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Creative Things to Do with Kids This Fall in Omaha

Now that autumn is here and the kids are back in school, we don’t have to keep them entertained 24/7 anymore—but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss all that bonding time. 

Luckily, fall is the perfect time to get a little creative. That’s why we took the time to round up a few fun ways to celebrate fall with the little ones this year—all from the comfort of home. Below you’ll find a few autumn-themed DIYs ideas, baking recipes, local virtual classes and more. Have fun! 

Paint pumpkins

Pumpkin Patches Omaha, Nebraska

A classic craft for all ages, painting pumpkins is a simple and easy way to engage young ones this season! Just grab a few pumpkins from a local farmers’ market or pumpkin patch (many are offering no-contact pick up this year!) and let the kids go to town with some paint. We recommend using tempera paint or any kid’s washable paint, which are easier to wash off skin. And if you can, make a 50/50 mixture of school glue and your paint so when the paint dries, it won’t flake off of the pumpkins and you’ll be able to keep them for many weeks to come. 


Bake fall desserts

Pies, cakes, crisps—fall just wouldn’t be complete without some of these tasty treats! If your young ones are able to help you in the kitchen, baking a fall treat together is a perfect way to spend quality time together this season. We have a list of our favorite fall dessert recipes from Nebraskan bloggers like apple hand pies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pecan pie and more, that you can make together. 


Do a take-home craft kit from Create DIY Craft Studio

Things to do with kids in Omaha, Nebraska

Photo courtesy of Create DIY Craft Studio

Last year, Create DIY Craft Studio in Elkhorn started selling “Craft Kits”—which include three or four paint colors, a brush or sponge, a paint palette and other embellishments—that you can pick up curbside. There are so many themed projects for you to choose from, including ceramics that you can paint, wood chests to decorate, canvases to create on and more.


Try a pottery to-go kit from That Pottery Place

That Pottery Place is a make-and-take pottery studio that allows you to pick out a pre-made piece of pottery (from mugs to figurines), paint them, and then have them glazed and fired before picking them up at a later date. While their studio is currently open, if you’d rather stay at home, they are also offering to-go pottery, canvas and wood plaque kits. Just pick out your child’s favorite piece online, pick it up curbside with everything they’ll need to decorate it at home, and then drop it off again to be glazed and fired. Click here for all of the information and to peruse their current selection.


Build a scarecrow

Fall with Kids in Omaha

What started as a way to scare birds away from farmers’ crops has turned into an essential fall decoration that graces the front stoops of homes all across America every year. While you could go out and purchase a brand new one from a local home goods store, it’s so much more fun to build your own! All you need is some old clothing, lots of hay, an old pillow insert or pumpkin for the head, and little personal touches like a hat, a pipe or suspenders. We promise the kids will have a blast picking out clothes, stuffing the scarecrow full of hay and drawing on a face. Here is an easy tutorial from The Budget Decorator that will help you get started! 


Help them make their own Halloween costumes

Halloween is coming up and you know what that means—costumes! For a special treat this year, instead of going out to buy ready-made costumes at a department store, consider having your children plan, design and decorate their costumes themselves. Not only will it give them a sense of independence and responsibility, but you won’t have to stay up all night on October 30th to hand sew them yourself! The costumes can be as simple as gluing a homemade superhero symbol on the front of a t-shirt or bunching tule together to make a pretty fairy dress.


Decorate some cupcakes with a Cake Rendezvous cupcake kit

Cupcakes Omaha, Nebraska

Photo courtesy of Cake Rendezvous 

For an easy and delicious activity this season, don’t miss Cake Rendezvous’ popular DIY Dozen Delicious Distractions Cupcake Kits. These incredible and seasonally themed DIY kits feature a dozen cupcakes, either chocolate, vanilla or a mixture, along with several different types of frosting, sprinkles and other decorations. Each kit runs anywhere from $35-$45 and is the perfect at-home activity for the whole family!


Learn how to knit or crochet together

As the weather cools, you’re going to want some new cozy scarves, hats and socks at your disposal. While your first instinct is to head to a department store or to order them online, what if we told you that you can learn to make them yourself? Knitting and crocheting are valuable skills that both you and your kids can learn how to do from the comfort of home! There are thousands of tutorials on YouTube that will walk you through the basics of making your very own yarn goods. To get your supplies, head to ImagiKnit Yarn Shop. This popular yarn store has everything you need to start knitting, crocheting, weaving and more. While they don’t have an online store, you can call ahead and order things over the phone and pick up your order curbside. They are also offering shipping and local delivery. 


Take a virtual class at the 402 Lesson Studio

402 Lesson Studio

Photo courtesy of Karolina Tresslar via 402 Lesson Studio 

Created by the 402 Arts Collective, the 402 Lesson Studio is a program dedicated to developing the arts in our community. They offer spectacular (and affordable) music, art and acting classes to kids, teens and adults both in-person and online. If your child has been expressing interest in learning a specific instrument or art medium, The 402 probably has a class for it, taught by knowledgeable instructors. Click here to explore their current schedule.


Have fun!

Do you have any creative fall ideas for kids in the Omaha area? Let us (and our readers) know in the comments below. 

Sep 1, 2021 Communities
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