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10 Home Design Trends We’ll See in 2023

After the last few years that have felt like surviving rather than thriving, we are entering a brand new year with much anticipation and excitement. We’re only a few weeks into this year, and already, 2023 has an unencumbered, risk-taking, “YOLO” spirit to it — and that certainly translates to the interior design world.

Here are a few home design trends we’ll see take shape over the next year. Overall, we’re seeing a shift towards more color and interest, traditional over modern, more bold statement-making pieces and patterns, and an emphasis on nostalgia and all things second-hand. After the safe, monochrome, white-and-gray scenes of years past, we’re branching out into individuality, creativity, and lots of color — and we couldn’t be more excited!


Statement Stone

Now is the time for colorful, bold, statement-making stones to shine! We’re seeing more heavy, sweeping veins, interesting patterns, and colors like rich burgundy, rosy pink, and deep evergreen. This applies to both our countertops and stone furniture and decor, like lamps, tables and sculptures. While white and gray is still a safe option that goes with everything, we’re seeing less stark-white Carrara marble or granite. Now, people are opting for materials like travertine, soapstone, river rock, and basalt for a more unique look in their kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms!


More Color 

Home Design Trends We'll See in 2023

Along those lines, we’re seeing more and more color emerge overall, as a contrast to the white, gray and black world of years gone by. And yet, the color is thoughtful and purposeful — not thrown in just for the sake of adding color. Havenly is happy to report: “from monochrome paint application to moody, saturated palettes, color in all its forms is taking center-stage once again.” People are seeking more comfort and coziness, and color tends to do just that! Chris Loves Julia is predicting a shift towards pastels and low contrast, as opposed to jewel tones and high contrast. No matter what happens, we’re excited to see more color in the mix!


Mixing Old With New

Mixing old with new has been in vogue for several years now — but it’s taking on a whole new meaning as we transition out of some of the all-modern spaces of recent years. Now, we’re seeing an effortless blend of brand-new pieces with vintage keepsakes. There is an emphasis on nostalgia — with a fresh, updated feel. It’s common to see a brand new couch adorned with mix-matched second-hand pillows, or a new bookcase lined with vintage books, vases, and other knick-knacks. People are less interested in perfectly matching sets and expert coordination, and are instead embracing an eclectic blend of items collected over time. This global acceptance of second-hand furnishings makes way for more creativity and uniqueness from home to home.


Moody Spaces

Home Design Trends We'll See in 2023

While a bright white room will always feel cheerful and inviting, we’re seeing a shift towards moody, dark spaces — especially in cozy sitting rooms, half bathrooms, and other small enclaves within the home. Designers are dipping into those dark, richer paint colors — and complementing it with subtle lighting, brass fixtures, and other elements to create the perfect moody environment. And even if the room isn’t painted dark navy blue, there’s still a desire to add warmth and moodiness overall. In fact, Havenly predicts the “second coming of 1970s aesthetics…[such as] retro earth tones like trending brown, burgundy, cognac, ochre, and saffron.” This adds some much-needed softness and warmth, after the stark black and white combo that had its moment.


Wood-Paneled Walls + Furniture

Speaking of the ‘70s — wood paneling is back! But this previously frowned-upon trend is back with dignity, as many are doing lighter wood tones and sometimes even painting the panels to get that striped look. However, the natural woodgrain look is popular again! Pro Tip: Investing in real solid wood (as opposed to particle board or veneer) will look much more high-end and less like a dingy basement that hasn’t been updated since the ‘70s.


Ornate Molding + Millwork

Home Design Trends We'll See in 2023

Overall, we’re seeing an obvious shift towards traditional fixtures, patterns, finishes and furnishings. This means more ornate molding and woodwork as opposed to the modern boxy look we’ve seen as of late. We’re embracing curves and swirls, which creates a more historic and elevated look in our living spaces. According to Havenly, “traditional design is staging a slow but mighty comeback in the form of ornate woodwork and moulding, vintage-inspired artwork, romantic silhouettes, saturated colors, and pattern play.” Thick, dramatic molding makes a space feel more finished and stately — so don’t shy away from ornamental woodwork of all kinds!


High Gloss

For a while, we were choosing a matte finish for just about everything — but high gloss is ready to shine — literally! We’re seeing more and more surfaces, including walls, cabinets, doors and furniture, coated with a bold, high-gloss finish. This allows more light to bounce throughout the room, gives a more dramatic, lacquered look, and frankly, gives us a break from the more dull matte paint and rough textures we’ve been surrounded by.


Darker Wood-Toned Furniture

Home Design Trends We'll See in 2023

The minimalism wave of the mid 2010s involved plenty of light shades of wood, creating a simple, more Scandinavian feel. Next, we fully embraced the medium-toned woods of the mid-century modern style. But now, we’re seeing darker woods than ever before, like walnut, cherry, espresso and mahogany. These timeless wood tones create an anchor in our living spaces, making room for lighter fabrics, furnishings and paint color to add plenty of contrast. 


Power Patterns

We’ve been in the land of solids for quite some time now, but pattern is finally out to play! Patterned upholstered furniture, print mixing and patterned wallpaper are gaining in popularity, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. But we’re also seeing a shift away from the dramatic statement piece to more soft, intentional and classic patterns like stripes, florals and neutral animal prints. Plus, we’re seeing less checkerboard, which had a death-grip on design over the last couple of years! Chris Loves Julia also claims that scenic mural wallpaper is still trending — and we’re here for it.


More Elevated, Polished Finishes + Decor

Home Design Trends We'll See in 2023

Gone are the days of filling a space just to fill it. We’re seeing more intentionality in the pieces brought into the home. And those pieces tend to be more elevated, polished finishes and decor — ones with a cool backstory or ones that make your head turn. This includes unique statement light fixtures, an oversized stone coffee table you scored at a vintage shop, brass light switch covers, or a dramatic glass vase with an intricate design. And if it’s handmade, vintage or one-of-a-kind in any way — the better! We hate to say it, but mass-produced is out.


What Trends Are You Going to Implement?

Whether it’s painting an entire room or swapping out a piece of furniture, there are so many ways to incorporate these trends into your home!

Jan 31, 2023 DIY Home
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