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14 Local Omaha Artists That You Can Support Online

You may not know it, but Omaha has a thriving arts scene. Not only are we home to one of the best performing arts programs outside of New York City, but we also happen to have several amazing art museums, galleries and art-related events for you to enjoy all year long.

But when we’re stuck at home, it can be hard to help out the arts as much as we’d like to. Luckily, many Omaha-area artists have online stores where you can buy prints, stickers, calendars and even the actual original pieces of art themselves.

We rounded up a few of these spectacular artists right here! No matter what type of medium is your favorite—oil paint, jewelry, stained glass or photography—there’s a passionate craftsman listed here just waiting for your patronage. Enjoy!

Angela Szelag


Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Angela Szelag

Angela Szelag started her career in graphic design, marketing and TV advertising sales. But little did she know that one TV sales call to a local jewelry store in 2014 would change her life. She saw a sign in the jewelry shop’s window for silversmith classes and fell in love with the entire process of creating jewelry and became a full-time jewelry designer in 2015. You can peruse and purchase her beautiful, handcrafted jewelry through her Etsy shop—Tranquil Sky Jewelry!


Christopher Buschelman


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From the moment Christopher Buschelman picked up an SLR camera, he knew that photography would become a passion of his. He has studied all expressions of photography: specializing in landscape, architecture, macro and portraits. In fact, he even offers portrait and aerial photography services for the Omaha community. On his website, you can purchase prints of his art in any size or format! Check out his online gallery—which features stunning shots of Omaha throughout the seasons—and pick one out. No matter which you choose, we guarantee it will be the perfect addition to any home.


Gabriella Quiroz

Oil Paint + Colored Pencil

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Gabriella Quiroz is an Omaha-based artist currently working out of the Hot Shops Art Center as  Pink Pigeon Studio. While her education in the arts began early in her life, her formal education took its roots at the University of Nebraska Omaha, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Art History. An incredibly talented painter, she has had her work featured in numerous group showings throughout the city. You can see some of them for yourself by taking a look through her online portfolio. And if you would like to help support her, she sells limited edition prints of her work as well as original acrylic works on her website.


Jenna Johnson

Acrylic + Mixed Media

Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Jenna Johnson

Since 2012, Jenna Johnson has used acrylic paints and added objects in oversized paintings to wow audiences. While her work consisted mostly of commissioned paintings during the first five years of her career, today, she’s focusing all her efforts on creating more personal work. Her jaw-dropping, vibrant paintings can be viewed at the Hot Shops Art Center downtown as well as varying businesses in the surrounding area—and online! Through her website, you can purchase original acrylic artwork as well as prints in varying sizes to add to your home.


Jennifer Radil

Mixed Media

Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of J. Bloom Photography via Jennifer Radil

Jennifer Radil is a mixed media artist out of Omaha, working with everything from paints and colored pencils to leather and coiled string to create her unique and beautiful art. You’ll see as you view her work that nature plays a big role—symbolizing how nature, daily life and livelihood are intimately tethered and interdependent for folks in agricultural communities. Her website sells prints, t-shirts, greeting cards and more, so you can support her while also getting a great gift to give away (or keep for yourself — we don’t blame you!).


Julie Kraw

Forged Jewelry 

Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Julie Kraw

Julie Kraw has always been an artist, from the constant drawing in grade school to her artist lifestyle in college. She earned a degree from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle and went on to be a successful graphic designer. But it wasn’t until she attended a blacksmithing workshop at a local forge that she finally found her passion. Today, she handcrafts stunning jewelry and sells them through her Etsy shop, Alchemy Artworks, which you can peruse here.


Kevin McClay

Salvaged Wood

Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Kevin McClay

An Omaha-based artist, Kevin McClay creates wall décor with wood, metal, stone and other materials. His work explores the texture and topography of the natural world and our built-environment. And the juxtaposition of sterile and weathered themes references the tension existing between organic and manufactured influences. While you can’t purchase any of his amazing wood wall art on his website, you can buy an affordable wooden desk tray on his Etsy site!


Kris Khan


Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Kris Khan

Kris Khan has been sewing since she was 8 years old when she began making doll clothes from fabric scraps. For years, she’s made her own clothes—and her children’s—along with curtains, cushions and so much more. In 2009, she took a week-long workshop from the esteemed art quilter Nancy Crow and started to play with fabrics. She now makes quilts and textile art full time. Her colorful quilts are absolutely gorgeous! She sells them along with greeting cards, coasters, pouches and more in her Etsy store. At the moment, she is focusing all her efforts on creating face masks for healthcare workers!


Mary Zicofoose

Weaving + Ikat

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Mary Zicofoose is an Omaha artist crafting breathtaking rugs and tapestries full of bold and vivid colors. Her work spans the globe from large-scale public installations to the private collection of the United States Embassies on three continents. She maintains a fiber studio here in the city. You can inquire about purchasing a custom carpet on her website.


Nash Bellows

CollageOmaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Nash Bellows

Artist Nash Bellows works with salvaged thrift store paintings and photos obtained from the Internet. As you can see on her Etsy shop, Bellow’s art is less about medium and more about blending subject and style. And more of a reimagining of pre-existing environments than creating her own. Dubbed “Dreamscapes”, Bellow’s pieces combine animals, like goldfish or lions, with popular landmarks, gemstones, flowers and other natural elements to create a unique work of art unlike any other. You can purchase a calendar, stickers, buttons and more all on her Etsy shop, Nash Bellows Art.


Nicholas Stanley


Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Stanley

Inspired by color, nature, fashion, family and his cats, Nicholas Stanley is an Omaha artist creating fine art and home decor. While he mostly uses acrylic to create his paintings, he utilizes a wide range of mediums to create his gorgeous, minimalist abstract paintings. His Etsy shop—Albus & Co.—is full of paintings and prints in all shapes and sizes. Click here to view his current offerings.


Pierre Bolouvi


Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Pierre Bolouvi

Previously featured in our guide to our favorite local Etsy makers, Pierre Bolouvi is a watercolor artist creating beautiful landscape and landmark pieces. He sells his original sports-inspired art out of Omaha. If you don’t see your favorite team, he’ll create something brand new just for you. In addition to sports, he also loves to feature Omaha in his art along with special places throughout the entire world—like this painting inspired by a picturesque lake in Scotland.


Valerie Light Anderson

Oil Paint

Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Valerie Light Anderson

While Valerie Light Anderson has traveled to and lived in Texas, North Dakota and Japan, she currently lives and works in Omaha. A practicing oil painter, Anderson’s subjects often include still life, interior, landscape and figure. Many amazing works have been exhibited in the Atlanta, Dallas, Sioux City and Omaha areas and are held in private and corporate collections across the country. She keeps her website up to date with her current paintings for sale, so make sure to check back often to see what new masterpieces she’s unveiling.


Valerie Spellman Batt

Stained Glass

Omaha Artists

Photo courtesy of Valerie Spellman Batt

Local stained glass artist Valerie Spellman Batt has been working as an artist for close to 20 years. Primarily, she makes custom leaded glass windows for client’s homes and businesses, but she also creates many smaller pieces that are for sale on her Etsy shop—Painted Light Glass. Click here to look through her current offerings, which includes necklaces, earrings, suncatchers, business card holders and more.


Gogh Support These Artists!

Did we miss your favorite Omaha-based artist? Let us know in the comments!

Apr 9, 2020 Communities
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