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An Inside Look Into Felius — Omaha’s First Cat Cafe

Have you ever wanted to be surrounded by cats while sipping a delicious latte? Well, you’re in luck! On September 18th, 2018, Felius, Omaha’s first nonprofit cat café, opened downtown.

Bre Phelan, owner and president of Felius, grew up on a farm in Nebraska and took many feral cats to animal shelters hoping they would find good families and instead watched them get put into small cages. She became obsessed with the idea that there was a better way for her feline friends to find homes. Phelan hopes by opening the café she can help revolutionize the cat adoption experience in Omaha.

“I decided to open Felius as a way to give back and help animals in need. As a life-long cat lover, a cat cafe seemed like the best way to get cats out of cages and have a stress-free adoption experience. We also hope to inspire the community to become involved in trap-neuter/spay-return (TNR) programs targeted at humanely controlling Omaha’s community cat population,” said Phelan.

2017 initial fundraising video from Felius

In the café, you can play with cats in a closed off cat room. Patrons are asked to pay an “entry fee” of $7.50 for a half hour cuddle session or $14 for a whole hour. This fee helps cover the cost of cat care. So, whether you’re in the market to adopt a new pet or if you just wanted to stop in for some cuddle time – you’re still helping support the nonprofit.


Felius cat cafe in Omaha, Nebraska

Photo courtesy of Felius

There is also the option to merely observe the cats from behind a large glass partition while you drink your coffee. Free Wifi is offered in the café, so you’re free to work on a project, meet with a colleague or scroll through Twitter for as long as you please.

Two other small businesses have partnered with Phelan on this venture, Muglife Coffee and Omaha Wags to Riches. Muglife Coffee has been a staple in Omaha since 2013 and will be supplying the coffee and drink creations at the full-service coffee bar in Felius. They brew all their coffees by hand and offer nitro cold brew on tap along with some locally made pastries. Omaha Wags to Riches rescue group will be sourcing thoroughly vetted and adoptable cats. As many as ten cats will be roaming the café and available to adopt at any given time!

Felius shares a building (which even has a cat mural on the south wall) with another pro-pet business— Wag. Wag is a pet store that offers natural foods and treats, accessories, pet grooming, and small group doggie-daycare.

You can donate to Felius on their website right meow. Every penny given to Felius goes right back into the nonprofit so that they can help relieve overcrowded Omaha shelters and lower the euthanization rate.

Felius Cat Cafe and Coffe Shop in Omaha Nebraska

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Frenz Photography

You can continue following Felius’s journey on their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account! There you can look at some of the behind the scenes of building the café and meet some of the gorgeous kitties that are up for adoption. Felius is open every day except for Mondays and recommends that you make a reservation online before you come in.


Do You Think This is Paw-some?

What do you think of Felius? Are you excited about this new business downtown? Let us know in the comments below!

Oct 31, 2018 Communities
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