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13 Haunted Houses in the Omaha Area

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The Halloween season needs a few things to be complete. There are caramel apples and candy, of course, scary and silly costumes, and plenty of community events. But it’s not Halloween without a visit (or two) to a few bone chilling haunted houses.

The Omaha area has some of the best and most terrifying attractions in the Midwest. There are basements, campgrounds, homes and even entire farms! Read through our favorites in the area and start planning your fright nights.

Scary Acres

Haunted Houses near Omaha

Photo courtesy of Scary Acres

Scary Acres features three different bone chilling attractions — Master’s Castle, Haunted Woods and House on the Hill. After your terrifying adventure, grab a snack from the concession stands and head to one of the onsite bonfires to enjoy the rest of the evening. They’re open nearly every day in October and through Halloween; see the full schedule here.


Ranch of Terror

When the sun goes down at Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Ranch, the kids are sent home and the land is overrun with zombies, monsters and other scary creatures of the night. You can take a twisted walk through the haunted house and haunted caves, explore a zombie jail, and go on a hayrack ride through the woods. With over 30 years of experience and over an hour of frightening adventures, you’re guaranteed a fun and terrifying night!


Mystery Manor Haunted Theater

Omaha Area Haunted Houses

Photos courtesy of Mystery Manor / Roger Humphries

According to the stories passed down over time, Mystery Manor was built in 1887 and was once the home of William and Greta Hall, who opened up their gorgeous home as a meeting place to the elite of Omaha. When the stock market crashed on October 23, 1929 and William lost his fortune, he went insane and tragedy ensued. Read the full, gruesome history here.

Explore Omaha’s longest running haunted attraction and decide for yourself if the ghost of William Hall comes back every year to protect his home from intruders. Print coupons to save $2 on admission and study paranormal evidence to prepare for a terrifying night!


Haunted Hollow

Haunted Hollow is a haunted theme park with classic theme park rewards — including funnel cakes, fried Twinkies and caramel apples — but you have to be brave enough to enter. Inside, you’ll find a 3-story haunted house, Heartbeat Suspended Bridge, Nebraska Chainsaw Massacre, a barn maze, nightly movies under the stars, a bonfire hangout, a mausoleum, a cemetery, Mike Meyers’ house, Whack Shack, a redneck roller coaster, a tarot card reading station, and more!

For just $25 on weekends and $20 throughout the week, you can experience all the terrifying attractions Haunted Hollow has to offer. Don’t forget to print these coupons before you go!


Camp Fear Riverwest Park + Bloodrush Forest of Terror

Haunted Houses Near Omaha

Photo courtesy of Camp Fear

Camp Fear has four different haunting attractions for different levels of bravery. For a mild, cinematic scare and an evening spent on a haunted campground, try Nightmare Theater. Throughout the Halloween season, they’ll be showing 62 different horror movies on a giant outdoor screen. You can even reserve the front row bonfire spot to see your favorite movies in style! Check the schedule and reserve spots here.

For the more courageous, you can wander through Bloodrush Forest of Terror. Stories say an exorcism years ago changed the forest forever — welcoming all your worst nightmares. New this year, you can also try your hand at zombie hunting in the Z-Bunker Toxic Haunt and Shoot.

The most thrill-seeking can camp in the middle of it all — surrounded by creatures and demons in the pitch black woods. Careful as you drift off to sleep — if you can. You may be awoken by one of these terrifying monsters while you slumber. Reserve your tents and camping spots online!


Carnival of Terror

Haunted Houses Near Omaha

Photo courtesy of Carnival of Terror

Did you know a carnival of maniacal clowns and monsters ran the underbelly of Old Market? From the producers of MTV’s “House of Terror”, this haunted house is located under the Hollywood Candy building. It’s perfect for a night of terror right in the heart of Omaha!


Gateway of Chaos

Haunted Houses Near Omaha

Photo courtesy of Gateway of Chaos

Cross the bridge into Iowa and explore Gateway of Chaos at Mills County Fairgrounds. This is not just a bone chilling haunted attraction as 100% of proceeds benefit Malvern Area Betterment Association, a nonprofit group bettering the social, educational, business and developmental aspects of local people, their city and surrounding areas. Your $10 ticket will go directly into helping the betterment of the community, so you can be scared while aiding community livelihood!


Haunted House at Pioneer Trail Orchard & Pumpkin Patch

On evenings and weekend days in October you can explore the 126-year-old farmhouse at Pioneer Trail Orchard & Pumpkin Patch — if you’re brave enough. You’ll have to make it through the kitchen (and hope you don’t become dinner), the bedroom, the bathroom and the graveyard behind the house before you can make it back to safety!


Madness Haunted House

Madness Haunted House is the only haunted house in Council Bluffs and aims each year to be more original and more terrifying. When you step inside, you step into the mind of a madman. You’ll face all your nightmares and you may even leave with some brand new ones.

This haunted house is the main fundraiser for Bellows Community Alliance, an organization that supports Care & Share House of Council Bluffs and strives to promote charity through interactive entertainment. When you purchase your ticket, you’ll get to test your bravery and help your community at the same time!


Eagle Hollow Haunts

Haunted Houses Near Omaha

Photos courtesy of Eagle Hollow Haunts | Jeff Carnes

About 50 minutes outside Omaha, Eagle Hollow Haunts offers a 3D alien world, a ride through the Darklands with a crazed bus driver and Night Terrors — a trip into a nightmare and the terrifying subconscious. Make a night of it and visit the E.R. for adult refreshments or the concession stands and bonfires to warm up afterwards. Then, dance the night away with Scary-oke DJ!


Kasey’s Quest Presents Psycho Farm

For just $5 you can explore Psycho Farm in Seward. Navigate through the indoor haunted maze, encountering clowns, psycho farmers and scarecrows along the way! The house is open every Friday and Saturday in October, and Halloween night. Proceeds benefit Kasey’s Quest, a nonprofit focused on the betterment and aid of the community and its citizens.


Terror on 12th Street + Bone Shaker Haunted House

Haunted Houses Near Omaha

Photos courtesy of Terror on 12th Street

These two Crete haunted attractions are open every Friday and Saturday in October, as well as Halloween night. In Bone Shaker — Nebraska’s only pitch black haunted house — you’re forced to use your other senses to navigate an escape and run from monsters. Inside Terror on 12th Street it’s easier to see, but you might wish you hadn’t! For $15 you can enter both houses. The main fundraiser for the renovation of Crete TJ Sokol Hall, all proceeds fund maintenance of the National Historic Building.


Roca Scary Farm

By night, the entire grounds of Roca Farm turns into a terrifying playground — including Sinister Circus, a terrifying carnival tour, and The Psycho Path, a 20 minute guided walk through ghoul-ridden woods. For $5 more, you can fight in the Zombie Hunt aboard a military truck or ZAV (Zombie Attack Vehicle). Check their schedule and find more details online. They won’t be open Halloween night so get all your scares in beforehand!


Scared yet?

Share your favorite haunted events and attractions in the Omaha area!

Oct 14, 2016 Communities
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