in North Omaha by maintaining community gardens, creating demonstration plots, providing educational resources, and establishing an urban farm. They are in the business of building local food systems, improving community health, empowering neighborhoods and strengthening economic viability and sustainability through something as tangible (and edible!) as a garden. Consider being a part of City Sprout’s valiant efforts by volunteering at one of their locations!

New Years Resolutions


4. Learn a new skill. (Or pick up an old one!)

We all have varying passions and skills, and it seems like every season is “the wrong time” to pick up that new hobby you’ve been wanting to try. Set those excuses aside and pick up the tools necessary to either learn a new skill or improve an existing one! Maybe you want to master the intimidating Adobe Beast that is Photoshop. Or you remember your grandmother’s almost instinctive ability to hand sew anything from garment repairs to an entire quilt, and you would like to follow in her footsteps (or handsteps?). Or you might be interested in learning some sort of artisanal trade, like woodworking, screen printing, metalsmithing, ceramics, photography or coffee roasting.

On the subject of artisanal skills, you might consider enrolling in a class at Bench in Omaha to learn about the abovementioned trades. Bench is a public woodworking shop, co-working space and artisan hub. They offer hobbyists and professional makers the community, equipment, and space they need to build great things. If you enjoy your experience as a student in one of their classes, you might take the leap to become a “Benchmate”, which includes unlimited access to their co-working space, and discounted prices for their classes and materials.

But let’s get back to the main idea! Make it a priority to set aside time this year to either read up on a topic you’re interested in or physically put your hands to work at a skill you’d like to learn.

New Years Resolutions


5. Get out of the house more!

We are the first to admit that we love relaxing at home during a lazy and Netflix-filled weekend. We are in fact a real estate company. However, we also endorse a lifestyle that takes advantage of the multitude of activities and establishments in the community. And we have been around for enough time — 160 years, to be exact — to know that there is so much to do in the Omaha area.

Make it a point to explore new restaurants, coffee shops, small businesses or date night activities in the new year. Or take it a step further and explore Omaha from a unique Airbnb vacation rental! Embarking on a staycation adventure is one of the most cost-effective ways to “get away” and enjoy the beauty of your hometown.

We have one final word of advice on this subject. We are constantly researching and talking about the amazing things going on in the Omaha area. If you don’t already, make sure you like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our blog. That’s the best way to make sure you’re informed on all of the reasons we love Omaha!

New Years Resolutions


What resolutions are you making?

We’d love to get inspired by your personal goals — whether they’re silly, small or serious. We can all work together to create a brighter and better community in the Omaha area, one resolution at a time!

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Dec 29, 2015 Communities
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