Apr 9, 2021 DIY Home

15 Easy Ways to Decorate & Refresh Your Home for Spring

Spring is here and that means it’s time to start thinking about spring decorations (along with warmer weather, longer days, and allergic reactions to pollen, of course).  

In anticipation of winter’s departure, we rounded up 15 of our favorite ways to get ready for spring that’ll help you freshen up your own space. From pastel colors to floral accents, and fresh patterns, these tips and tricks will help you incorporate the light, open and new feeling of spring into your home. We can’t wait to see what you do with your decor this season! 



Spring is the season for fresh starts and clean homes! While decluttering isn’t necessarily a way to decorate your home, it is a key element to popular spring décor trends. Before you get started on adding fresh flowers, candles and new throw pillows to your home, take a day or two to really deep clean your space. Put away your winter decorations, take a load of donations to a local thrift store, and dust in those nooks and crannies you don’t normally get to. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better about your home once you do! Click here for some of our favorite spring cleaning tips and tricks.


Reorganize your furniture 

In the same vein of decluttering, rearranging your furniture is the perfect way to wipe the slate clean and start anew! After you’ve finished cleaning, take a moment to consider how your space is laid out. Is there a better place for your couch or dining table? What about moving your bed to the opposite wall? The possibilities are endless when it comes to rearranging spaces!   


Pretty up your mudroom 

If you’re lucky enough to have a mudroom—or any type of separate entryway to your home—make sure to give it a little extra love this season. After all, this is the spot you’ll be dumping your muddy boots, gardening gloves, rainy-day coats and more. Add in a few new hooks for coats and hats. Then put together a separate space for wet shoes to dry. As a finishing touch, don’t forget a new doormat to wipe your feet on and a floral arrangement to greet you when you come home! 


Liven things up with fresh flowers and plants 


One of the easiest ways to invite spring into your home is by incorporating fresh flowers and plants! Adding just a few new bouquets and hints of greenery can breathe life into your home and make it feel lighter and more open. We recommend visiting a local florist in the Omaha area to get your natural fix! Click here for a list of our favorites.   


Add in some mirrors 

If you live in a smaller space, one of the best ways to make it feel larger and more open is to add mirrors! Not only do they offer a simple way to fill space on your wall, but they are amazing light reflectors, adding a little more natural light to any room. We recommend picking up a few at local garage sales and thrift stores and refurbishing them to fit your style. Then, place them on any empty walls you want to spruce up in your living room, entryway, bedrooms and more! 


Rethink your organization pieces 

Bookcases, China cabinets and other types of shelves are incredibly important for decluttering and organization! Take time this season to evaluate the type of storage you have and see if it’s actually working for you. If you find that your dresser or entertainment unit is a little too small, it may be time to go back to the drawing board! Spring is the perfect time to hit some of our favorite thrift storesantique shops and vintage shopping destinations for new storage solutions that will continuously work for your family.  


Add in new tableware 


One of the simplest ways to welcome spring into your home is by switching out your tableware! We’re talking China, table runners, placemats and centerpieces. No matter how you like to keep your table—completely bare or overflowing with décor—there are so many ways to spring-ify it for the upcoming season! Add a floral tablecloth; include a new floral centerpiece; invest in new placemats with a spring theme; or simply add a length of greenery to tie the whole room together. The options are limitless!  


Simplify your bar cart 

If you’re someone with a love of cocktails, bar carts are no exception to spring cleaning! Put away the rich, warming liquors of winter and say hello to light, fragrant springtime flavors best enjoyed outside and surrounded by fresh blooms. Then, go through your alcohol and cocktail ingredients and switch them out with spring and summery supplies.


Swap out your candles 

Now that winter is ending, it’s time to put away the scents of cinnamon, cloves, evergreen and cranberries to make way for fresher scents like lavender, rosemary, clean linen and more (Wax Buffalo is our go-to local candle maker!). Place one in every room; that way, you can invite the smell of a light, spring breeze throughout your home—no matter what the weather is looking like outside! 


Update your bedding 


Spring is the perfect time of year to wake up in your bedroom with some new bedding. Refresh your room by switching out your heavy winter blankets, throws and pillows with slightly lighter weight and lighter colored linens. You can pick up a new set of sheets and some extra pillows at one of our favorite home décor shops in the Omaha area! 


Switch out your linens

After you’ve replaced all your bedding, it’s time to focus on other linens around your house. Switch out your heavy winter curtains with lighter fabrics. Exchange your cozy throws with colorful, thin blankets. And put away those fuzzy bathroom towels and replace them with pastel linens to add a new, fun texture to your spring bathing routine.  


Replace your hand soap and cleaning products 

Washing your hands has become even more important throughout 2020 and 2021, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve invested in some fancy hand soap over the past few months. But did you know that hand soap—and dish soap, for that matter—comes in more scents than just “Tropical Breeze” and “Lemon Zest”? You can actually buy all kinds of household soaps in scents like lavender, peony, lilac, mint, orange, honeysuckle and so many more. So switch out your soaps when the seasons change because nothing will help get you in the springtime mood than sniffing seasonal scents whenever you wash your hands or do the dishes. 


Add in some pops of pastels 


We can’t think about spring without thinking about the light blues, pinks and yellows that come with it. You don’t have to go all out, but incorporating small pastel details can really add a new level of spring freshness to your spaces! Throw pillows, knick-knacks, curtains and dish towels all provide an opportunity to add pops of colors to your home without going overboard. 


Use the farmers’ market to your advantage 

It’s farmers’ market season! Omaha has some of the best farmers’ markets in the state, each offering goodies from local businesses and vendors from all across the city. If you can, stop by (many are currently offering curbside pickup!) and grab some plants, baskets of veggies and even small décor pieces that will help add a farm-fresh feel to any space. 


Don’t forget the patio 

If you’re lucky enough to have a back patio or deck, don’t neglect it this spring! Since you’ll want to enjoy it during the warmer months this year, take some time to turn it into a calming outdoor retreat. Invest in some outdoor furniture, pillows, rugs and more. That way you always have a calming, peaceful spring oasis to escape to. 


Have a great spring! 

How are you planning on preparing your home for the coming season? Let us know in the comments below! 

Apr 9, 2021 DIY Home
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