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19 DIY Fall Wreath Ideas for Your Front Door

Fall is officially here! We’re entering one of our favorite times of year for seasonal decor, starting with earthy, warm tones in the fall and the bright and cheery decor of the holiday season.

One of the most important areas to decorate is your front porch, as it is the first thing friends and family (and passersby!) see when they arrive at your house. And one of our favorite ways to decorate the porch is by adding a seasonal fall wreath to the front door — because wreaths aren’t just for the holiday season! Autumnal wreaths add a cozy, inviting touch to your entry, utilizing the elements of the season, like apples, pumpkins and wheat, in a thoughtful way.

Get crafty this year by tackling one of these DIY fall wreath projects. We’ve included a mix of styles so you can find one that matches your home’s decor. Plus, some are made with fresh supplies, like foraged greenery and mini pumpkins, while others are composed of faux items, so you can store and reuse your wreath year after year!

Happy Crafting!


Oak Leaf Wreath

Design Improvised

Oak Leaf Wreath DIY | Design Improvised
Photos Courtesy of Design Improvised

This fiery leaf wreath is super easy to make — in fact, it will just take you about 15 minutes with just a couple of supplies: some preserved oak leaves and a grapevine wreath form from the craft store. And the end result is stunning!

Get the full tutorial from Design Improvised here.


Fall Hoop Wreath

The Pickled Rose

Fall Hoop Wreath DIY | The Pickled Rose
Photos Courtesy of The Pickled Rose

This adorable wreath on an embroidery hoop looks natural and sophisticated, made with faux greenery, painted pumpkins and a cute checkered ribbon. There is so much room for personalization with this wreath, as you can choose the type of greenery, color of pumpkins and pattern of ribbon!

Get the full tutorial from The Pickled Rose here.


Harvest Wheat Wreath

Gluesticks Blog

Harvest Wheat Wreath DIY | Gluesticks Blog
Photos Courtesy of Gluesticks Blog

Keep it neutral with this simple harvest wreath made entirely from wheat stalks. You’ll just need a straw wreath form and some wheat bundles — plus some floral pins to keep it all in place and some wired burlap ribbon for the bow!

Get the full tutorial from Gluesticks Blog here.


Autumn Paper Leaf Wreath

Polkadot Chair

This adorable autumn paper leaf wreath is a bit more time-consuming to make, but the end result is worth it! You’ll choose a variety of patterned scrapbook paper, which you’ll cut into leaf shapes (either by hand or using a machine). Make it pop with some glitter around the edges!

Get the full tutorial from Polkadot Chair here.


Acorn Wreath

Tried and True Creative

Acorn Wreath DIY | Tried and True Creative
Photos Courtesy of Tried and True Creative

Start collecting acorns so you can make this cute acorn wreath from Tried and True Creative! You’ll attach the acorns to the grapevine wreath with hot glue and finish it off with a burlap ribbon.

Get the full tutorial from Tried and True Creative here.


Red Apple Wreath

The Wood Grain Cottage

Display our favorite fruit of the season with this gorgeous red apple wreath. It’s made with faux apples, but they look real enough to bite into! You’ll attach all the apples to the styrofoam wreath with hot glue and fill in the holes with some moss for a natural look.

Get the full tutorial from The Wood Grain Cottage here.


Pinecone Wreath

Thistlewood Farms

Pinecone Wreath DIY | Thistlewood Farms
Photos Courtesy of Thistlewood Farms

This pinecone wreath is extremely easy and inexpensive to make — especially if you can find all the pinecones yourself! But if not, you can get a big bag of pinecones from a craft store, which you’ll hot glue to the wreath ring. Place them in the same direction until you’ve completely covered the wreath!

Get the full tutorial from Thistlewood Farms here.


Dried Fruit Wreath

Artsy Chicks Rule

Dried Fruit Wreath DIY | Artsy Chicks Rule
Photos Courtesy of Artsy Chicks Rule

This fun wreath from Artsy Chicks Rule combines many of our favorite elements of the season, including pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, leaves, sprigs, and pinecones. You can arrange them however how you want on one side of the wreath for an asymmetrical look!

Get the full tutorial from Artsy Chicks Rule here.


Hydrangea Wreath

It All Started With Paint

Hydrangea Wreath DIY | It All Started With Paint
Photos Courtesy of It All Started With Paint

Who says hydrangeas are only for summer? Autumnify this beautiful flower with this lush wreath adorned with faux hydrangea stems in fall colors, including brown, amber and creamy white. And finish it off with a brown and white striped ribbon!

Get the full tutorial from It All Started With Paint here.


Simple Gold + Grass Wreath

The Merrythought

For a more modern look, make this simple wreath made with a gold metal hoop, faux florals and pumpkins. This natural wreath is the perfect subtle addition to your front door or living room wall!

Get the full tutorial from The Merrythought here.


Fall Gourd Wreath

Garden Therapy

Fall Gourd Wreath DIY | Garden Therapy
Photos Courtesy of Garden Therapy

This gourd-eous wreath from Garden Therapy can be freshened up season after season with fresh ornamental gourds. Simply attach some faux greenery to a grapevine wreath and pick out your favorite gourds from the pumpkin patch!

Get the full tutorial from Garden Therapy here.


Minimal Hoop Wreath

The Merrythought

This asymmetrical hoop wreath is an excellent touch for your minimalist home! The wooden ring base is partly covered in white string and some dried plants and grasses, either from your backyard or your local craft store. The end result is soft and moody.

Get the full tutorial from The Merrythought here.


Autumn Wispy Wreath

Made in a Day

Autumn Wispy Wreath DIY | Made in a Day
Photo Courtesy of Made in a Day

We love the whimsical, natural look of this wreath from Made in a Day. It’s constructed out of wispy grapevine wreaths covered with bunches of fall foliage, berries, and mini pumpkins. This tutorial takes you through the steps of making two identical wreaths for your double entry door!

Get the full tutorial from Made in a Day here.

Pampas Grass Wreath

A Beautiful Mess

Pampas Grass Wreath DIY | A Beautiful Mess
Photos Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Pampas grass has been all the rage for the last several years. Incorporate this light, airy grass into your front door display with this pampas grass wreath from A Beautiful Mess. Be sure to use a smaller, 10-inch hoop since the grass extends so far out. The end product is cozy and elegant!

Get the full tutorial from A Beautiful Mess here.


Horseshoe Wheat Wreath

Sincerely Marie Designs

Horseshoe Wheat Wreath DIY | Sincerely Marie Designs
Photos Courtesy of Sincerely Marie Designs

Switch things up with this unique horseshoe-shaped wreath adorned with wheat! Amanda of Sincerely Marie Designs cut down the wire wreath form so it was thinner, so you don’t have to add as much wheat — and finished it off with a beautiful chocolate brown ribbon.

Get the full tutorial from Sincerely Marie Designs here.


Rose Gold Laurel Wreath

Modern Glam

Rose Gold Laurel Wreath DIY | Modern Glam
Photos Courtesy of Modern Glam

This rose gold laurel wreath is simple to make and requires only a few supplies, including a metal ring, a garland of magnolia leaves, some spray paint, floral wire, wire snippers and ribbon. This wreath adds a glamorous touch to your front door — and it only takes about 30 minutes to make!

Get the full tutorial from Modern Glam here.


Luxe Leather Wreath

Cherished Bliss

For an extra luxe addition, look no further than this leather wreath from Cherished Bliss. It’s completely customizable as far as the greenery and florals go — as well as the shade of leather! Pro Tip: Paint (or Sharpie) the white foam wreath a dark shade before covering it with the leather lacing so you don’t see the foam.

Get the full tutorial from Cherished Bliss here.


Dried Flower Wreath

The Honeycomb Home

Dried Flower Wreath DIY | The Honeycomb Home
Photos Courtesy of The Honeycomb Home

Bring your cottagecore dreams to life with this dried flower wreath from The Honeycomb Home. Simply attach your dried flowers of choice (she used yarrow and wheat grasses!) to an embroidery hoop and add some ribbon.

Get the full tutorial from The Honeycomb Home here.


Vibrant Peony Wreath

Lily Ardor

Bring this stunning summer flower into autumn by mixing off-white peonies with caramel-colored peonies — or paint them yourself if you can’t find the perfect shade! Lily Ardor walks us through two different ways of painting faux peonies and how to arrange them with greenery on a grapevine wreath.

Get the full tutorial from Lily Ardor here.


Happy Fall!

What DIY fall wreath are you most excited to make?

Sep 22, 2022 DIY Home
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